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Okay... first of all, I'm fairly new to this website and I've only posted a few topics. Also, I've been reading alot of the roleplay section, which brings me to my next point. Before you sign up for this thing, know this: If you drop out of my Roleplay sanctum, I will have Astrid send a Dark Brotherhood initiate to stick a dagger, covered in Frosbite Venom, straight up your butt. Okay, now that you know the consequences of dropping out, here's the sign up sheet. There can only be five roleplayers so hurry to sign up now. Oh right, the sign up sheet.

Character's name:
Character's age:
Your age (Dont want babbys on here):
Character's race:
Character's weapon of choice (only two, arrows dont count)
To confirm you're not a robot, write this down. I hereby claim myself to the Daggerfall Covenant.:
Colonel Mustard
I've got some time free now the summer's rolling around and this looks like it might be fun, so I'll sign up for this, if I may. I'll be thinking of a character and so forth, but to prove that I am not a robot, I'll make this declaration of yours: I hereby claim my inferior, flawed, disease-ridden organic self to the Daggerfall Covenant of disgusting organic beings, of which I am one, and totally not a robot. That idea is a ridiculous paranoid one that could only be thought of by organic beings like myself who are often prone to mental instability, unlike robots, which are obviously superior to us organics due to their far firmer grasp on reality.

Are there any particular stipulations you wish to insist on for characters, by the way? Because I've got an idea for an Imperial with a sort of symbiotic relationship with an sentient Dwemer-made artificial arm that occasionaly possesses him, and I figured I should check if that's not a bit out there.
The Solo Rollo
Now that I'm back, I want to get back into roleplays again, and this one sounds like it could be fun! I'm in!

Name: Gabriel Bierles
Age: 32
My age:18
Race: Breton
Weapons of choice:A frost enchanted crossbow and an ebony dagger

I hereby claim myself to the Daggerfall Covenant.
You know what never been in one of these so I'll sign up for it.

Name: Grollshang, 'Shang' for short. His name was once Lorian Halfking.
Age: 25
My age: 18
Race: Nord
Weapons of choice: His bare hands. Or claws, depending on his mood.

I hereby claim myself to the Daggerfall Covenant.
Colonel Mustard
Eh, whatever, I'll go for it anyway.

Name: Lucius Solant/Mranchazllit
Age: 29/not quite certain. Definitely very, very old, and probably from around the time of the disappearance of the Dwemer.

My age: 18
Race: Imperial/Dwemer Animunculi
Weapons of choice: Dwemer short sword, built into his left arm, which is itself extremely strong, durable and well armoured (this arm is Mranchazllit, the concsciouness that inhabits it and shares its conciousness and control with Lucius.

Never done this so here it goes:

Name: Khan

Age: 25

Race: Khajiit (Snow Leopard)

Weapons of choice: Dwemer and Silver Greatswords

My Age: 14

I hereby claim myself to the Daggerfall Covenant
Elisabeth Hollow
This is over a year old.

Don't forget to check the dates of the original and last posts.
QUOTE(Elisabeth Hollow @ Aug 12 2013, 05:41 PM) *

This is over a year old.

Don't forget to check the dates of the original and last posts.

Oh. Well.
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