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Hi folks!

My characters are getting unruly, so I thought I’d make a place where I can hide from them while they fight it out. I mean, while I figure out what to do. The first time this happened, I posted Home for the Holidays, a very short story about Abiene’s Saturalia visit to Leyawiin in the year 3E432. I should have made this thread then, but at the time I still thought that every word I wrote would be the last. Someday I hope to make an offering at The Temple of Lore, but for now I’m still too guilty of undisciplined sprawling. I’ll start a story in the next post.

As always, comments and discussion are very welcome! smile.gif
Tides, Part One

Anvil, Summer of 3E414

Jerric and Rhano knelt in the alley beside the Abecean Sunrise Bakery. “All right,” Rhano said to Jerric. “Show me the look.”

Jerric dropped his chin and gazed up at his friend. He made his eyebrows sad.

“Stick out your lip a little,” Rhano told him. “Your other lip, dummy!”

Rhano’s dignity would not allow him to debase himself for baked goods, but Jerric had no such compunction. That didn’t keep Rhano from thinking he knew better, thought Jerric. “I know how to do it!” he insisted. “It just doesn’t always work.”

“This time it has to, or no sweetroll.” Rhano glanced down the street. “I don’t see anyone we know. Go!”

Jerric slipped around the corner and into the bakery. This time of day most households had already bought their daily bread, and it was too early for the midday meal. The only other soul inside was the Breton behind the counter. She glanced up from her newspaper. “Yes?”

Jerric kept his chin tucked to his chest. He let his eyes wander over the confections, sniffing deeply in appreciation. “I don’t have any coins,” he said truthfully.

The woman made no reply.

Jerric took in another breath of fragrant air, letting it go with a little quaver. It wasn’t hard to look sad at the thought of leaving empty-handed. He pushed his lip out and slowly lifted his eyes to the shopkeeper.

Folded arms, a prodigious bosom, and beetled brows met his gaze. Steady, Jerric told himself. Nothing fancy, just keep your nerve.

After a moment the Breton let out a short bark of laughter. “Shameless, you are.” She reached for a sweetroll and handed it over the counter. “I know your Redguard friend is out there. Some day you’ll learn not to do everything he tells you.”

“He’s always right, mistress.” Jerric grinned his way back toward the door. “Thank you,” he called, brandishing the sweetroll.

“Imp!” She went back to her reading.

Jerric handed the sweetroll to Rhano and followed him down the alley toward the rear of the shop, laughing. “See, I told you!” Jerric crowed.

Rhano turned to face him, and his eyes went quickly over Jerric’s shoulder. The happiness drained from his face.

“Well if it isn’t the half-Nord sand scum and his little wolf pup,” sneered a voice behind Jerric. He turned to face it.

Three Imperial teens filled the alley. Jerric recognized them immediately. His cousin had given the biggest one a savage beating for some cruelty he had discovered. He never told the Guard what the Imperial had done, but Jerric guessed it must have been bad. The Imperial still bore the marks on his face.

“A sweetroll,” said the Imperial with mock delight. “Look, Tutius, they got us a sweetroll.”

“Hand it over,” growled Tutius. The smallest of the three, he still loomed over Jerric and Rhano.

The boys looked at each other. Rhano’s teeth gleamed in a feral grin. He held the sweetroll out to Jerric.

“Here you go, rump sniffer,” said Jerric. He bit off a piece of sweetroll and spit it up at the big one’s face. Rhano dropped the rest and crushed it under his toes.

Rhano put his shoulder into the big one’s groin. Jerric landed a few punches before the Imperials got him on the ground. He fought like a wildcat until someone lifted him to his feet. He saw Rhano in the grip of an Anvil guard, spitting blood and still swinging. “Easy, lads,” said a voice behind Jerric. “The fight’s over.”

Jerric looked back to find another guard behind him. One of the Imperials lay on the ground, holding his stomach and moaning. The big one, Jerric saw with satisfaction. He caught Rhano’s eyes and gave him a grin. Jerric saw sky as the guard pulled his head back. He jumped when gauntleted fingers probed his aching nose. “Just bloody,” the man told him. “Not broken.” Jerric stepped back when the guard let him go. “Your Ma won’t be pleased about your shirt,” the guard observed.

Jerric pulled it over his head and swabbed his face with it. “Anyway, we’re going swimming,” he declared. Hurts were beginning to announce themselves all over his frame. He tossed the shirt at Rhano and grinned at the guard, his tongue quickly checking for new gaps in his teeth.

“I’ll have your Fa file a complaint if you like,” the guard said to Rhano. His face told Jerric that he knew they would decline.

“No, thank you sir,” said Rhano, gingerly blowing his nose. He shoved the shirt back into Jerric’s hands and led the way out of the alley.

The boys broke into a jog as they made their way through the Chapelgate district and then Harborside. Rhano halted them when they reached the docks. “Which way?” he asked. “Marsh or beach?”

“Let’s go down to the sea cliffs,” said Jerric. “I heard your Fa talking about the midsummer tides. I bet there are some caves we can get to.” He glanced over the marsh, then up at the sun. “We can get there by low tide, I’ll wager.”

Two barefoot lads can squirm through a crowd twice as fast as any grown-up, thought Jerric. They broke free on the far side of the harbor and raced each other over the dunes to the beach.

Jerric put his shirt back on when the sun began to burn his shoulders. The surf is low today, he noticed. We probably won’t get dashed against the rocks. Their eyes searched the tide line as they walked. Jerric liked to pick up pebbles, and Rhano was always on the hunt for a perfect shell. Soon the weight in his pockets dragged Jerric’s cut-off trousers down his skinny hips. Admitting defeat, he piled up his rocks on the sand for later. He repeated the process at intervals down the beach.

Rhano carried one shell in his hand. If he found a better one he would pick it up, giving the first shell back to the waves. He waited patiently each time Jerric stopped to empty his pockets.

The hills rose behind the dunes as they walked until they reached a point where a rocky shoulder jutted out into the water. “Crescent Moons Cove,” Rhano breathed reverently. “Where privateers come at night to bury their treasure.”

Jerric sliced the air with an imaginary blade. “Someday I’ll swim out with my sword and bring justice to the pirates!”

Rhano picked up a dried reed and assumed a guard position. “Imperial scum!” he said to Jerric.

Those were fighting words. Jerric found another reed and attacked the pirate ferociously.

Their swords did not outlast the battle. A brief wrestling match ensued, serving to remind them that they had earlier been in a fight. A truce called, the boys stripped to their drawers and ran shouting into the crystal blue sea.

The cool water stung in Jerric’s scrapes as he swam. He resolutely ignored it. “Watch out,” called Rhano. “The rocks are really shallow!”

Jerric paused for a moment, looking down. Darker shapes were visible right under his feet. Sea weeds tickled his toes when he reached his foot down toward them. “Whoa!” he hooted. “Something swam between my knees!”

“I hope it wasn’t something hungry!” called Rhano. He rolled onto his back and spit a fountain of water into the air.

The sea cliffs rose straight out of the water, curving inland and back out to form a half-circle. A sandy beach lined the middle, cut off from the land by cliffs and water. Today the beach was a wide crescent of brilliant white. “The tide is so low!” marveled Jerric. “Look how high the caves are, we’ll have to climb up to them.”

Rhano was treading water now, looking intently down at the cliff’s base under the water. “Look there! I think it’s a cave down low. I wonder if it opens up inside above the water.”

“One way to find out,” said Jerric. He took a few quick breaths like a pearl diver, then he filled his lungs and dove under the water.
haute ecole rider
Oooh, I loved seeing Jerric and Rhano as boys! That Breton baker made me think of Kirsty! Her mother perhaps? Anyway, I had to laugh at how she tried to be tough but caved at Jerric's 'sad' face. I believe this:
It wasn’t hard to look sad at the thought of leaving empty-handed.
blink.gif laugh.gif

Aah, the usual neighborhood bullies. Looks like this time the guards corralled the right culprits this time, though. File a complaint? Are y'kidding! Looks like Jerric's cousin didn't beat up the big Imperial hard enough!

And the picture of Jerric collecting rock cairns and Rhano discarding his single shell in favor of the better one is such a perfect summary of their personalities! I lurved this little scene! wub.gif

That was the perfect thing to read first thing in the morning over a cup of tea.

Oh no! The three bullies! Those were the same ones who accosted my Daggerfall (and morrowind) character when he was in his teens and had himself a sweetroll! Nice reference there, Grits!

Ah, this one simply lived. It is not hard to 'delve' into their perspectives as kids. Because you know, four years ago, I was one. Heh. Wry humor at its best, Grits. At its best. Or not. Hmm.

I am hungry for more! Please, ma'am, can I have some more of this? (dons the sadface of Jerric, fails miserably) <--- Ahem. Ignore this one. I know I intend to.

Oh, and I'm still catching up in Jerric's Story. You post FAST, Grits. Too fast for me to keep up. I'm still at Kvatch!
A day in the life of young Jerric and Rhano. Boyz bein' boyz. tongue.gif

'Rhano carried one shell in his hand. If he found a better one he would pick it up, giving the first shell back to the waves. He waited patiently each time Jerric stopped to empty his pockets.'
The same thing occurred to me as did to Rider as I read this - a wonderful little snapshot into the differing personalities of Rhano and Jerric.

Engaging and easy to visualize. Nice!
Destri Melarg
I couldn't stop thinking of Tom and Huck as I read this, and lazy summer days in Hannibal, Missouri. Like the others said this was the perfect little snippet to whet our appetites for more. I'm glad you posted this because it gives me the chance to comment on your writing while I'm still trying to catch up on Jerric's Story (and Maxical's, and Buffy's, and Athlain's wacko.gif ). Urenia is right, you do post fast!

Oooh !!! The backstory to Jerric and Rhano's issues !!! I love the way your Jerric story is like the sun, your other stories are the planets that orbit around his main story !!! It is really a great way to give the backgrounds of people without pulling your story from its course !!! (I should learn something from that, lol) Awesome !!!
“Your other lip, dummy!”

Grits-reading beverage control rules were in effect- but that one still caught me off-guard.

And the original Trey- the one who is still somewhere in Daggerfall- felt a touch of nostalgia over the “Sweetroll Incident.”

"We probably won’t get dashed against the rocks."

I seem to recall a similar youthful optimism when I… well, nevermind.

The entire process of “gathering versus selecting” is beautifully drawn.

I loved the entire “postcard,” and anxiously await more. (Puppy-dog eyes).
Was this inspired by the Morrowind character creation quiz? "While in town the baker gives you a sweetroll. Delighted, you take it into an alley to enjoy only to be intercepted by a gang of three other kids your age. The leader demands the sweetroll, or else he and his friends will beat you and take it." wink.gif

That was a fun romp through the day of two Anvil boys. It sort of reminded me of Stand By Me. I wonder if they will find a body in the caves?
King Coin
rollinglaugh.gif I never thought Jerric was going to get a sweetroll!

How can anyone loom over a nord? Wait, Jerric’s a kid!

I liked how Jerric grabbed so many rocks he had to leave them behind. Hilarious!

Thoroughly enjoyed this little story!
Thank you so much everyone for the warm response to this little story!! Frankly, things IRL have been hectic, and I wanted a little break. I am delighted that Anvil’s boys of summer have provided some entertainment. smile.gif

haute ecole rider: I know they must exist, but I just can’t make a skinny baker. It’s funny, when I pictured the boys on the beach, they were already picking up their rocks and shells. Writing this was a mental cup of tea for me throughout.

ureniashtram: Yep, I had to bring the three thugs and the sweetroll into Cyrodiil. I’m going to slow down posting Jerric’s Story for awhile to maybe once a week. There are so many great stories on this board, and I want to read them all. At first I thought I would have mine wrapped up by this fall, but HAH! Giving up that fantasy is quite liberating, now I can really take my time.

