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Thomas Kaira

And yes, it hails from the Motherland, so that means Russian dialogue this time around. tongue.gif
King Coin
I've seen that trailer before somewhere. I specifically remember the tower sticking out of the water with the horses walking on it.

I probably won't get to play it with Skyrim due in a few months.

EDIT: looks awesome though
EDIT2x: F---! That spider
haute ecole rider
Is it a complete overhaul on the order of Nehrim? Or more an immersion overhaul like OOO but with its own storyline.

Looks like they're trying to fill in the gap between the Avatar of Akatosh closing shut the Jaws of Oblivion forever and the Dragons of the North waking up (if I have the opening of Skyrim right).

The graphics look awesome. Not so sure about the spiders though.

Not to be released on Steam, I hope ;-P
King Coin
Looks like an overhaul like Nehrim to me, but I'm sure TK will get back to us on that wink.gif
Thomas Kaira
It is a Total Conversion. It's a brand new game built on Oblivion's engine and assets.
haute ecole rider
Darn it! Where am I going to find time to play it, let alone Nehrim!!! blink.gif
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