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Hello! Here you can show off and share your characters from your games and stories! This is mostly for Skyrim characters, though if they were used in Oblivion or the older games, that's fine too! Write their habits, their choice of weapons, personalities, magical abilities and history!

Character Sheet(doesn't have to be the exact same as below):






Home Country:

Faction and Rank or Guilds(if none, tell us what they do for a living):

Faction Description:


Class Description:

Skills and talents:

Physical Appearance:



Weapons of preference:



Magic abilities or powers:

Mental Profile/Personality:

Biography/Life History:

King Of Beasts

Race:Nord werewolf


Age: 23

Sign: Warrior

Home Country: Cyrodiil

Faction and Rank or Guilds(if none, tell us what they do for a living): Dark Brother hood(listener) College Of Winterhold(Arch-Mage) Thieves Guild(Guild Master) Companions(Harbinger), works as a hunter also.

Faction Description: The Dark Brotherdhood: An Assassin's guild. College of Winterhold: A guild for mages. Companions: A fighters guild Thieve's Guild: A guild for thieves

Class: Spellsword

Class Description: More nimble than the battlemage, can wield spells as well as swords as a deadly weapon.

Skills and talents: Master of all skills, and is the dovahkiin. Had a " tongue of silver" Nothing can kill him. He saved the world twice. He's a master thief, and is so good at sneaking, he is practically one with the shadows. Has the ability to summon a dragon. He's the most powerful man in all of Tamriel.

Physical Appearance: Tall and Muscular. Short black beard and short black hair. Scar

Eyes: Ice Blue

Build: Heavyweight (maximum weight limit)

Weapons of preference: Dragon Bone or Stahlrim Greatsword or long sword. Must be enchanted

Clothing: vampire royal armor and vampire boots; mourners clothes

Miscellaneous: Knows all of the shouts, is a werewolf, is married with two children

Magic abilities or powers: Master of all arcane arts (except necromancy) Can manipulate the weather, and breathe fire.

Mental Profile/Personality: Cold and merciless, except with his family. Wise for his age, and a hero.

Biography/Life History: Abused and neglected as a child, Scar's parents preferred his older brother Hjalti Strong-Arm. He learned most of his skills by self-training. As a teen, scar got into a lot of trouble, and was sent to jail for theft many times. While his older brother was growing into the city's hero and being loved by everyone, Scar was loathed by the citizens of the Imperial City. His name was originally Ulfric the unworthy, but he changed it to Scar when his brother struck him across his left eye with a dagger out of anger, and it left a scar. At age 23, Feeling alone and neglected, Scar left Cyrodiil to travel to his ancestor's homeland, and was caught crossing the border by an ambush of imperial soldiers, who were waiting for the stormcloaks. He was brought to Helgen for his execution, and unknowingly to Scar, he would one day save the world from Alduin world-eater.
King Coin
Great idea LL! This is fun.

Name: Aravi

Race: Khajiit

Gender: Female

Age: Older than 20, less than 30

Sign: Uses Lord in Skyrim

Home Country: Unknown

Faction and Rank or Guilds(if none, tell us what they do for a living): Dawnguard – Vampire hunter? Companions – technically harbinger, but she isn’t very involved with that.

Skills and talents: Light armor, dual swords. Quick on her feet and fairly sneaky. There isn’t a lock that she can’t pick if she has the time to really work at it. She has the power of the Thuum. Lesser talents in archery, smithing, and various non-destructive magic schools. Dabbles in alchemy.

Physical Appearance: Short but thick fur with white leopard pattern. Scar on right cheek under eye.

Eyes: Green

Build: Small and slim, all muscle. Built like a runner.

Weapons of preference: Short swords

Clothing: Wears her armors most of the time, but when she isn’t, she generally wears something clean, in good repair, but nothing very showy or flashy. She prefers the blacksmith apron or one of the simple dresses. Will not wear shoes or boots.

Magic abilities or powers: The Thuum, along with Restoration, Alteration, and Illusion. She is a werewolf.