Acadian: Between the rocks and shells and the sweetroll incident, I hoped to show why these two are friends. Some things are the same, some different. More boyz coming up.

Destri Melarg: Oh, Tom and Huck, I need to go dust that one off! I grew up reading my Dad’s books, so I’m sure a browse through those shelves would reveal a lot of my inspirations. Plus my own early summer days were largely free of shoes and adult supervision. I’m pausing Jerric’s Story while I post this little one, then I’ll be posting slower than before.

mALX: Your intuition is right again, the seeds of their future conflict will be sown in this story. I love the sun and planets analogy, that really made me smile.

treydog: No one can resist Dachshund eyes! I grew up watching my male relatives fling themselves joyfully into various disasters, and each time events took a turn, they were surprised.

SubRosa: Exactly! I haven’t played Morrowind yet, but I heard the rumor in Oblivion where the person says, “So I took the sweetroll…” When I found out the origin of the three thugs and the sweetroll, I knew I’d have to use it somewhere. I loved Stand By Me. I promise they will not find any leeches.

King Coin: I’m glad you liked it! I’m afraid Jerric still hasn’t learned moderation.

Tides: The Middle Part

Jerric swam down toward the shadow near the cliff’s base. He could tell before he got there that it was an underwater cavern. Excitement shivered through him as he swam under the ledge. The opening was as wide as his bedchamber and high enough for his Fa to stand up in it. The water made his vision blurry, but he could see that the cavern narrowed into darkness at the back with light far beyond. Little yellow fish swarmed around him on their startled way out to the open sea. Jerric kicked harder and swam into the darkness.

The light ahead showed him how to angle through the tunnel. A few spots were narrow enough that he could pull himself along on the rocks. Surge from the waves outside pushed him forward and pulled him back, but not enough to alarm him. He held on to the rocks when the water pulled him, then kicked ahead when it pushed.

Eels like dark places, he suddenly remembered. So do sea serpents. And there’s no room to turn around in here if I need to grab a snake. He shot forward, propelled by the thought of venomous fangs on his defenseless toes.

Jerric could hear the rush and gurgle of water against rocks ahead. The tunnel widened as he swam into filtered sunlight. Relief let his breath loose. He blew bubbles out his nose and raced them to the surface. Rhano’s head popped up a moment later, while Jerric was still gulping air.

“Sea serpents!” gasped Rhano.

“Where?” Jerric scanned the water, right hand open and ready while his left kept him steady. He pulled his feet up, just in case.

“I didn’t see any. I’m just saying, there might be sea serpents.”

Jerric rolled his eyes and splashed Rhano. “Or eels. If we see one, we might get eel pie for dinner.”

Rhano sent a wave back at Jerric. “If we see one, there’ll be dreck in the water! You’ll fill your drawers for sure! You should have seen your face when I said serpents!”

The boys dunked each other until they both ran out of breath again. Then they looked around, treading water. The chamber was shaped like a shallow, upside-down bowl, as long as a caravan wagon with its team of six horses. Light and air came down through a crack like a chimney in the low ceiling. Jerric could hear sea birds crying high above them on the cliffs outside. There was no ledge to climb on in this chamber, water slapped against the walls on all sides.

“Not much to see in here,” Rhano remarked.

Jerric pointed to a niche in the far wall. “Maybe that’s another tunnel.”

“It took all of my breath to get here,” said Rhano.

“I know! We almost didn’t make it!” Their laughter filled the small cavern.

They swam over to the side and found that the water was shallow enough to stand up. Slippery weeds and dark algae coated the rocks where the light touched. Jerric stepped carefully into the low niche, ducking his head.

“There is a tunnel,” he breathed. “I can’t see if there’s any light down there.”

“Don’t use more than half of your air this time if you think you might turn back,” Rhano cautioned. “Do you want me to wait?”

“Yeah,” said Jerric, hoping to see at least a glimmer to show him the way. “I don’t want to back up with you behind me.”

“Well I don’t want your rotten zombie feet in my face.”

Jerric decided it was too slippery to wrestle on the rocks, so he let the moment pass. Maybe he could get his feet in Rhano’s face when they reached the next cavern, if there was one.

He made sure his heart was steady and his lungs were full before he eased under the surface.

“Don’t hit your head,” Rhano advised as Jerric’s ears filled with water.

This tunnel angled downward. As soon as he was stretched out in the darkness, Jerric could see light ahead. He swam down to it, reaching forward with one hand to protect his head. Rhano is right, he thought. This is a bad place to crack your skull.

This tunnel seemed a little longer, and it was harder to move through. Jerric’s lungs were convulsing before he reached the light. He surfaced into a narrow, flooded canyon in the sea cliffs. Sunshine streamed almost straight down, leaving only one side of the cliff in shadow at the very top. That’s what a mortal’s life looks like, Jerric decided, looking up while his chest heaved. Blue sky like a ribbon.

Rhano surfaced beside him, coughing for breath. His eyes were wide and filled with water. Jerric braced a hand against the wall and put out the other to steady his friend.

“That was far,” Rhano finally rasped. “We must be getting near the shore inside this cliff.” He cast his eyes up. “I wonder if we could make it up there? I see a bunch of cracks we could use to climb.”

“I don’t know. It’s almost close enough to push against both walls. That would make it easy.” Jerric floated on his back, looking up. “I guess that would surprise some birds.”

“Maybe up ahead,” said Rhano.

“Yeah. Let’s see where this goes. I think you’re right, this crack follows the shore line.” Jerric didn’t know how he could feel which way he was facing, but he trusted it.

The canyon led to another cavern, this one three times bigger than the last and partially open to the sky. Rocks poked up above the water’s surface around the edges, encrusted above the water line with red and pink barnacles. Light streamed down through the clear water. Jerric could see brilliant green weeds waving beneath his feet. Tiny glints of orange and blue flashed through them. Little fish, he realized. Where the last chamber had been dim and empty, this cavern teemed with life. “Is it magic?” Jerric whispered.

“It’s a grotto.” Rhano’s voice was just as soft. “I wonder if a sea nymph lives here. I heard Heinrich Oaken-Hull telling Newheim the Small that he’s seen new nymphs down at the harbor.”

Jerric looked around quickly. “I don’t think it’s deep enough in here,” he said doubtfully. “What do they eat? Can they summon anything?” He wondered how big a sea nymph was. He knew that forest nymphs could be hostile if you bothered them, and their summoned bears were as dangerous as regular ones.

“You’re right,” Rhano said, relief in his voice. “I bet they only come here to look, like we are.”

The boys paddled around the cavern, pointing out wonders to each other. Sharp barnacles kept them from climbing very high on the rocks, but there was plenty to discover in the water. At first they thought the wandering shells belonged to some kind of fast-moving snail. “Nomad crabs!” Rhano exclaimed when he picked one up. They had a contest to see who could find the smallest one. They did see black and purple banded eels in the weeds, but they were as thin as Jerric’s finger and only as long as his hand.

“I’m starving,” Jerric finally said with deep regret. He wished they could stay in the grotto forever.

“Me too. And we can’t drink seawater. We should head back, I think the tide has turned.”

Jerric had a bad moment in the tunnel on the way back to the first chamber. He could see light from more than one distant source when he faced this direction. A hand on his heel told him Rhano was right behind him. The tunnel on the right looked the brightest. It’s the middle one, he thought. There was no time to debate with himself. He headed into the middle tunnel, trusting his gut.

Moments later they burst into the niche in the side of the low chamber. Jerric glared at Rhano as he wheezed for breath. “I hope you liked swimming through my piss,” Jerric choked. “What in the blazing Deadlands were you thinking when you grabbed my foot?”

“I was thinking, move your backside, frosty.” Rhano coughed right in Jerric’s face, but Jerric thought it sounded better than hearing him drown.

Jerric crawled over the submerged rocks until he could stand, then he picked his way to the pool’s edge. Rhano’s sharp cry filled the cavern. Jerric whirled to find him on his side in the niche, arms braced to hold himself above the surface. One ankle looked caught between two rocks under the clear water. As Jerric splashed and slipped over to him, his stomach clenched with alarm. Rhano’s foot was not pointing the way it should.

Rhano ground his teeth while Jerric freed his ankle. Then he let loose with a stream of cursing that would have made a sailor proud.

“You can’t swim out like this,” Jerric said when Rhano stopped for breath. “And it’s too far for me to pull you.”

“I know,” Rhano gritted. “You have to go get my Fa. He can pull me out with a rope.”

“I have to stay with you until the tide turns again so I can help you swim in here,” said Jerric. “There won’t be any rocks to hold on to. This part will be flooded.”

He could see that Rhano knew he was right. Jerric found a spot where Rhano could lie against some rocks a little less painfully. He looked around the chamber and made his plan. “We could use Llyrela’s Helm of Fin Gleam right now. Wouldn’t it be great if she popped up in here looking for treasure?”

“Yeah,” said Rhano. His voice sounded tight. “No one’s seen her all summer, though. I guess she finally struck it rich.”

They boys sat quietly. Jerric listened to the birds and the water, thinking of sunken treasure. “Maybe the sea-sirens will come for us,” Jerric said after a while. “They rescue lost sailors, and you can breathe water when you’re with them.”

Rhano’s eyes widened with horror. “The sea-sirens sing the men into the water, Jerric. They drag them down to their sea castles so they can,” his voice dropped to a dreadful whisper, “marry them.”

Jerric eyed his friend. “Uh, Rhano, I think we might be a little too young for that. So if they come for us, I think we should go.”

“Would you go with a spriggan if one found you lost in the woods?” Rhano demanded.

Jerric considered the question. “I guess that would depend on if she saw me with an axe.” He watched Rhano for a moment. “Would it help if you put your leg on me? We’ll be here for hours until the tide turns again. I guess I can stand your rotten foot.”

They shifted again, and this time Rhano’s pain showed in his ragged breathing. His skin felt a little cold. He’s only half Nord, Jerric remembered. He looked around the chamber some more, trying to think of something to amuse his friend. “The barnacles in here are up on the walls,” he remarked. “It looks like the tide band on the dock pilings. You can really see how low the mid-summer tides are when you look at the lines in here.”

Rhano pushed himself up until he was sitting. “Jerric.”

His friend’s dread froze Jerric’s skin. “What?”

“Look where the line is.”

Comprehension came with fear that clenched his heart. Normal high tide would have them floating within a few feet of the ceiling. This incoming tide would dash their heads against it, or possibly flood the chamber entirely. “What are we going to do?” Jerric whispered.

“You have to go now,” Rhano told him. “You can make it.” His face said otherwise.

“I’m not leaving you. I can keep our heads off the rocks.” Jerric’s gut told him it wasn’t true.

Rhano’s hand found Jerric’s and clung like he was already drowning. “You have to go.” Rhano’s eyes seemed to fill his face.

Rhano is right, thought Jerric. I have to go.

They arranged Rhano on the submerged rocks without speaking. Jerric moved carefully to the edge. “I’ll come back for you.” He took a few quick breaths. “I’ll make it.”

“Jerric, wait!” Jerric looked back at his friend. “Don’t eat lunch first.” Rhano’s grin looked strained in his ashen face.

“I’ll just stop for a quick sweetroll.” Jerric forced a smile. Then he turned and dove into the pool.
ARGH !! Tales from Homer's Iliad and Odyssey!! I love it, and the setting is perfect for it to show up! My fave quote here:


“Jerric, wait!” Jerric looked back at his friend. “Don’t eat lunch first.” Rhano’s grin looked strained in his ashen face.

