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4E 283
• The last Dragonborn dies
-Funeral hosted in the city of Windhelm
-Buried in The Temple of Jorrvaskr
• The Third Aldmeri Dominion rises to power
-Jarl Irileth the Wise is killed
• The Kingdom of Whiterun is taken by the Aldmeri
• The Rangers of Daggerfall are asked for assistance by the Companions( Now Warrior Monks)
4E 284
• The Stormcloak Empire is destroyed when Jarl Odar Stormcloak is killed by the Aldmeri
• The death of Odar Stormcloak triggers the Second Great War
-Battle of Haafingar outside of Solitude. Aldmeri are victorious
-Battle of Solitude at the Blue Palace. Aldmeri are victorious
-Battle of The Reach at Markarth. Daggerfall Rangers are victorious.
• The Alik’r are added to the cause, now having an army of Companions, Rangers, and the Alik’r
-Battle of Whiterun Plains. Lasts for a Fort Night. Aldmeri are successful.
-The Dawnguard join the cause of the “rebels”
• The Treaty of Praxa is signed forming the Tamrielic Union, or just the Union. The Union consisted of The Daggerfall Rangers, the Companions, The Alik’r, and the Dawnguard.
• Battle of Eastmarch and Pale. Windhelm and Dawnstar are taken from what’s left of Stormcloaks. As the Aldmeri are slaughtering the people, the Union miraculously comes and destroys the Aldmeri in these two locations.
• The Solitude March takes place. The Union travels from Windhelm to Solitude. They are attacked by Aldmeri Agents several times, but their size was too large and obliterated any Aldmeri in their way. It takes 4 days and 3 nights to arrive.
-At Solitude the Union have come to realize that the city is completely destroyed. No people, no Aldmeri, no survivors. The Blue Palace has fallen into the sea. Realizing all of Skyrim will fall to this fate, The Union heads to Whiterun immediately.
• March to Whiterun. Lasts 2 nights, 1 day.
-The Union splits when the Daggerfall Rangers return to High Rock. Nobody in Skyrim knows why they left. This leaves the rest of the Union weak but they commence the battle anyway
• Whiterun is beginning to suffer the same fate as the Solitude
-The Union composes a plan. The Companions would go into the Underforge, in the sewers, to return the Dragonborn. The Alik’r would hit the front gate causing a distraction. Finally, the Dawnguard would go to the back and raise the ladders on the walls. From there they were told this (actual quote from General Tolfdirr Battle-Born):
“Men, Women. All of us here today are probably being beckoned to Sovngarde. If we all die today, know this… You are the true heroes of Skyrim. You are the true heroes of Tamriel. You are the heroes of the World. So go! Follow the plan! If it doesn’t work… Improvise. Do what you must to bring back the FATHERLAND!”
• The Siege of Whiterun. The biggest battle of the Second Great War until then. Lasts for 7 nights
-The first night, most of the Aldmeri are killed. The fourth night the Union had managed to get to the Gildergreen (Center of Whiterun with the tree). Enemies had begun to surround them, but then the Companions emerged from the Underforge, with the Dragonborn. The Undead Dragonborn shouted its way through the hordes of elves. He then evaporated into the wind. Now almost all the Aldmeri were destroyed. The seventh night they climbed the steps of Dragonreach and killed the Aldmeri leader.
This ended the fourth era

5E 0 (The fifth era is also known as the Daedric Era)
• A week after the The Siege of Whiterun had occurred Daedric creatures had begun to appear everywhere.
• The Tamrielic Union is destroyed when the Daedra Outbreak happens.

(So far that's all I got)
Dont hate or anything I just need feedback so tell me if it's lore friendly for a type of fan fiction thing or roleplay.
It was not long after this that she happened across Coldshort's Company. She had no caps, no clothes, and no weapons, so she decided to try her luck robbing them while they rested. Laura caught her, and instead of turning her in to the Regulators, suggested that she pay off her debts by working with the mercs as a scout.
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Honey, this was made last year.
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The night of the Living Thread!
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