Mental Profile/Personality: She has a strong sense of what is right or wrong. She generally follows the law, but will break it if she feels it is the right thing to do. Will not steal or murder. She has problems with killing some obvious enemies by first calming them with a spell, then attacking them. She will sometimes reveal herself to be sure that someone is an enemy and not a fellow adventurer. She has gotten over that somewhat and tries to sneak close enough to verify. Often leads to open fights anyways.

Biography/Life History: She began her life on the road with her parents. They were a part of a traveling caravan. When she was still a child, they were attacked by slavers, captured, and sold in Morrowind. Her father may or may not be still alive; she didn’t see him after the attack. She was separated from her mother after a couple of years when she was resold. She worked for a cruel Dunmer for several years before she was sold again. She was freed in transit to the new master when someone killed all of the guards and released her. She made her way to Cyrodiil as quick as she could on foot. After that she worked several different jobs before she became closely involved with a small vampire hunting organization. As she fought and killed vampires, she became incurably infected with their disease. She could keep it at bay with potions, but it was slowly winning. Horrified, she tried to find a way to be rid of it. A healer suggested she go to Skyrim, where the cold may at least slow down the disease. She went and found her body better able to resist, but still not cured. She got work at the Companions and eventually was offered their gift: lycanthrope. She accepted when she learned it would rid her of the vampire taint. Lycanthrope hasn’t been an easy burden and she would very much like to cure it, except that she relies on it to protect her from vampirism. This is still unresolved.
Lady Saga
Ahhh, yes here we go.

Name: Lord Haaf-Mersey

Status: Semi-Retired

Race: Breton, with a little bit of Nord mixed in.

Gender: prettyboy hehe.gif

Age: 29-ish

Dragonborn?: NO. I added this one, I like to RP this. No DB nonsense with any of my characters so far.

Sign: Earth sign is Scorpio, in-game it's Warrior I think

Alignment: Lawful Good

Home: Lakeview Manor (Hearthfire)

Spouse: 'Motormouth' Mjoll the Lioness

Home Country: Cyrodiil

Faction and Rank or Guilds: Dawnguard, and some occasional mercenary work. To further supplement his income in his early days, he occasionally chopped wood if he happened to have a Woodcutter's Axe.

Faction Description: Hunts vampires. Takes down bandits. LHM has also joined Companions and the College. But he did not like what's needed to become one of the "inner circle" of Companions, and he merely joined the College to fatten up his spellbook.

Class: Crusader / Fighter

Class Description: LHM is in service to The Nine. I try to use Earth-like crusader traits here and there as I RP with LHM. He likes to "spread the word" of The Nine, for instance. By force, if necessary. kvleft.gif

Skills and talents: Courtly Graces, Charisma, Sword, Shield, Heavy Armor, Warrior, Horsemanship.

Physical Appearance: You mean this?

Eyes: blue

Build: muscular, but slender.

Weapons of preference: sword & board.

Clothing: mostly middle-class clothing when he has a day "off". His mentor Dyan phor a Cauz mostly wore peasant's clothing in towns, but LHM chooses not to do this since he's so vain.

Armor: I added this one. LHM wears mostly heavy armor, and only occasionally wears a helmet. Otherwise, he'll wear a circlet on his head that boosts magicka.

Miscellaneous: LHM is omnivorous, and has an occasional bottle of wine while having dinner. But he never "drinks and dives", he never goes dungeon-diving or adventuring while drinking. LHM is one of my few fighter-type characters who likes to read. He will actually sit down in an inn and read a book occasionally. He also tries to spend as many Sundases as he can "in contemplation of The Nine", which means if he's in a village on a Sundas, he will seek out that village's chapel or house of worship (if it has one) and spend the bulk of the day in this chapel or place of worship.

Magic abilities or powers: LHM focuses strongly on healing magics, Candlelight, armor spells, and has recently been trying his hand at Calm spells (with certain NPCs whom he tries to give a chance at redemption) and Fear spells (occasional aggressive animals).