“I’ll just stop for a quick sweetroll.” Jerric forced a smile. Then he turned and dove into the pool.

Jerric's stomach obviously already a huge part of him in his early years, ROFL !!! (Now there is a line that will draw Foxy in, lol) Great Write !!!
haute ecole rider
What a fun little adventure! I always loved exploring new places!

Oh no! Rhano broke his foot/ankle! Ugh, and the cavern might flood with the incoming tide! Argh!

Don't leave cliff hanging too long this time! I know Rhano survives, cuz he shows up in the game, but still -!
Here is some music to read by.

Eels like dark places, he suddenly remembered. So do sea serpents.
So do Creatures of the Black Lagoon! ohmy.gif

Newheim the Small that he’s seen new nymphs down at the harbor.
It seems Newheim has bulked up since those old days! biggrin.gif I wonder how much those 'nymphs' charged him per hour?

“We could use Llyrela’s Helm of Fin Gleam right now
Another wonderful little tie into the game. I suspect that rather than striking it rich, something else struck at Llyrela!

“I guess that would depend on if she saw me with an axe.”
I loved Jerric and Rhano's debate over mermaids/sirens/spriggans, especially this answer!

Well this continues to be a fun romp. With a cliffhanger ending! Now I cannot wait to see whether Jerric makes it back in time (although since Rhano is alive in the JF, I can assume he does... wink.gif )

Maybe the mermaids will come for us,
You might want to go with sea nymphs here instead. The trouble with mermaids in an ES story is that "mer" means elf, so in Tamriel that word basically means elf-girls, such a Buffy.
This was great fun to read. Humor, adventure, breath holding, suspense and danger! You are adding some wonderful depth to both Jerric and Rhano here.

I love descriptions that give dimensions as you have in this episode. Not in conventional measurements, but it terms of something the character is very familiar with. The trick is to select comparisons that fit the character while at the same time portray the intended size with perfect clarity to the reader. You nailed it beautifully in both these passages:
'as wide as his bedchamber and high enough for his Fa to stand up in it.'
'as long as a caravan wagon with its team of six horses.'

'They drag them down to their sea castles so they can,” his voice dropped to a dreadful whisper, “marry them.” laugh.gif

Hee! I never thought about SubRosa's point of mermaid = elf girl, but it does make sense. tongue.gif
Destri Melarg
First there was this:
“Sea serpents!” gasped Rhano.

“Where?” Jerric scanned the water, right hand open and ready while his left kept him steady. He pulled his feet up, just in case.

“I didn’t see any. I’m just saying, there might be sea serpents.”

Now I know from this that the two boys are close enough to gauge what each other is thinking. Then there was this:
“Don’t use more than half of your air this time if you think you might turn back,” Rhano cautioned. “Do you want me to wait?”

“Yeah,” said Jerric, hoping to see at least a glimmer to show him the way. “I don’t want to back up with you behind me.”

“Well I don’t want your rotten zombie feet in my face.”

Now I know that all the dunking and good-natured ribbing masks a real affection that the boys have for each other

The rest of this chapter is just filled with moments like that. They draw us into a feeling of empathy with the boys. That's why I got the chills when they realized that high tide would see the chamber fill. Even though I know Rhano makes it out alive (I saw him today as a matter of fact), I'm still on pins and needles here.

mALX: It has been so hot and dry here, I keep thinking it wouldn’t be so bad if we had a nice tropical sea to go with the weather. I’d settle for the Mediterranean. I guess Jerric never lost that urgent, growing boy hunger. I know you’ve seen that in action! smile.gif Thanks, mALX!

haute ecole rider: I’m glad you liked their grotto adventure. Fear not, Anvil’s future Blade trainer will keep his chin up! wink.gif

SubRosa: Oh, good point about the mer-maids! I changed it. I was completely creeping myself out with the dark tunnel. laugh.gif I’m glad you enjoyed the little game references. It all started with the sweetroll. Now it’s time to get poor Rhano out from under the cliff. I love that song, thank you for the music! This episode doesn’t have a train, but there is a skinny boy running. smile.gif

Acadian: I’m glad you enjoyed the dimensions. Jerric is still likely to estimate using unconventional measurements, at least when he’s just thinking. Of course Darnand would have said, “The diameter is approximately nineteen feet, seven inches.” It was fun to imagine what a boy might think about his situation. For example, in the next section when we know that Jerric must be crusty with salt, sweat, sand, and dust, he just doesn’t notice. smile.gif

Destri Melarg: I was definitely trusting in everyone’s willingness to come along for the ride, writing a story where everyone knows the end. tongue.gif I am delighted to hear about the chills, pins, and needles. The boys certainly don’t know that they’re going to be all right. Of course their friendship is the part that I wanted to convey the most. It means so much to hear that it's coming across. smile.gif

Tides: The Last Part

Jerric’s feet flew over the sand as he ran back toward Anvil. Who should I bring to help Rhano, he wondered. First decide that, then decide which way to go.

Rhano had asked for his Fa. Jerric rejected that idea immediately. There was no way anyone could pull Rhano fast enough with a rope, and Ongve might be too broad to even make it through the tunnel. Maybe if they had a boat with a winch, then Jerric could swim a rope in, but there was no time to organize rowers or wait for the wind.

Jerric’s eyes found the lighthouse. Still too small. He let the panic drive his legs faster, and his mind cleared again.

Magic. The thought came with calm certainty. Magic would let them breathe water, and give them time to swim out. Mages have to be smart, so a mage would see that he had to help Rhano. The Mages Guild hall was right by Anvil’s Main Gate. I’ll run through Westgate to the Mages Guild, he decided.

The streets were half-full of folk on foot, even in the heat. Jerric slowed down only enough to avoid bumping anyone. Running away from shouting adults was a good way to meet some of Anvil’s city guards, and Jerric thought that he had met enough of them already. He glanced up at the sun. Well past mid-day. He would only have one chance to convince the mages. By the time he ran to find Rhano’s parents at the harbor, it would be too late.

When Jerric saw the giant evergreen oak inside the Main Gate, he knew he had almost reached the guild halls. A few breaths later, he darted under the portico of the Mages Guild and hit the door running. It swung open almost weightlessly, and he found himself leaping down an unexpected set of steps into the entry chamber. His bare feet slid on the cool tiles when he landed. A wide counter rose in front of him, holding a row of gleaming glass objects. The Altmer standing there looked as fancy as a countess. She glanced up from her book.

“My friend is trapped!” Jerric gasped.

“We will alert a member of the city guard for you, child,” she told him kindly. “This is the Guild of Mages.”

“No!” Jerric tried to explain. Organize your words, he heard his Ma telling him. “He’s trapped under water. In a sea cave. It’s too far for him to swim, he hurt his leg. I need magic to save him. You have magic! We have to hurry, the tide!”

Jerric found himself being turned by the shoulders. Blazing red eyes stared out of a gray-green face. A dark elf mage, Jerric’s mind whispered in awe. Concern filled the mer's wrinkled face. “Calm, lad. You have found help for your friend. Now tell me, where is this cave?”

Jerric blurted his story to the Dunmer. He couldn’t imagine how this old mer in a silken robe could help him, but need made him trust.

Someone put a mug in Jerric’s hands. He didn’t realize how thirsty he was until he tasted water, sweet and clean. “Run to the Dock Gate, I will meet you there,” the Dunmer told him. “I will only be a moment behind you.” The mage gave Jerric’s shoulders a reassuring squeeze. “As you said, lad, we have magic. Do not go on without me. You are the one who must take me to the cave.”

As Jerric worked his way back toward the harbor, the mage’s words kept his purpose clear above the fear that sped his feet. Don’t change the plan, he told himself when he reached the Dock Gate. You are the one who must bring the mage to Rhano.

Jerric spent only moments dancing with impatience before a dark elf approached him. “Lead the way, lad,” the mer said.

Jerric stared at him. This Dunmer wore a faded linen tunic and breeches. His silver-streaked hair was tied at his neck.

“Make haste, lad! I will keep up.” The mer released a swirl of magicka from his fist.

It’s the mage, Jerric realized. He’s using spells to be fast. Jerric whirled toward the gate and took off running again.

When they reached the sea cliffs, Jerric was gasping for breath. The Dunmer dropped his shoulder bag on the sand and began to quickly organize his supplies. He buttoned potion bottles into his pockets.

“That rope’s not long enough!” cried Jerric, jumping with urgency.

The mer gave him a solemn look as he worked.

It’s not for leading Rhano out, Jerric realized with a sickening lurch. It’s for trussing his body in case he’s… Jerric sprinted into the sea and started swimming.

The surf had picked up considerably. Jerric worried that silt would cloud the tunnel, obscuring their way out. He cast his eyes up and saw no clouds. Maybe the light will still show us, he thought. Jerric had never been inside a chapel, but he knew what his Fa would say. Kyne, bless us with sunlight.

“I see the cave,” the Dunmer called from the water. “Go back to the beach, lad! I must reserve the potions for your friend.”

Jerric knew he should obey. He took a few quick breaths. I told him I’d come back for him, Jerric thought. I told him I’d make it. The first thing he sees is going to be me.

The Dunmer’s shout was lost under the waves as Jerric dove.

The surge pulled harder now, but it pushed him as well. Jerric’s pounding heart demanded more air, and his chest heaved with effort. Should have waited outside, he realized as water leaked into his nose. His head burst through the surface as a wave crested inside the cavern, sending his face frighteningly close to the rocks.

Rhano had wedged himself into a crack high in the wall. Jerric could see his head and shoulders above the water. The Dunmer surfaced between them almost immediately. Rhano glanced at him, then his eyes went back to Jerric.

“Potion,” gasped Jerric, struggling to snort the water back out. He had no time to feel relieved.

Rhano’s reply was made incoherent by his chattering teeth. By the time Jerric reached them, the mage had a potion bottle in his hand.

The mer’s red eyes were not pleased when he looked at Jerric. “Go when your wind returns, and not before,” he told Jerric. “I want you to swim out first, in case you have difficulty. I see that your friend here is a brave lad, and he will be right behind you. You need not fear for him. Getting yourself out safely is now your only concern.”

Jerric had never felt so foolish. He grabbed the edge of the rock to hold himself steady. When he was finally ready, the Dunmer administered the potion to Rhano.

Rhano cooperated without questions. “It will turn the water to air as you breathe, lad,” the mer told him. “You will see clearly. If something should alarm you, close your eyes and do not struggle. I will pull us out by gripping the rocks. I need you to hold on to me. Are you able?”

Rhano nodded. Jerric pushed back to the middle of the pool. “See you out there,” he said, then he dove to the tunnel at the bottom of the cavern.

A pale green light touched the rocks under the water, and Jerric realized that the mage was the source. He wondered what the mer had seen on the way in that made him warn Rhano. Best not to think about it, Jerric decided. He kicked against the surge with all of his strength. Best not to put your hand on it, either. He shuddered every time he had to reach into blurry darkness.

Shadows gave way to open blue water, then the cloudless summer sky. Jerric closed his eyes and turned his face to the sun while he caught his breath. The waves lifted and dropped him playfully. After a moment he opened his eyes and looked around. Rhano and the Dunmer were not with him.

By the time Jerric had started to fill his lungs to dive back down, he saw their heads break the surface near the beach. They swam underwater, he realized. Maybe that was easier than fighting the surf. Relief made his limbs feel weak. He rolled onto his back and kicked for the shore.

Jerric felt calm again by the time he reached them. Rhano sat shivering on the sand, his face tight with pain. The Dunmer knelt beside him. “The bone is broken, but it will be easy to heal,” said the mer. “May I?”

