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Black Hand
BethBlog interview with Darknut.

Trailer for this Mod.

Download it here!

Now going on six years since the release of Morrowind, the game is still going strong thanks to the contributions of incredibly talented Modders. One of those modders has taken the same ol' same ol' and turned it into something that quite frankly Beth should have made.

The final mission to destroy House Dagoth, and its Lord Dagoth Ur, was disappointing to some. You are at this point in time in possession of weapons, that were quite frankly, uber. Even a level Seven Character with the proper stats could challenge what should have been the most powerful faction in the game. The 'dungeons' were a few rooms that connected to one another with little to no challenge. In other words, boring.

This mod changes that, and delivers, on a scale that actually SURPASSES Bethesda's developments. Now the Dwemer Ruins, and Sixth House Bases of Odrosal, Vemynal, and Dagoth Ur are worthy headquarters of high ranking Dagoths, with added mazes and puzzles and traps to keep even the wisest of mages, the most uber of warriors, and the most cunning of thieves on their toes at all times.

Searching for Keening and Sunder is now a search, the levels are expanded to sizes, appearances and themes that will stun and impress even the most jaded of Morrowind players. Now the main quest finale is something to look forward to. Save the best for last? Darknut certainly did.

And if all this weren't enough, Darknut also dabbles in high-res textures that will make all the Vanilla Morrwind Armors, weapons, creatures, and some ruins look better than ever before.

If you haven't played Morrowind in a while, I suggest that you blow the dust off your case, insert that CD, download this and a few other mods, and prepare to have your Jaw dropped. The Black Hand of Mephala guarantees this!
Ooh. Just watched the trailer and it looked awsome (love the end). But I donīt use mods, I stick to good old fashion morrowind (with bloodmoon and tribunal).
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