Mental Profile/Personality: my Crusader is a holier-than-thou type, who tries to do "good" works. He is self-righteous but not really arrogant. He is strong mentally, and a heterosexual but metrosexual man. (A metrosexual is a hetero who has girlish or homosexual tendencies, perhaps: wearing colonge, flamboyant clothing, etc.)

Biography/Life History: like all my characters, I don't know much about his past. I like to leave this open and sometimes mysterious, learning as I go. LHM seems to have come from a solid, supportive background, and his family probably had some money, but nothing over the top. LHM seems to have had some military training, and moved to Cyrodiil (initially) because of the Civil War. But now that he's in Skyrim, he does not see a reason to choose either side. He believes in Talos, but does not feel aggression is the answer (aggression against the Imperials, that is).

In the year 202, Lord Haaf-Mersey managed to gain immense fame, after defeating Lord Harkon, the master vampire who had threatened to blot out all natural light over Nirn for good. After this, Haaf-Mersey then settled down near Falkreath, and is mostly inactive.
Great characters! Scar sounds great! And Aravi always has a place in my heart! And Lady, your character makes me think of an African-America older woman tongue.gif. Just because of the name! Hehe!

Name: Vera Castius.

Race: Imperial.

Gender: Female.

Age: Unknown. Appears in her mid twenties.

Sign: The Warrior.

Home Country: Cyrodiil-near the Great Forest.

Faction and Rank or Guilds: Former Fighters Guild and Companions member. Free-lance mercenary and Bounty Hunter/Hitwoman.

Faction Description: Vera first got in touch with the lifestyle of hunting others for profit through the Fighter's Guild, and eventually turned to being a free-lance mercenary with no allegience to any guild. Vera is hired by high-paying employers and she undertakes almost any quest, whether to recover an escaped convict or run-away daughter of a nobleman or tracking down an infamous crime lord through the swamps of Blackwood. She doesn't dwell too much on the morality or sense of "right," and "wrong," when tasked to either capture or kill her target.

Skills and talents: As a mercenary for hire, Vera considered preparation as the key to any quests’ success. Even though she could not foretell the outcome, she tries to minimize the need to improvise on location by always having a plan prepared. Vera wanted everything operated her way, and in that knowledge she holds the belief that there is a chance that someone is always after her, to either slay her or to pose a challenge. This fueled her skill for staying a step ahead of her competition and enemies.

Vera also has a skill of reading people and classifying them into what they may do for a living or what they’re role in life is. She puts considerable effort into analyzing her prey and enemies to locate and take advantage of their flaws. In combat, she has a tremendous streak of guile about her. She possess skills in the various forms of martial arts learned by a fellow Khajiiti warrior in the Fighters Guild. She was well-known for her prowess in battle and was a deadly person with a bow or crossbow in hand. She rarely misses a shot(I am rather good at archery in-game, too tongue.gif).

Physical Appearance: Despite constantly wearing her ebony armor, Vera was a subtle huntress and was dependent much on her efficiency and intelligence as on pure strength and combat prowess. Speaking with a cold, callous voice, but still being recognized as a woman, Vera allowed few to see her face to face and even fewer to truly know her origins, history and family bloodline, giving her persona a mysterious sense and a psychological advantage over her quarries who may have heard about her(in stories).

When Vera took her first steps in her line of work, she was a fresh-faced and beautiful young woman who went to great lengths to keep herself presentable, though it changed when she forced herself to work "anonymously,". Even though she hides her face behind a helmet, Vera is known to those who see her face as very beautiful. When not on the quest, Vera keeps her blond hair loose and down to her shoulders in a savage manner. Her eyes, equal in color as to her hair, sometimes glow in the dark without any visible pupils once the torchlight hits them, which gives away her secret to those who aren't ingnorant.

Eyes: Amber and golden. Sometimes yellow.

Build: Lithe and Athletic.