Rhano tried to pull away. “No! My mother…”

“They don’t trust magic,” Jerric explained. “We’re in a lot of trouble already. I know we won’t be allowed in the sea caves any more. I guess that’s all right, though. But if you healed him… They would be more mad.”

“I expect the sea caves have lost their appeal for your friend,” the Dunmer said gently. Jerric saw that Rhano’s bleak face held more than pain. “Allow me to splint the ankle, and we will carry him home.” Rhano nodded to the mage. “This is going to be uncomfortable,” the Dunmer warned him.

Rhano’s fingers felt stiff and cold. “Zombie hand,” Jerric whispered. Rhano didn’t smile, but at least he squeezed back.

The mer carefully adjusted Rhano’s ankle. “That’s nothing,” Jerric said to cover Rhano’s gasp. “See that scar on his arm? A bone was sticking out, and he hardly even cried.” The Dunmer began binding Rhano’s leg. “You do it like my brother,” Jerric told him.

“The Anvil chapter of my guild specializes in teaching restoration magic,” the mage remarked. “However, I imagine a Nord lad might have more experience with this technique.” His red eyes looked friendly again. “I am pleased that you approve.”

“I’ll carry you,” Jerric told Rhano. His friend’s silence was beginning to worry him. The Dunmer hoisted Rhano onto Jerric’s back, and they began their slow progress down the beach. Jerric stepped carefully to avoid jarring Rhano’s ankle. “I’ll pay you back,” Jerric told the mage. “It might take a long time, though.”

The Dunmer walked along beside Jerric as if they were simply out for a stroll. “Do you lads live in Anvil?” he asked. His tone sounded mild and companionable.

Jerric decided to do the talking. “Rhano does, but I’m from Kvatch. I’m staying with him for the summer.”

“How old are you?”

“I’ll be ten in Sun’s Dusk,” Jerric told him proudly. “Rhano turns ten next month, but I’m already bigger than him.” He waited for Rhano to point out that he was faster, but he stayed silent.

The mage looked them over with an amused smile. “I expect that will not change. You are blessed by the Atronach, lad. Do you know what that means?”

“I won’t have any magicka,” said Jerric. “It’s all right, I’m going to be a caravan guard.”

“You will not have any magicka of your own, but there will be many ways you can acquire it. Has no one explained this to you?”

Jerric shook his head. Part of him resented the implied criticism, but most of him felt desperately curious.

“Think of it this way,” said the Dunmer. “Each mortal is a vessel of a different size that can hold magicka. Most of us fill up slowly like a well.” He paused, looking over at Jerric.

“But I’m not a well,” Jerric guessed. “I’ll never fill up. How is that a blessing?”

“You can fill up, lad. You might gain magicka from a potion, or from an Ayleid well. Some stones collect magicka that you might learn to use. But the most important way, the way that will be useful for a caravan guard, is by reaping the magicka from the spells of others. You might absorb any sort of magical attack, even curses that are intended for you. When you absorb the magicka, you take it away from the spell. Then the attack cannot hurt you.”

Jerric felt awe prickle over his skin. “So when my brother Rothmund got burned by a hedge wizard, that might not happen to me?”

“It will still sometimes happen,” the Dunmer told him. “You will never know in advance which attacks will harm you, and which will provide you with magicka. There are spells and enchantments that can increase a person’s chance of absorbing an attack. Perhaps you will want to learn about them when you are older.”

Jerric could tell that there was more. He saved his breath for walking.

After a moment the mage continued. “I mentioned that everyone is a vessel of a certain size. Nords tend to begin as smaller vessels, but with effort they might make themselves hold more magicka. The stars gave you a gift, lad. If you choose to study magic, you will begin with power that might rival a young Altmer's.”

Jerric halted, stunned. He felt Rhano’s arms tighten around his neck. “Jerric, no,” Rhano whispered.

The Dunmer stopped and looked back at them. “Where do you live, lads? I shall see you to your door, but I imagine your explanations will be easier absent my presence.”

“Westgate,” Jerric said. They began walking again. “We won’t tell a lie, sir. Ongve might come to speak with you, that’s Rhano’s Fa. We’ll have told him the truth.” Jerric swallowed the lump in his throat. He would get a thrashing over this adventure for certain, as Rhano would when his leg healed. Ongve had heavy hands and the conviction that discipline was as important as nourishing food. Jerric’s own Fa was far more lenient with him. “I said I’d pay you back, but I don’t know how. Do you have any work I could do?”

The Dunmer looked him over as they walked. Jerric braced himself for ridicule, but the mage’s voice stayed kind. “You look strong enough to split wood for the kitchen, but I have a better idea, if you are willing. Come to the guild hall and ask for me. The meadows are full of alchemy ingredients in the summer, and there are never enough hands to gather them. I will instruct you on their proper collection, and apply what you earn as credit toward the potion I used. Does that sound acceptable?”

“Yeah,” Jerric breathed in relief. His manners returned in a rush. “I mean, yes, sir. Sera. Thank you.” he felt a grin split his face.

The mage glanced over with an answering smile. “Master Relas,” he said.

“Yes, Master Relas. I’m Jerric. Pleased to meet you.”

haute ecole rider
Ooh, I luuurve Master Relas in this! He is just as I imagined him!

Wonder what it was Rhano saw on his way out to make him so untalkative? Not a good thing, I suppose.

If you've been having hot and dry weather there, no wonder you've been writing about seaside adventures! For me the antidote for that kind of weather is to write about mountains, cold and snow. Works every time! Of course, when it's dark and freezing cold outside in the middle of January, I love to write about warm seaside places! Like Anvil. wink.gif

Jerric's determination to be the first face Rhano sees is admirable, though by that point I imagine Rhano would be happy to see any friendly face.

Well done!
@ Grits - I don't have time to read this right now, but I'll be back to read it when I get home tonight (or tomorrow morning if the trip gives me a headache, lol - truth, I get "road eyes" after long drives, lol).
I'm not quite seeing how a water breathing potion is acceptable magic, but healing isn't. Rhano's parents wouldn't know he'd been injured in the first place, so both leave him in the same state in which he left home. This way makes the use of the potion come out in the open, so I'd have expected the logic to have been "we've started, so we have to finish" with the use of magic.

However, I'm not a ten-year old kid thinking it through.
A heart pounding episode until Rhano was safe! You beautifully maintained what felt to be a most appropriate pacing as Jerric flew here and raced there. Necessarily your descriptions had to be light, but they nevertheless unobtrusively and fully immersed us into what was happening.

Then, as much as I love Jerric and Rhano, Master Relas stole the show! I heartily echo Rider's praise for how perfectly you portrayed him here. Wow!

Master Relas' explanation of the atronach birthsign, in terms that were both encouraging and appropriate for a ten year old, was magnificent and it was truly beautiful of him to fill the young Nord with reasonable hope and expectations.

I loved how Rhano was so sober and quiet that nothing could get him talking. . . UNTIL the possibility of Jerric becoming a mage rose its horrifying head!

I have no problem distinguishing alchemy from the other magical disciplines. I can see where rangers, foresters , wood elves, thieves and even farmers might perhaps become quite skilled with it. In fact I can see that those who would eschew spellcasting might readily embrace alchemical alternatives. Plus, escaping that water cave was notably more important than healing a clean ankle fracture. Although I see wise ghastley's point, it was certainly not a concern for me as written. smile.gif
Destri Melarg
QUOTE(ghastley @ Aug 11 2011, 09:02 AM) *

I'm not quite seeing how a water breathing potion is acceptable magic, but healing isn't. Rhano's parents wouldn't know he'd been injured in the first place, so both leave him in the same state in which he left home. This way makes the use of the potion come out in the open, so I'd have expected the logic to have been "we've started, so we have to finish" with the use of magic.

However, I'm not a ten-year old kid thinking it through.

Interesting point. My own understanding of Redguard thinking on the matter is that it has to do with the fact that a potion is the magicka distilled from the essence of plant or animal. In that sense it is more akin to science than magic. Even the most magic-phobic Redguard will swill a healing potion if he needs it. A potion still qualifies as magic in the strictest sense, but it is not drawing upon some arcane internal force in order to bend (or break) the laws of nature.

Of course I might be completely wrong.

Acadian already mentioned my favorite part of this episode. I could just see the look on Rhano’s face at the suggestion that his beloved friend might someday become *gasp* a mage.

“I mentioned that everyone is a vessel of a certain size. Nords tend to begin as smaller vessels, but with effort they might make themselves hold more magicka.”

Is this Relas’ tactful way of insinuating that Nords are dumb? laugh.gif
So this is the beginning of Jerric's interest in magic. The scenes were very visually written, and the Dunmer - really interesting how he cued in on Jerric and knew he'd be curious about the magic. Your descriptions of how the magic works, the birthsigns, and the diffs between magic and potions was absolutely perfect !!! Awesome Write !!!
Running away from shouting adults was a good way to meet some of Anvil’s city guards, and Jerric thought that he had met enough of them already.
This was not only cute, but also explains why Jerric does not go to the nearest city guard and ask for help. Like Teresa, he has learned not to expect anything from them but trouble.

The Altmer standing there looked as fancy as a countess.
We do not have to guess who that is!

Felen to the rescue! You never know when you're going to need a good strong potion. Like this. How like Jerric to dive in ahead of the dark elf. Even after told to wait outside.

I see that Rhano, or his parents at least, possess the classic Redguard prejudice against magic. It seems that Rhano managed to avoid picking up the same opinion. At least not to the same degree, as we see him help Jerric spar with Darnand's summonings when they are grown-ups. Perhaps this experience taught him to look at magic a little differently?

The story is over, and thank you for reading it! I appreciate the thought-provoking comments and discussion very much. I plan to get back to Jerric’s Story next week. I ended up dumping an entire chapter. It was painful, but I’m moving on.

haute ecole rider: I hoped you would like Master Relas! For all of his velvet and powder, I see him as someone who would spring into action. After all, Carahil has no tolerance for mages who are useless in the field. That’s why I had him lead the Anvil guild’s expedition to Kvatch after the attack. You are so right, I’m sure Rhano would have even gone with the sea-sirens by the time Jerric got back. Of course, Jerric’s decision-making process hasn’t changed much since he was nine. Whatever Felen and Rhano saw, it was bad enough to keep Felen from offering Jerric a potion. Two freaked out kids in a narrow underwater tunnel would be a little much for him to handle.

mALX: Exactly, Felen looked at this wide-eyed Nord kid and saw a future battlemage. Of course if Jerric had announced that his ambition was to join the Weavers Guild instead of being a guard, the conversation might have gone differently. Also Jerric demonstrated an independent way of thinking by going to the Mages Guild for help, not to mention the disregard for his own safety that would allow him to eventually jump through an Oblivion Gate. Happily for Jerric, Felen could see the potential in his behavior.

ghastley: I’m really glad you brought that up. The water breathing potion was just less unacceptable than letting yourself drown. The main issue that the boys were worried about was getting a mage involved. The potion saved Rhano’s life, but healing the ankle would have been unnecessary. At their age they wouldn’t have the judgment to decide that alteration and healing aren’t as bad as summoning or illusion, they would just have been told to stay away from spellcasters. I didn’t mention it in the story, but I think the Mages Guild at that time would still be loaded with necromancers. That would make all mages extremely suspect to folks like Rhano’s mom who already have a deep mistrust of magic users.

