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Intestinal Chaos
Hey there, big problem here. IGN acquired planetelderscrolls and ruined the database. Many of my favorite mods were lost, including Vampire's Embrace, which has no alternate downloads anywhere else. I was reinstalling Morrowind after a few years and hoping somebody on here had it.
Intestinal Chaos
Nevermind. Found an obscure link on a half-dead website.
I have a quick question for the forums. Was playing Oblivion tonight and my character was up against some vampires. She ran outside of a cave, a vampire followed, even though it was daylight outside. It never occurred to me how ironic this situation is.

So I went looking for a mod at Nexus that introduces sunlight damage to NPC vamps. ... and of course, there is none. Lots of "Your character can now go in the sun without damage!" mods, lots of cosmetic touches, but nothing that makes NPCs squirm & die in the sun. THIS is what I want. If my vamps are going to take sun damage, I think that NPC vamps should see the same.

I doubt you all know of any such mod, but I thought I'd ask anyways. One of these days I'm going to learn the CK, and then I'll hopefully be able to make my own mods, but that day is pretty far in the future right now.
Anybody ... anybody .. Bueller?

Sorry, I have never even heard of this one. I was never big on vampire mods.
Hey, that's okay. Thanks for getting back to me.

I didn't see this thread earlier but luckily I still have a mod that makes NPC vampires susceptible to sun damage. It was hosted on some modding site that I discovered in 2008/09 but that site doesn't exist anymore. The mod worked for me when I used it for the last time so it should be compatible with any edition you have.

NPC Vampire Sun Damage
Wow, that's beautiful! Thanks man! excl.gif

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