Weapons of preference: Vera took pride in surrounding herself with only the finest weapons and tools. She carries a dwarven crossbow she personally helped forge at her Estate—which she tipped the bolts with potent paralysis poisons made from various plants and ingredients. She also has a habit of possessing spare weapons, such as smaller daggers and hunting combat knives in which she conceals in her boot(inventory). She also uses a silver bow and arrow from time to time when hunting for food or sport. She also is handy with the blade and blunt weapons, and favors the longsword and axe. Despite being extremely well-equipped, she was not totally dependent on her arsenal. In dire times when waking up naked in the wilderness, Vera makes use of her preternatural instinct for survival and relies on her teeth and nails and sharp mind as weapons.

Clothing: Vera’s armor was made and forged from ebony, allowing it to endure a tremendous deal of damage sans degrading. Her armor also had two shoulder pads which were black in color. The ebony armor also increased protection from flames and intense heat, frost and cold conditions, and among other natural and supernatural elements. Her sharp shoulder pads also allows her to charge and attack her adversaries with a shove of the side, making her armor something beyond the use of defense. Additionally, helmet also served to conceal and preserve her identity from her enemies and foes, who knew her only by gender and not by age or race or physical attributes(eye, hair, skin color). This allowed her fame to be widespread but whispered and mired in rumors and half-truths. Even her employers never truly saw her face, but still hired her due to her reputation.

When not on bounty hunting duty or on a quest, Vera tends to stray away from too much trouble and wears more simple and basic clothing. Though she was born in a very wealthy household, she garbs herself in tattered and peasant clothing as she was never swayed in maintaining a sense of good-fashion as regular women may. This also helped reinforce the idea to strangers that she was a low-class citizen, and could pose no threat, despite her being dangerous than most. When traveling in the mountains or in the forest, she garbs herself in a more primal attire.

Miscellaneous: Vera, since a young age, occasionally likes to read. She carries with her a few books of interest: Physicalities of werewolves, Lycanthropic Legends of Skyrim, The Totems of Hircine. Vera has with her a few set of “special,” rings that are said to be legendary for her particular kind. She also has a journal in which she writes the events of her life for the purpose of leaving it to her children, if she ever has any.

Magic abilities or powers: One of Vera’s many natural weaknesses is that she is not adept in any arcane or magical arts, and when put toe to toe with wizards or mages, she is at a disadvantage. She relies mostly on her physical capabilities and racial and birth powers. Vera still lived her life at extraordinary level; she had enhanced speed, strength and endurance that most would achieve through drinking potions or contracting a life-altering condition/disease. Vera had enough strength to fight off an Orsimer in hand to hand(who’s race are known for their brute strength). Unbeknown to most she comes across with(unless she displays these traits), Vera Castius has an immunity against diseases. She also has natural regenerative powers. She has a supressed aging process due to a Daedric Pact and thus has the appearance and vitality of a woman in her prime physical condition, which would partially explain her presence in the Fourth Era.

Vera also has acute senses that can compare to certain animals; she's able to see objects with tremendous clarity and at great distances compared to an ordinary Imperial. Her sight is enhanced to the degree of even seeing clearly in the dark, almost like a Khajiit or a wolf. Her sense of hearing is the same, allowing her to listen and hear sounds that Man, Mer or even Beastfolk could not. She also can use her well-developed sense of smell to track down prey. With this, she was a gifted huntress, able to track her prey with much success, even if the scent itself had been corrupted or altered by natural factors.

Mental Profile/Personality: Vera was known for being the friendliest child around, and her love and caring attitude was well-known. Though she was by all means a normal child, witnessing her mother’s dead body at a young age was the event that set her mind to near madness. The events following that tragedy and her time in the Asylum due to parental neglect shaped and scarred her life, giving birth to a woman who had a difficult time forming any bonds or laughing out of happiness.

Vera’s earlier adolescent years was filled with death and suffering, so much so that she became desensitized to gruesome sights, death and tragedy and eventually came to be responsible for slayings and questionable acts herself during her stay the Fighter’s Guild. Her personality shifted from a happy, positive child to an angry, bitter and spiteful individual even after she had ran away from an Imperial Asylum she was sent to. Her bitterness and hateful state of mind was simply the first stage of her spiral into insanity.