The second thing is that both boys have a sense of honor that won’t allow them to lie, and in their minds not telling Rhano’s parents what happened would be a kind of lying. So healing the ankle and not mentioning the incident wouldn’t work for them. Jerric offered to pay for the potion not to hide it from Ongve, but because he felt responsible for bringing the Mages Guild into the situation. The boys know each other well enough to not need to discuss it. Many kids would have gone the way of the cover-up, which is why Jerric mentioned to Felen that they would tell the truth. In the end the boys would have been punished for putting themselves into the situation more than for saving Rhano with a potion. Ongve would have insisted that Jerric fulfill his promise to Felen, which would result in him spending even more time with the mages. Good for Jerric, upsetting for Rhano’s mom.

Acadian: You make a good point about potions vs. spells. I think alchemy works much better as a regular skill in a magical world the way you describe it and the way I think it will be in Skyrim. I’ve gone the way of drawing mystical properties out of the ingredients in my story, but Darnand came up with an answer for me to fix it, I think.

You picked out the moment where Jerric and Rhano’s troubles begin. It will be another eight years and a bit before they join their guilds, but after that whisper Jerric starts keeping some things to himself. I’m so glad Felen stole the show! Now you see why he has such a soft spot for the battlemage and reluctant alchemist that he recruited. Thank you for your kind words about Felen’s character. It was fun to show why he means a lot to Jerric.

Destri Melarg: All I know about Redguard thinking and magic comes from Trayvond the Redguard in the game, so I was interested to hear what you have learned. I think a potion in Hammerfell would be more trustworthy than a potion in Cyrodiil, where necromancy is at this time still accepted. Even a healing potion could come from a human heart, or a fortify health potion could contain zombie flesh. Some of it would also depend on the potion. An invisibility potion would still be tampering with the mind, for example. The families’ caravans would certainly carry a supply of healing potions, and I would expect at least some of their guards and scouts to use enchantments. But kids often overhear much more than they are told, and the talk at Rhano‘s house about magic users would probably be negative.

Poor Rhano, I’m sure he worried that his buddy would head straight out to the cemetery and start digging up bodies. That moment that you and Acadian picked out was pretty much the reason for the story, so I am very pleased that it stood out for you.

SubRosa: Rhano definitely shares his mother’s mistrust of magic, and that’s the basis for his future conflict with Jerric. When Jerric joins the Fighters Guild after Kvatch and asks Rhano if he will be able to get over it and train him, he means get over Jerric being a battlemage. It took an army of actual daedra burning Kvatch to the ground to get Rhano to cooperate with training against a summoned dremora. Carahil had a similar change of heart when she recommended that Jerric go to Chorrol and learn more about daedric conjuring.

I’m glad you liked the line about meeting too many guards. I’m sure Jerric earned every cross word he got from them. biggrin.gif
King Coin
That fun adventure sure turned sour. blink.gif
I wouldn’t be in there that’s for sure.


Hoo I wonder if Rhano hates magic like most Redguards do.
Jerric shoulda woulda coulda stayed out like the dark elf said.
“Do you lads live in Anvil?” He’s looking for payment lol.
Ah hah. So Rhano disapproves of magic. That explains the cold shoulder in the fighter’s guild that I recently read.


What a nice little story smile.gif
It lays a little ground work on how Jerric became a battle mage as well.
This was simply a wonderful break- as well as showing us how Jerric and Rhano became who they are. Short stories are among the hardest to write- and you do it with all of your considerable talent.

Others have ninja'd my favorite quotes (darned short dachshund legs!) so I will content myself with

Jerric’s Story has accumulated a lot of characters, many of whom have names that are longer than their roles. Plus there are a couple of little stories floating around with some of the same characters. I made a list of them mostly to keep myself from using the same name twice (or giving the same person two different names, sorry about that Simeon), but here there are in case anyone wants to refresh their memory in the years between a character’s appearances. whistling.gif
QUOTE(Grits @ Jul 15 2012, 03:06 PM) *

Jerric’s Story has accumulated a lot of characters, many of whom have names that are longer than their roles. Plus there are a couple of little stories floating around with some of the same characters. I made a list of them mostly to keep myself from using the same name twice (or giving the same person two different names, sorry about that Simeon), but here there are in case anyone wants to refresh their memory in the years between a character’s appearances. whistling.gif

GAAAAH!!! Where's the list? Urk?
Appendix One: The People of Jerric's World

A listing of original characters with mention of any significant connections to Bethesda's characters. As long as there's a story to tell, this will be a work in progress.

Abiene Metonne: Breton woman born under the sign of the Ritual, healer, eldest child of the Metonnes of Leyawiin, younger sister Sidette.

Achille Penoit: Breton man of Chorrol, Darnand's older half-brother, only child of Ranier Penoit and his first wife.

Adrien Metonne: Breton man of Leyawiin, husband of Solene, father of Abiene and Sidette.

Aelindor: Bosmer man, former head of the Mages Guild's Skingrad chapter.

Agda: Nord woman of Hrotanda Vale, smuggler.

Alba Olivera: Imperial woman of Chorrol, city guard Constable.

Amber: Imperial woman of Bruma, guild prostitute.

Anette Lavois: Breton woman of Weye, Dionne's daughter.

Antistia: Imperial woman of Skingrad.

Asgerd: Nord woman of Bruma, chapter head of the Bruma Fighters Guild.

Balbus: Imperial man of Anvil, unemployed, romantically involved with Honoria.

Banner: Darnand's bay gelding.

Bertille: Breton woman of Anvil, cook for the Mages Guild.

Bog Trawler: Nord man of Anvil, longshoreman.

Brocchus: Imperial man of Kvatch, prison guard.

Bryndis: Nord woman of Bruma, guild Prostitute.

Bugshat: orc man of Bruma, cook at the Bruma Fighters Guild.

Burrus: Redguard man of Anvil, Anvil City Guardsman.

Carla: Breton woman of Bruma, guild Prostitute.

Carmia: Imperial woman of Gnoll's Meeting Camp, mother of Faustino and Lavina, cook.

Cordus: Imperial man of Cloud Ruler Temple, retired Blade, mender, executive in charge of laundry operation.

Darnand Penoit: Breton man born under the sign of the Apprentice, mage, only child of Ranier Penoit and his second wife, older half-brother Achille.

Daron: Redguard man of Kvatch, retired Fighters Guild trainer, blademaster.

Delain: Breton man of Cloud Ruler Temple, Caroline's son.

Dionne Lavois: Breton woman of Weye, mother of Anette.

Domitius: Imperial man of Garlas Malatar, necromancer, killed by Lildereth.

Donrehdil: Bosmer woman from Silvenar, Thaurron's late wife.

Fandius Terentius: Imperial man of County Bravil, nephew of Count Regulus Terentius.

Faustino: Imperial boy of Gnoll's Meeting Camp, Carmia's son, Lavina's older brother.

Fidella: Imperial girl of Kvatch, employee of The Rambling Rose Bathhouse and Brothel, aspiring prostitute.

Fjirsten: Nord girl of Kvatch, eldest child of Kolr and Svanja, Hrolgar's older sister, Jerric's niece.

Flash: Prior Maborel's paint horse.

Foul Festia: Toothless Imperial woman, drifter.

Fullo Macula: Imperial man of Anvil, Fighters Guild porter.

Fylkr: Nord boy of Hrotanda Vale, Valdi's brother.

Garond: Breton man of Cloud Ruler Temple, Blades smith.

Gerd the Unknown: Nord woman of Hrotanda Vale, smuggler.

Gjaever: Nord man of Bruma, Fighters Guild member.

Glafeviel: Bosmer woman, Journeyman of the Mages Guild.

Gudrid: Captain of the Bruma County Militia.

Gwylen: Brown-eyed and dimpled Bosmer woman of the Imperial City, Apprentice of the Mages Guild, works at the Arcane University.

Hastus: Imperial man of Chorrol, bathhouse proprietor.

Hegen: Nord man of Hrotanda Vale, smuggler.

Hjordhild: Nord woman of Anvil, head cook for the Mages Guild.

Honoria: Redguard woman of Anvil, baker, resident of Westgate, romantically involved with Balbus.

Hrolgar: Nord boy of Kvatch, youngest child of Svanja and Kolr, Fjirsten's brother, Jerric's nephew.

Igren: Breton man of Hope Valley, community leader and kahve farmer.

Ilmerion: Altmer man of the Imperial City, necromancer, resides at Ilmerion Manor in the Talos Plaza District.

Ilonea: Imperial woman of Leyawiin, wife of Revilius, the Metonnes' housekeeper.

Ipean: Jesan Rilian's horse.

Irmarus Hetarian: Imperial man of Kvatch.

Ishckrihk: Jerric's summoned frost atronach.

Jaan: Nord man of Bruma, smith at the Bruma Fighters Guild.

Jerric Kjellingson: Nord man of Kvatch, born under the sign of the Atronach, battlemage, youngest son of Kjelling and Sonstra, older brothers Rothmund and Petr, older sisters Selka and Svanja.

Jytte: Nord woman of County Bruma, County Bruma Militia member, killed in battle at the Maiden Springs Gate.

Kip: Jerric's chestnut gelding.

Kjelling: Nord man of Kvatch, Sonstra's husband, father of Rothmund, Petr, Selka, Svanja, and Jerric.

Kjestrid: Nord woman of Bruma, Fighters Guild member.

Lason: Redguard man of Gnoll's Meeting Camp.

Lavina: Imperial girl of Gnoll's Meeting Camp, Carmia's daughter, Faustino's younger sister.

Lildereth: Bosmer woman, Journeyman of the Cyrodiil Mages Guild.

Livius: Imperial man, Legion soldier, veteran of the Battle for Kvatch.

Llyrela: Dunmer woman of Anvil in Jerric's youth, owner of the enchanted Helm of Fin Gleam.

Lorna: Imperial woman of Leyawiin, hairdresser.

Luco Nufurio: Imperial man of Kvatch, Jerric's friend since childhood.

Mahvash: Redguard woman of Cloud Ruler Temple, Blades smith.

Marcellus Illio: Imperial man of Anvil, constable of Anvil City Guard.

Marsten: Nord male of County Bruma, County Bruma Militia member.

Masavo: Imperial man, Legion archer, veteran of the Battle for Kvatch.

Matilene: Breton woman of Gnoll's Meeting Camp, prostitute.

Meja: Nord woman of Kvatch, husband Rothmund, son Willem; Jerric's sister-in-law.

Melandiril: Altmer man of the Imperial City, employed by Ilmerion.

Mivanu Brenos: Dunmer woman of Blacklight, Redoran Guard Captain.

Nahdari: Khajiit woman of Valenwood, Lildereth's childhood friend.

Nereli Llandam: Dunmer woman of Mattapi, local militia scout, member of House Redoran.

Nunzio: Imperial man of Bruma, Fighters Guild porter.

Ongve: Nord man of Anvil, founding partner of Running Wolf Postal and Freight, Shasana's husband, Rhano's father.

Orianne Fournier: Breton woman of Chorrol, owner and proprietor of the restaurant House of Fournier, wife of Thierre Fournier.

Paetus: Imperial man, Legion soldier, veteran of the Battle for Kvatch.

Perien: Breton man of the Imperial City, Apprentice of the Mages Guild, works at the Arcane University.

Perius: Imperial man of Bruma, Fighters Guild member.

Precious: Jerric's summoned scamp.

Ranier Penoit: Breton man of Chorrol, sons Achille and Darnand.

Raufin: Nord woman of Mattapi, local militia member, deceased.

Revilius: Imperial man of Leyawiin, husband of Ilonea, the Metonnes' handyman.

Rhea: Nord woman of Bruma, Fighters Guild member.

Rose: A horse.

Rothmund: Nord man of Kvatch, wife Meja, son Willem; Jerric's older brother.

Rudy the Squint: Redguard man of Kvatch, Jerric's friend since childhood.

