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Ok,,,lets get things cleared,,its my first time to roleplay,but cmon everyone has to try right?,also this story is based on two sides (more on that later)so ill create another page about the other sides.please enjoy.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Plot------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------On the dawn of the 4th era,when the Oblivion Crisis were a thing of yesterday,when the champion of cyrodiil became Sheogorath,the God of Madness,The Drums Of War Are Once Again Beating.Now freed from His Curse,Jyggalag the God of Order prepares his Powerful Armies to extract His vengeance against the Princes of Misrule who Cursed Him to be Sheogorath.But He will not be alone...Malacath,Meridia and Sheogorath,will join him.Boethiah,Mehrunes Dagon,Hircine and Peryte will try to stop Jyggalag and his forces.The Bloodtide Rises,The War of The Gods Is Approaching,,Whose side are you on?--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Ok then,I like to tell you that the storyline of each side is based on "Quests"..For example,If Jyggalag tells the Characters(more on that in the characters pge ill create later-on)to attack a base of mehrunes dagon,the characters will be sent there,interacting with each other,thus creating a storyline and gaps between the characters.Also please bare in mind that this storyline is based on two sides:Jyggalag and the princes who cursed him(read above).Enjoy guys (if anyone joins that is lol) smile.gif
jack cloudy
So basically, it's similar to the ancient feuds between the Daedric princes. I'd rather have some more information before I decide whether I'm in or not, so here are my current thoughts on the subject.

1: Currently, our rps are half-dead. This could mean that a new rp will have a freshness that makes it last, or it could mean that it will end up dead as well, through no fault of its own.

2: Some more information on the two sides is definitely needed. Like the characters for example. Do we use the good old playable races from the games (mods don't count here), or are we actually playing as Daedra?

3: location. Does the rp take place on Nirn, or in the realms of Oblivion. Unfortunately, for as far as I know, travel between Nirn and Oblivion is hard to impossible, at least for Daedra. Sheogorath managed to open his door because it was an 'invitation' for the Nirnians, not a portal through which his Daedric minions could travel through for invasions and stuff. Then again, simple conjuration spells still work somehow.

4: It sounds as if the rp requires a GM of sorts to steer the plot and play the role of the princes, instead of the usual 'make things up as we go'.

The basic idea has potential, but more information is definitely needed. Oh, and welcome to the boards. smile.gif
ok..sorry for the late post,,,,i just readed jack cloudys post,,heres the reply,,,------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Races---------------------------------------------------------------------------------Lets start with Races,,ALL races are accepted<except..the ayleids and dwemer>whether its a bosmer,altmer,breton all are accepted.Also,since its A civil war,dremora,auroran,knights of order and other low-ranked daedra are accepted..BUT not the xivilai,ogrim,scamps,clannfears for obvious reasons.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Characters---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------since some of you are wondering how the tamriel-dwellers are mixed in this civil war,heres the info-----------some people in tamriel are powerful,that even the daedric gods are interested in them.all character received "letters"from someone,obviously this is Sheogorath,once they read it they are transported to His Realm.The letters are actually scrolls that"summons"them to oblivion.if this isnt making anysense then ill changed it something more.------------------------------------------------------------------------------Location--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Since its a Civil war of the Princes,its based on Oblivion realms,The Mad house,Ashpit,Coloured Rooms,etc.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Since jack cloudy asks if we can control the daedric princes...well,certain times yes..<giving orders,congratulating the characters if they won against the other sides forces.etc>of course Ill post who can control The Princes.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The Other side------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------obviously this is the alternate storyline with diffrent characters that are allied with Mehrunes,Peryte etc.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The other sides characters----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------the other sides characters are diffrent from the original characters.The other sides characters are sometimes dremora,werewolves,cultist,hunger, all that has relation between Mehrunes and his allies--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Questions and Answers--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Q:scrolls that summon them? A:do you know that scrolls can summon daedra and undead?well this is the same only humans are summoned.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Well if you noticed something wrong,just reply and ill fix it.<oh i almost forgot>---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Other sides quests-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Ill create a page for the other sides storyline and characters page.since its an alternate storyline,you can expect that the original characters can be killed.... if you got some questions,just post and ill reply smile.gif
Colonel Mustard
This looks fairly interesting, and I'll see about character threads. Just a question though; do we really need to RP with both sides? Only having two RP threads set up on the same one seems fairly unnecessary and slightly confusing. As far as I can tell, it would probably be easier to have on perspective, with one RP and one set of characters.

Nonetheless, I find myself intrigued, and if we're playing around in Oblivion we could have a nice level of surreal, reality bending wierdness to this which could be extremely fun.
Hmm, yeah this does have an interesting theme to it. Needs a bit o' work though. If the plot's just going to be us hacking and slashing everyone in sight, it'll get a bit boring after a while (a long while that may be, but still).

Why don't we have a mortal champion, set about to bring peace (or destruction) to daedric world through whatever means?
OK guys....ill see to it that the other sides storyline will begin if the original plot is nearly completed ......Also,since Ilydoor says that a mortal champion will bring peace or destruction to the daedric realms,this is my reply.our characters are the mortals that will bring peace to the daedric realms,we are not just slashin or killing everything our eyes see,we are tryin to stop it .......if u see something not right about this rp just post and i will reply-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------<for your info,you can either create a character for both sides,or just one character...> biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
I don't want to be discouraging, but rp-ing is rather slow here for the time being...hmmm
ureniashtram are rather right minque,the rp forums havent had a recent activity for a while,i guess adding this rp would just end up dead as well..but heck,i aint gonna let this go into the garbage..this rp havent even started yet...
jack cloudy
I'm willing to give this one a shot. Have to think up a character first though. Meh, I'll just hop over to the character thread and make one up as I go.
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