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Black Hand
From the Readme:

Name: Staves from Cyrodiil
Version: 1.0
Date: 3/15/2009
Category: Modders Resource
Requirements: Morrowind
Author(s):Black Hand, and the original creators of the mods used.

From the west, comes a large selection of staves unlike any seen in Morrowind before. Mages will rejoice as they have a source of power with enchantbility rarely seen.

This includes an esp for the finalized version but does not place them in the world, as this is a modders resource. However, if you really just want a staff, open the console with the tilde key (~) and type in these codes:

player->additem "dragonstaff" 1
player->additem "wizardstaff" 1
player->additem "oristaff" 1
player->additem "MagiusStaff" 1
player->additem "WarhammerStaff" 1
player->additem "staffofgaia" 1
player->additem "SorceressStaff" 1

1. Just Drag and Drop the Data Files over your Morrowind folder. The subfolders should automatically be sorted to where they need to go.
2. Start Morrowind Launcher, click 'Data Files', place a checkmark beside the .esp file.

1. Go into your Meshes, Textures and Icons Subfolders, and then delete the folders titled "Staves"
2. Delete the .esp file from your Data Files.

This is a independent Mod, so it should not conflict with any other mods.

Known Issues or Bugs
There is some slight clipping with a couple of the staffs, and hands. The icons used were the authors originals for oblivion, so yes, they will be larger then what you are used to.

You can contact me at the Official Forums under "The Scribe"

All the authors for there incredible work for Modding Oblivion, as none of these meshes or textures were my work. All of their readme's or their file descriptions were included with this mod so as too give credit where credit was due.

Thanks to Bethesda for a great game.

Thanks to Doublebrewski and Revengous for their coversion method, none of this would be possible without you guys, and I truly stood on the shoulders of giants.

Tools Used
7-Zip -
Blender -
NIFSkope -
TES Construction Set -
Readme Generator -

You can do whatever you want with this mod but don't complain to me if it
doesn't work or your PC blows up.

Felt bad about the oversight, enjoy these screenshots.

To reiterate, I am NOT the author of the mods used. I simply downgraded them from existing Oblvion Mods to Morrowind. Such Fantastic work is far beyond me.

To download this mod, go to Great House Fliggerty at this link:
Nice work! Definitely something I would like to have, so there will most certainly come to a download soon..
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