Rullus: Imperial man of Weye.

Sa-Teega: Argonian man of Gnoll's Meeting Camp, hedge alchemist.

Sandrine: Breton woman of Kvatch.

Servilla the Serpent: Uniquely gifted Imperial of Skingrad, prostitute of The Colovian Rose.

Shair-Do: Khajiit man of Bruma, warrior of the Bruma Fighters Guild.

Shasana: Redguard woman of Anvil, Anvil partner of Running Wolf Postal and Freight, Ongve's wife, Rhano's mother.

Sidette Metonne: Breton woman of Leyawiin, Abiene's younger sister.

Simeon the White-Pate: Nord man of the Imperial City, founding partner of Running Wolf Postal and Freight.

Slim: Jerric's summoned skeleton.

Solene Metonne: Breton woman of Leyawiin, wife of Adrien, mother of Abiene and Sidette.

Sonstra Hammer-Helm: Nord woman of Kvatch, Kjelling's wife, mother of Rothmund, Petr, Selka, Svanja, and Jerric.

Svanja: Nord woman of Kvatch, wife of Kolr, mother of Fjirsten and Hrolgar, Jerric's older sister.

Svaknar: Nord male of County Bruma, County Bruma Militia member.

Talenris: Dunmer man of Leyawiin, mage.

Terniroth: Bosmer man of Anvil, porter.

Therius Aiello: Imperial man of Kvatch, Jerric's friend since childhood.

Thierre Fournier: Breton man of Chorrol, owner and proprietor of the restaurant House of Fournier, husband of Orianne Fournier.

Thursten the Long-Eye: Nord male of County Bruma, County Bruma Militia member.

Tilenwen: Bosmer woman of Kvatch, ostler.

Tonio: Imperial man of Bruma, scullery lad at the Bruma Fighters Guild.

Torellius: Imperial man of Bruma, Fighters Guild member.

Tulia: Imperial woman of Anvil, clothier, owner of Tulia's Threads.

Tutius: Imperial man of Anvil in Jerric's youth, teenaged thug.

Ulfe: A dog.

Valdi: Nord girl of Hrotanda Vale, former Akkvit smuggler.

Vania: Imperial woman of Anvil, housekeeper, mother of five girls.

Vanildil: Altmer woman of the Imperial City, Apprentice of the Mages Guild, works at the Arcane University.

Venco: Imperial man of Weynon Priory, Blade, monk in the Order of Talos.

Vito: Imperial man of Bruma, cook's assistant at the Bruma Fighters Guild.

Willem: Nord man of Kvatch, mother Meja, father Rothmund; Jerric's nephew (two years older than Jerric).

Yanerion: Altmer man of Anvil, healer born under the Ritual, Mages Guild member, Abiene's student.

Holy Cow, there are some names I don't recognize on there! Thank you for making this list, when there are long gaps between chapters sad.gif (HINT HINT) people tend to forget their favorite stories! wub.gif (URK ... brazen hint - MORE MORE)! ROFL !! Seriously, this is appreciated.
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That's quite a list Grits! blink.gif I'd never be able to keep track of that many characters.

QUOTE(mALX @ Jul 15 2012, 02:33 PM) *

Holy Cow, there are some names I don't recognize on there! Thank you for making this list, when there are long gaps between chapters sad.gif (HINT HINT) people tend to forget their favorite stories! wub.gif (URK ... brazen hint - MORE MORE)! ROFL !! Seriously, this is appreciated.


C'mon Grits, we are eagerly waiting for another installment of Jerric & Co. tongue.gif
Exactly, I am utterly failing to keep track of them! tongue.gif This helps me, too! I’ve been writing all afternoon. It’s been fun. smile.gif
QUOTE(Grits @ Jul 15 2012, 06:12 PM) *

Exactly, I am utterly failing to keep track of them! tongue.gif This helps me, too! I’ve been writing all afternoon. It’s been fun. smile.gif

** mALX taps foot, looks at watch numerous times **
Thanks for the wonderful listing! I know what you mean about the need to keep good notes on the supporting characters we create. I'm so looking forward to reading more of the Jerric story!
Very neat to see the Who's Who of the Jerricdyll. I keep similar notes on all the major characters in the TF, along with little things like how stuff works, what things cost, holidays, a tamriel calendar with birthsigns, food, etc... But I do not go to the length of listing every named character who has ever appeared. Here are my FG entries:

Fighters Guild

The leader of the entire guild is Vilena Donton, and her title is Guild Master. Her second is Modryn Oreyn, the Guild Champion. Local Chapters are led by a Guild Commander, and their second is a Vice Commander. Rank and file members are simply known as Fighters.

Full members of the FG are identified by a amulet which all are given in the shape of the FG logo, a red kite-shaped shield with a white sword pointed downward. These also have a minor (5%) Shield enchantment on them. THey always wear them while on official business.

The FG has a branch in the Imperial City, located in the Arena District. This is led by Vilena Donton in addition to her duties are head of the entire guild. her second, Modryn Oreyn handles the day to day operations of the IC chapter. Because of this the Chorrol chapter has entirely new characters as Commander and Vice Commander.

The Bravil FG participated in the Defense of Bruma. There they lost most of their chapter. The only survivors were Pappy, Tadrose, and Vincent (Tavian did not go).

The Fighters Guild typically does the following types of jobs:
Armed and Unarmed weapons training.
Bodyguarding and security for short-terms (i.e. not permanent)
Capture of wanted criminals when regular authorities are not able to (bounty hunting).
In addition, according to the charter with the Empire, all FG members are expected to capture known criminals if they are given the opportunity.
Killing magical beasts/goblins/minotaurs that threaten remote communities
Working with people during kidnappings, either delivering ransoms or making covert attacks to recover victims.

Gaius "Pappy" Vitellus
Gaius "Pappy" Vitellus leads the Bravil FG, having the rank of guild commander. He is in his early forties, with short black hair gowing grey at the temples. His eyes are blue, and he is handsomely featured. His body is lean and trim in spite of his age, with perfectly sculpted muscles. He was born from a rich commoner family in the Imperial City on the 25th of First Seed (March) 3E390.

He is a former Primus Pilus who was run out of the service because of his chronic insubordination and freewheeling attitude when it came to scrounging supplies for his troops, especially illegal Nordic Whiskey. He joined the legion at 18 (3E408), his father securing him a centurion's position in the Fifth Legion in Cyrodiil, leading the Cohort on the Waterfront. He was transferred out after making enemies with then Legate Titus Vibius. He went to the Sixth Legion in Skyrim. During an uprising in the province, Pappy took command of the garrison of Whiterun and held the city against attacks by a vastly superior rebel army. Because of this the rebels were unable to sieze control of the province, and the next year a relief army from Cyrodiil came to his rescue. For this he was awarded the Grass Crown.

He was transferred to High Rock after that, receiving a promotion to Primus Pilus in the bargain. However, he punched the legate of his Legion, and found himself transferred to Elsweyr. Near the end he took another legate for all his money in a poker game (rumor has it he slugged that legate too, but he did not). He was finally forced to resign in 3E423. Afterward he went to the Fighters Guild and rose through their ranks because he is smart, resourceful, a natural leader, and just plain good at killing things. By 3E427 he was the Guild Champion. However, he did not get along with the Guild Master Vilena Donton at all because of his cockiness, dislike for authority, and free-wheeling attitude.

In 3E429 Modryn Oreyn engineered his downfall by convincing several members of the IC chapter to come forward and file formal charges against Pappy, claiming he favored certain female members with choice contracts in return for their sexual favors. It was true that he slept with more than one member of the IC chapter, but he never assigned contracts on that basis, only on the ability of the members. That did not matter though, as it gave Donton the pretext she needed to remove him and pack him off into semi-exile in Bravil - the least desireable chapter in Cyrodiil. In the meantime Modryn took Pappy's place as Guild Champion.

Pappy makes an excellent father figure for Teresa, in no small part because he is such a reprobate. But also because he genuinely cares for the people under him and feels responsible for them. His experience gives him a wisdom that youngin's like the others in the FG cannot match. He calls the young FG members meatheads while he is teaching them all the sneaky tricks of how to beat the enemy and stay alive that they do not teach in Legion school.

He is also a superb chef. He learned to be because as he will say himself "When you are stationed in as many gods-forsaken holes as he as been, you either learn to like the taste of stale hardtack and weevils, or you learn to make something else to eat." Being a resourceful person, he learned. I think his specialty is seafood. Clams, crab, fish, etc...)

In combat he wears a Legion cuirass with a grass crown etched upon the breast (enchanted with 12% Shield Spell), a legion helm, and Orcish boots, greaves, gauntlets and shield (enchanted with a 12% Fire Shield spell) and carries a Nordic broadsword named Hardrada (Nordic - Hard Counsel)(enchanted with Disintegrate Armor). It has a long double-edged blade with Nordic runes going down the center reading "The Warrior's Wisdom is Hard Counsel". The handgrip is made of grooved whalebone, and the wide crossguard is of carved gold, and the wide pommel of a lobed design. He wears a Ring of Firewalking that gives him a 30% resistance to fire, cancelling out his weakness to it.

He knows some Apprentice level Restoration spells, including Cure Disease, and Fortify Strength and Endurance. He was born under the Lord birthsign, giving him the ability to Restore Health 6 points for 15 seconds (90 points total) multiple times per day (at a cost of 50 magicka - very efficent). It also gives him a weakness to fire at -25% (note that his Ring cancels this out).

Pappy's Rule #2 - Never pass up an opportunity.
Pappy's Rule #3 - Don't push your luck after you've won.
Pappy's Rule #5 - If you can't out-talk them, outguess them. If you can't outguess them, outrank them.
Pappy's Rule #10 - Never fight a battle you cannot win.

Tadrose Helas
Tadrose Helas a 29 year old Dunmer armorer at the Bravil FG, having the rank of guild vice-commander. She was born on the 9th of Hearth Fire (September) 3E404. She is orignally from Morrowind, and unknown to anyone she is a member of House Indoril. Her real name is actually Tyrela Indoril. She is the daughter of the House leader, and was being groomed to take her place. She has raven-black hair styled in elf-braids, and the blue skin and red eyes of all her race. Her body is scarred. She has one on her left forearm from a dagger stab, gotten in a knife fight. She has an arrow scar in her stomach. There is another scar from an axe in her upper left leg. The skin over the small of her back is discolored, too light for the rest of her skin. That is from a lightning bolt she suffered at Bruma.

In 3E421 (when she was 17) she fell in love with Balen Dres the son of House Dres' leader, and a year later she was pregnant. Sort of a Romeo and Juliet kind of situation. But one where there would not only be a scandal, but the child would actually be in the position to inherit the leadership of both houses. That would be something that both were willing to kill to prevent. They were found out by her own house, but the circumstances were hushed up to avoid the scandal. Her child was to be killed after birth, as it was so far along that aborting it would endanger Tadrose as well. She gave birth to Sere on the 15th of Evening Star (December) 3E422. But in fact her maid Arvela (who was skilled in illusion magic) switched her child with that of an already dead infant, so that it appeared to be a still-birth. Her real child was sprited out of the country in secret by Arvela.

On the 1st of Morning Star (January) 3E423 Tadrose left Morrowind, supposedly in self-imposed exile. But in reality she was leaving in order to be close to her child - now named Seryne - who was taken to Bravil by Arvela. Arvela changed her name to Marilesa and joined the Mages Guild. A year later she married a Dunmer man named Tolvele Sathendas in the city, and they have raised Seryne together ever since. Only she and Tadrose know the true circumstances of Seryne's birth. Tyrela took the name Tadrose, and never told her family she was going to Bravil. Taking a circuitrous route, she has done her best to make sure her family have no idea who she really is. But she is still afraid they might someday find her, and that is why she is not raising her daughter herself. To protect her, she is letting Arvela/Marilesa raise Seryne as her own, never to know that Tadrose is her real mother and what her actual heritage is.

There Tadrose joined the Fighter's Guild and learned to fight, so that she would never be helpless again. In time she became an armourer as well. She completely throws herself into her work, as it takes her mind off what happened. Her only escape is that she usually takes her lunch near the Lucky Lady statue, where she watches Seryne and the other children play. She will have nothing to do with men thanks to what happened. Still, in spite of all of this she remains a friendly, and generally positive person. She is glad that she can at least still be near her daughter and watch her grow up, and most of all that she will be safe.

In combat Tadrose wears a full suit of Elven armour and carries a Claymore of Flames named Anganar "Forge" (Elven Claymore as base plus fire damage), and her boots have the Water-Walking ability. She know the Apprentice Level Restoration spell - Heal Major Wounds, and the Apprentice Level Alteration spell Defend (shield 15%), an Apprentice level Lightning Bolt, and an Apprentice level Recharge Item. She does not have a great deal of magicka however, and using any of these spells depletes most of her energy. As a Dunmer she has Fire Resistance of 75%, but as she has changed her name and renounced her family, she cannot summon an ancestor guardian spirit. She was born under the Lady birthsign, giving her heightened endurance and willpower. As an elf, she has her period only twice a year, on the solstices.

Tadrose's room at the Fighters Guild
The Dunmer's chamber contained the same, plain furnishings that all of their rooms did. There was a bed, dresser, mirrored wash basin, and combination dressing table and desk. Her elven armor grew from an arming rack in one corner, and Anganar was sheathed beside it. There was little else however. The walls were bare of adornment, but for a single low bookcase packed with worn volumes. A ceramic vase stood atop it, sprouting bright yellow flax. Alongside it lay a bared arming sword of ordinary grey steel. Its handle was wrapped in pewter wire, and its pommel was a simple disc of metal. The single window in the room faced west, and through it Teresa could see the lowering sun filling the mountains with red and orange light.

Vincent Galien
Vincent Galien is a 19 year old Breton male with long, wavy brown hair and brown eyes at the Bravil FG. He was born on the 22nd of Last Seed (August) 4E414 He is one of the only surviving members of the Bruma campaign, although he had only joined the guild shortly before that. He is a light-hearted person and likes to joke and otherwise act the fool. In battle he wears a full suit of steel armor and shield, and carries a fine steel longsword. Out of battle he wears a Forester's tunic, huntsman's pants, and pigskin shoes.

He knows the Novice level Restoration spell Heal Minor Wounds. As a Breton he has a Resistance to Magic at 50%. He was born under the Warrior birthsign, giving him a bonus to his strength and endurance.

Vincent's bad jokes:
Two ogres are eating a jester, one looks to the other and says "does this taste funny to you?"
Why was the werewolf arrested in the butchers shop? He was chop-lifting.
Which monster eats the fastest? The goblin.
What do you call a mosquito in a tin suit? A bite in shining armour.
Why do vampires have no friends? Because they're a pain in the neck.
What do vampires cross the sea in? Blood vessels.
A blind rabbit and a blind snake ran into each other on the road one day. The snake reached out, touched the rabbit and said, "You're soft and fuzzy and have floppy ears. You must be a rabbit." The rabbit reached out, touched the snake and said, "You're slimy, beady-eyed and low to the ground. You must be a conjuration teacher."
How do wraith's like their eggs? Terror fried.
Why did the troll eat candles? For a light snack.
What do you get if you cross a troll with a cat? A town that is free of dogs.

Tavian is the FG porter in Bravil. He is a teen Imperial boy who is anxious to grow up and become a hero. Pappy and the other fighters have taken him under their wing and are teaching him the trade, and keeping him out of trouble. He wears a green wool shirt, light brown linen pants, and pigskin shoes.

Storm-Tail is a male Argonian at the Bravil FG. He was born on the 12th of Sun's Dawn (February), under the sign of the Serpent. He is a new recruit of the Bravil FG. He wears a suit of elven armor and shield and wields a Akaviri Katana, all of which belonged to his father. It is an enchanted Akavari Warblade, damaging health, fatigue, and magicka. Out of combat he wears a Forester's shirt, black pants, and cowhide shoes. His father was a member of the Bravil FG who died at Bruma. Storm-Tail is trying to live up to his father's name and be someone that he would be proud of

At the beginnng of the story he knows the Novice level Illusion spell Illuminate (Light in a 10' radius). As an Argonian he has a resistance to disease, is immune to poison, and can breathe water. Born under the serpent, he can poison others on touch.

Chance is a male Redguard at the Bravil FG. He is also a new recruit in the Bravil FG. He is young, and stowed away on a ship from Sentinel in Hammerfell seeking adventure. He wound up in Bravil with no money and no where to go, so he joined the FG. In battle he wears steel armor and an orcish shield and carries a Dwemer mace named Ncharcasti. Out of battle he first wears a dark shirt, black pants, and cowhide shoes. Later when he gets money he upgrades to a burgandy linen outfit. As his name implies, Chance is a gambler, and will bet on nearly anything. He also has a very high Luck attribute, although things do not always go his way.

Being from Sentinel originally, Chance's family were Lhotunic (progressive followers of King Lhotun - ). His father Destri was a warrior in the King's service. Basically just a grunt. He was stationed in Dak'Fron, which is on Sentinel's border, at the edge of the Alik'r Desert. Ayaan-si, High Prophet of Elinhir, had called upon the True Crowns of the north to rebel against Lhotun, and financed a number of forays against the borders in Bergama and Dak'fron. He also stirred up dissent in Dak'Fron itself, resulting in a group of protesters haranguing a lone Redguard warrior guarding a supply depot in the evening. A Lhotonic officer saw what was happening, and took more men to reinforce the lone soldier. Destri was one of them. Things turned ugly, and the crowd began throwing stones. No one is sure who struck first, but in the end the protestors were massacred, with thriteen dead and twice that seriously wounded.

Afterward the city was on the verge of exploding into rebellion, and it was called the Dak'Fron Massacre. To keep the peace, King Lhotun ordered a scapegoat. Destri, unliked by his captain, was picked. He was summarily tried and convicted of murder and inciting a riot, and was scheduled for public execution in Dak'Fron. However, his old compatriots did not like what was happening, and broke him out of the prison the night before his execution. He only had time to give one a quick word to pass along to his family. Then he fled into the desert, taking with him his Dwemer mace - Ncharcasti - which had been a family heirloom since the days of Cyrus.

He knows no spells at the beginning of the story, as as a Redguard he resists disease and poison at 75%. He also has the adrenaline rush power that he can use once per day to fortify his strength, speed, endurance, and agility by 50 points each. He was born on the 4th of Last Seed (August), making his birthsign The Warrior.

Chance is popular with women, and has even been known to date two of them on the same night, at the same time. However, he keeps going back to one girl, Eutropia, who is a chambermaid in the castle. He will never admit that he loves her though.

Ancodil is a 19 year old male orc at the Bravil FG. He was born on the 18th of Sun's Dusk (November) 3E414. Unlike other orcs, he was raised by two Altmer, Eilonwy and Orintur of the Cheydinhal Mages Guild. As an infant he was found on the doorstep of the Cheydinhal Chapel one day, Eilonwy and Orintur took him in and raised him as their own child. As such he has been given an exceedingly good education, and is a refined gentleman through and through. He greatly enjoys poetry, plays, music, and dancing. He is even learning to play the lute (although not especially good at the beginning). He has absolutely no talent for the use of magic however, much to the disappointment of his parents. He did learn he has a talent for something however. Crushing things. At over 6'6'' tall and a mountain of muscle, he carries a Warhammer of Rending (Elven Warhammer- disentegrate armor) that is named Persuader ("Lambercuru" in elvish). and a Stalwart Cuirass (Dwemer Cuirass- Fortify Endurance), plus a regular Dwemer boots, greaves, and gauntlets. Out of combat he commonly wears a blue silk outfit.

He knows no spells and has never been able to successfully cast one, in spite of having spent a semester at the Arcane University. He flunked out. He was a disaster at all forms of spellcasting, and his attempts at alchemy left a horrific odor in the classroom. As an Orc he has a resistance to magic at 25%, and he was also born under the Atronach birthsign, giving him a 50% spell absorption as well.

He owns a horse, a gelding named Glacier. He is a blue roan Bruma Quarter Horse. To help him carry his weight, Ancondil has a saddle enchanted with a Expert level Feather (400 lbs) completely negating his weight.

Valerius Nasica
Valerius is an Imperial male in his mid twenties. He was born on October (Frostfall) the 8th. He has short black hair and black eyes. Valerius is a patrician, his family living in a manor in the Talos Plaza district. As such Valerius himself is a knight, and served at Bruma. After the battle Claudia Vinicianus developed a crush on him. Another patrician whose family was a friend of his own, she was sixteen and convinced she was in love. She tried to run away with him, but he would have no part of it. However, her older brother (and guardian) Flaminius learned they were together and tracked them down. He found the two together and assumed the worst. Valerius took full responsibility, and insisted that he had tried and failed to seduce Claudia in order to protect her honor. Flaminius called him out to a duel, and Valerius refused. Valerius was branded a coward, and blacklisted from high society. Afterward he became a mercenary to make ends meet.

Born under the sign of the Tower, he has natural-inborn armor the equal of leather. In combat he wears a full suit of glass armor, and carries a glass arming sword and shield. He also owns a Friesian gelding named Fidelis "Faithful".

Morghak gra-Durug
Morghak is a 18 year old female orc. She was born on the 17th of Midyear (June) 3E315. She stands six and a half feet tall, and is bound in muscle. Her long, light brown hair is tied back from her head in a braid, and she has the yellow eyes of all orcs. She wears a necklace with a golden eagle pendant (the symbol of Trinimac). In combat, she wears a full suit of Orcish armor and shield. She carries a Dwemer hand axe as her primary weapon, plus two smaller throwing axes.

Morghak is from an Orcish noble family in the Wrothgarians. She grew up in the shadow of her older sister Urzoth, who was her mother's favorite. Everything that Urzoth did was always right, and everything Morghak did was always second best (at least so it seemed to her). Finally when Urzoth was made a knight in Gortwog's court, she could take no more of it. Running away from home, she made her way to Cyrodiil by chance as much as anything else. Like other orcs from Nova Orsinium, she follows the ancient elven god Trinimac (not Malacath).

There she became a gladiator in the Arena, rising to become one of the top seeds. It was there that she met Agronak gro-Malog, and the two fell in love. He entrusted her with finding the proof of his noble birth in the ancient castle of Crowhaven. Instead she discovered an Imperial who was a vampire, and killed him. She discovered a journal in the Lord of the castle's bedroom, and took it back with her, hoping it might have some clues to Agronak's birth. It explained more than she had bargained for. The vampire had been Lord Lovidicus, the master of the castle, and Agronak's father. Morghak did not know what to do, and went to Ysabel for advice, telling her everything and showing her the journal. Ysabel advised her to destroy it, and never say a word. Morghak agreed, and told Agronak that she found nothing in the old castle. However, a Redguard gladiator named Sulesa was eavesdropping on the converation with Ysabel. She stole the journal while Morghak slept, and gave it to Agronak. Afterward he became despondant and suicidal, and Sulesa challenged him for the championship. They fought on Frostfall (October) the 23rd. Agronak did not put up a fight, and let her kill him in the Arena, making Sulesa the new champion. Morghak immediately challenged her to a duel.

They fought on 30th of Frostfall (October) during the Emperor's Birthday celebration. Morghak won, and killed Sulesa with a combination of blows that first disarmed her, then delivered the coup de grace immediately afterward. This gave her the nickname 'Avenger'. It also created a controversy that the fight should have stopped before she killed Sulesa.

Afterward, Morghak was directionless. She had never mourned Agronak, as she had been too consumed by revenge. But killing Sulesa gave her no sense of catharsis. She only felt empty and numb. She quit the Arena the next day. The Arena managment decided not to investigate her killing of Sulesa, as they felt it would be bad for the business. Not knowing what to do with her life, and quickly becoming frustrated and overwhelmed by her fans in the Imperial City, she got on the first ship in the Waterfront. It turned out to be a packet bound for Bravil. She arrived a day later (4th Sun's Dusk - November), and went to the Fighters Guild looking for work.

As an Orc she has a resistance to magic at 25%. Also since she was born under the sign of the Steed, she has increased speed, endurance, health, and athletics.
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So Pappy was in Julian's Legion in Skyrim! No wonder she knew of his Grass Crown when she spoke to him at Bruma!

My Demon Spawn of Satan kitty cat (ironically named Trinity after the Holy Three) adored that last joke of Vincent's: What do you get if you cross a troll with a cat? A town that is free of dogs. His response was "Hell, YEAH!"

Grits, what a good idea to list all of the characters in Jerric's story as a separate post so it's there for quick reference. I haven't needed to do it so much for OHDH, but I might need to do so for my next one (which is about half-done and shaping up nicely, if I may say so).
I'm not sure if this little episode belongs on this thread, but it's definitely a stand-alone piece that doesn't fit anywhere else!

The inspiration for this bit of silliness was that I was testing some of the Devilish and Divine mod. That borrows a lot from Vilja in features, and a major one is the companion commentary on events. As part of that, there's a complex script involving an invisible headless dead sheep and a lot of checks on the current cell, active quests etc. Mine gets even more complicated than Vilja's because there are two companions, and sometimes they talk to each other, and sometimes to the player.

Anyhow, instead of them saying "Help, my script is broken" or something sensible as a default, they say ...


"My hovercraft is full of eels," said Diablita

We were all preparing to swim back across to the island with the strange door to the Shivering Isles, so it seemed a totally appropriate thing for one of them to say.

I mean, we've met that Tove the Unrestful in New Sheoth, and "Hovercraft" describes what he's trying to make pretty well, but what in Oblivion are "Eels"? OK, it was Diablita that said it, and we still haven't worked out where her race originates, so maybe it's part of the folk-lore that her mother passed down. Judging by Tove's description of how his boat will work, I guess it/they must be some kind of caliper. Is it a pair of eels, like you have a pair of calipers, even though there's only one? Can you click them together, and go places?

It still didn't make a lot of sense, but I think that the Shivering Isles are beginning to affect the sisters. Some of the things they've been saying have been a bit wistful, and perhaps she was thinking of poor Tove when she said that. If we did have a boat like he's trying to make, we wouldn't have had to swim. Mind you, a regular boat would have been enough, without it flying, too.

What was it Tove said when we met him?

Sorry. I keep forgetting that most people don't remember when we'll meet in the future. Wait, this is yesterday's future. I'm the one that's confused. Anyway, you're going to help me find calipers and tongs. No point in denying it. You've already agreed tomorrow

Diablita acted like she understood what he meant. Maybe she did, and she was talking about the time when Tove had succeeded and she had one of his contraptions. Which would be in the future, and she'd be remembering that.

Maybe there are eels inthe future. We'll ask Sontaire about it when we get there. She seems to get along with Diablita quite well, although she just hates Angeline, for some reason. I'd rather ask her than Tove. Talking to him leaves me with a headache. And she sees Tove every day, so maybe she can interpret for us.

Of course, Sontaire's got her strange side, too. Just about everyone in Bliss does. It's just that hers makes sense, even if she does take it a bit too far. Silanu would understand her perfectly, if she was making a business out of it, but I guess it's just a hobby for her. Anyway, if anyone knows what eels are, I'm sure it's Sontaire!
rollinglaugh.gif If she said her hovercraft was full of eels immediately after the swim, I’d really be worried! Water-walking rings for everyone! tongue.gif
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Love the nonsense dialog. biggrin.gif
In an attempt to organize my scribblings I have written up a few things about Jerric's Tamriel. The task of presenting them falls to Darnand. I'll update as we go through the story. As always please feel free to post anything at all in this thread. smile.gif


Appendix One: The People of Jerric's World

Appendix Two: Terms and Expressions

Appendix Three: A Map of Game Quests Within Jerric's Story

Appendix Four: Geography

Appendix Five: Timeline

Appendix Two: Terms and Expressions

In Which Grits Slaughters the Languages of Tamriel

First, a note about languages: Since TEV 4 Oblivion takes place in Cyrodiil, I’ve made the assumption that everyone is speaking Cyrodilic unless otherwise remarked upon in the text. That means that everyone’s English words are meant to be Cyrodilic, just translated into English. So words and phrases (made-up and otherwise) in languages other than Cyrodilic are written in italics, since they are a different language from the rest of the text.

Where I couldn’t find clues in lore, I have completely guessed about how Tamriel’s languages are supposed to sound. If anything is an actual naughty word in some language, oops. Also, I just added things here as the characters described them, so some weirdness will occur. For example when Lildereth described Valenwood’s silverbark trees, she did not give their name in Bosmeris. So the silverbark tree appears as a Cyrodilic term, even though the trees are native to Valenwood. As always, comments and discussion are welcome. smile.gif


Duwoh el E: Early spring, the second of five seasons; the time of empty bellies.

Furibari: Evil spirits.

Gin-jiru: Silverbark tree, a gigantic tree native to Valenwood. Capable of some communication with Bosmeri tree-shapers.

Mudin-ta: Insult, one who wastes things.

Nunkadai: Tribal concept, “I am because we are.”

Shen shi nui: Insult, stupid or insensitive person. Literally “an elderly sloth’s anus.”


Diggerbee: Ground-nesting, parasitic wasp. Adult size four inches in length.

Drum-belly spider: ambush predator found in caves and ruins. Bites and spits venom. Can take an adult Bosmer, but not a Nord.

Kahve: A dark, stimulating beverage brewed from ground, roasted beans and served just under the boil. Yep, you guessed it.

Mothwood trees: understory, pink spring flowers.

Northern Sunshine: A dry, hoppy lager brewed in Bruma.

Sawnut trees: understory, white spring flowers.

Silverbark tree: A gigantic tree native to Valenwood. Capable of some communication with Bosmer tree-shapers.

Skitt: Excrement.

Terramancy: The magic of soil, rock, and mineral including its shaping on a large scale. Terramancers range from practitioners of simple miners’ magic to hermits who some say commune with the very Earth Bones.

Treerat: Arboreal, herbivorous rodent native to Cyrodiil. Picture a Kaibab squirrel with a body as long as Jerric’s forearm.


Sommehlel: imbeciles.


Akkvit: Winterhold whiskey.

Fikken Orkey: an exclamation meaning one has received unwelcome or uncomfortable attention from Old Knocker, used like “We’re screwed.”

Koocha: lady parts.

Salj: Dry, granular snow.


Ran alai: small cake of sweetened cheese in a slimy white sauce (Jerric’s description).

Rota chatapay: crispy fried vegetable roll.

That Shen shi nui's Koocha has Treerats!
ROFL! Holy skitt, pass the akkvit!
Is that Treerat Skitt on that Ran alai or are those raisens?
What a treat! Another guide to Jerric’s world. Your surrounding context in Jerric’s tale has made the meaning of many of these fun words already clear - testimony to your superb storytelling skill. goodjob.gif

Buffy's gonna have to start packing a Nord along to keep those Bosmer-eating spiders at bay! biggrin.gif
For Aravi, a little scene from between the worlds:


Darkness had fallen early as it did in Evening Star. Three friends gathered to share the warmth of each other’s company in a fire-lit study. The Breton sat bent over correspondence. The Nord paced the floor with more speed and vigor than a small chamber should allow. The Bosmer perched on the hearth, wine goblet in hand and feet drawn up out of the way. She watched her friend with some amusement. Jerric thought best with his entire body in motion.

“You’re wearing out the carpet,” Lildereth observed.

“Do not attempt to ease his mind,” said Darnand. “The wind from his passing helps my ink to dry.”

Jerric stopped in his tracks. “Say, if it’s more wind you need, I could—”

“No!” cried the elf before he could rearrange his trousers. “I’ve already cracked the window. If we open it any more it might snow in here. You knew we were going to be indoors tonight! Why must you eat the food they put out in taverns? Spicy bean dip and cabbage rolls, for the love of Mara!”

“So, no lentil soup for dinner?”

Lildereth snorted. Jerric resumed his march.

“It’s nearly Saturalia,” he finally said.

Darnand did not reply. Lildereth gave him enquiring eyebrows.

The Nord sounded exasperated. “Well, is someone going to have a party? Will Aravi be able to make it? I’m not sure if I should send her gift, or wait and hope that we see her. I should have thought of this before. I know she likes to swim, and wet fur won’t keep her warm.” He tugged a fistful of hair in agitation. “I don’t know what to do.”

“Well,” said Lildereth, “first you should show me what you got her.”

Jerric produced a small package.

“Oh how lovely!” Lildereth exclaimed. “You chose this yourself?”

Jerric grinned. “Yep. And I enchanted it.”

That got Darnand’s attention. “You enchanted something? Let me see. A Frost Shield charm! This is a strong enchantment. How did you...?”

Jerric flushed. “Uh...”

Darnand’s face turned white. His eyes bugged out. “You used a Sigil Stone?!”

Lildereth plucked the chain from Darnand’s hands and held it against herself. “I’m glad you got her gold instead of silver. Wait a moment, Jerric, this isn’t a necklace.”

The Nord hitched up his trousers. “Belly chain.”

Now Darnand looked flushed.

“That’s hot,” said Lildereth.

“I know. I tried to use two moons, but it looked like a pair of bosoms.”

Darnand found his voice. “Then you could have called it the Belly Chain of I Hope to See You Naked.”

Lildereth snorted. “That part goes without saying.”

Jerric coiled the chain carefully in its box. “I’ll send it to her today. Darnand, you can write the note for me. Elf, you pour us some more wine. I’ll sit down so the dog will come back in here.” Jerric plopped to the floor with a crash. “Ulfe! Come here, girl. It’s safe now.” He looked up after a few moments of lolling with the hound. “Come on you two, get busy. Who’s ready for dinner?”

For Aravi,

Belly Chain of the Icy Dip

IPB Image

From your friends, with great affection.
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OMG I love it Grits! Icy Dip laugh.gif I can see Lildereth holding it and realizing it's not a necklace.

“That’s hot,” said Lildereth.

Thank you very much Grits. You know I've got my eye out on Nexus for it.
Speaking for an elf who has been similarly gifted by Jerric with a toe ring of resist frost, I can imagine how thrilled Aravi must be! She is definitely a belly chain kitty and Jerric is so thoughtful to realize that not everyone is as frost proof as he. As brief as this written delight was, the terrific trio of friends plus super pooch each benefited from the magic quill of dear Grits to fully display their unique charms. happy.gif

What a beautiful gift, and congratulations to the lucky Aravi!

IPB Image

Hey, how come Buffy and Aravi both got presents for Saturalia and I got squat again? Not just the toe ring, Jerric gave Buffy some kind of Naked Juices potion too! Do I have to sing for a present around here?

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