Despite her dark sarcastic demeanor and dry sense of humor, Vera also bore a heavy urge for self-improvement, to be the best of the best that there was in her line of work, which she performed well to the letter. When in a good mood, she is witty and snide but to a much more emphasized degree. Her weakness at times is that she is prone and quick to give into her urges, and angers rather quickly when questioned or when she is in the presence of a weak and feeble person(mostly a child) that can be torn to pieces by claw or fang.

Though being a bounty hunter and a mercenary, she was not completely heartless and went as far as to grant those she felt worthy of her respect swift deaths. Even upon being a hardened individual with a history of depression and alcoholism, she had a pinch of emotional connection with some people, feeling respect and admiration for others despite her horrific family history, though she rarely ever formed relationships.

Over the years as a hitwoman, Vera adapted to her life and became thorough, instinctive, and merciless when pursuing criminals or any target and she was infamous in Cyrodiil and Skyrim for her considerable approach toward buisiness, though secretly she had a soft side for the few people she cared about in life. Even though her brutal reputation stemmed from tale tales of drunks, skooma addicts and even superstitious villagers, Vera was often hired(covertly) by governing officials of the Imperial Palace and the highest echelon of society.

When hunting people, Vera never kills randomly or without purpose. She grants many of her adversaries and enemies a chance to survive and escape by making personally making deals or allowing them time to run away out of the need for sport, though when it comes to getting paid and compensated she almost always makes sure her prey has no chance to flee. She was still considered patient and would relentlessly pursue her bounty across the province if need be, no matter how much of a threat to her life the quest or her quarry may pose. She always pays close attention to detail and double-checks her surroundings to make the best decisions in how to approach her task.

In her early twenties, Vera preferred to work in solitude as a sword-and-bow for hire. She became a loner who usually kept to herself, believing that the most efficient manner in completing a task was if she does it herself. Working alone also gave her the desired liberty of improvisation and more coins that did not have to be shared. Another reason in which she doesn’t like to admit would be the suffering that may come with forming bonds or attachments due to her unpredictable and murderous nature.

With her choice to work alone, Vera additionally chose to live by herself. Despite her heart’s desires to find a mate someday, she never formed any romantic bonds or relationships until a certain point in her life. From her young age she was very puritanical, never engaging in sexual relationships until after a particular point in her career.

Biography/Life History:

“My mother died. My uncle died. A good half of my kin were all killed. My bloodline thrived centuries over centuries under an ancient curse. Doesn't equip one to be a family woman. Trust me, I tried."

To be Written.
Lady Saga
I think I am going to do my second character of all next, created on 11/13/11. smile.gif My first character (11/11/11) was the default Nord we start with at the beginning of the game, but he died very quickly and I never got to flesh him out. Anyways, here is char #2.

Name: Thor a'Zaene

Status: Dead

Race: Nord

Gender: Manly Man

Age: ?

Sign: probably Warrior in-game, Scorpio in Earth terms.

Dragonborn?: No

Home: none, officially.

Spouse: none

Home Country: Cyrodiil, Bruma to be more specific.

Faction and Rank or Guilds(if none, tell us what they do for a living): Companions, mercenary work for bandits.

Faction Description: He got as far into Companions, to the point that he had to make that first crucial choice. He never quit Companions (the way my Crusader did) but Thor also did not progress beyond the hidden room part. wink.gif

Class: Fighter

Class Description: No magic, all weapons.

Skills and talents: Sword & Shield, some Smithing. Heavy Armor.

Physical Appearance: No pic, unfortunately. I have no idea what Thor looked like, actually. He had dark hair and some facial hair, too, that's about all I remember.

Eyes: don't remember.

Build: Manly

Weapons of preference: Swords, or anything made of iron or steel. He detested dwarven, elven, glass (etc.) and NEVER used enchanted weapons. Like my Crusader, Thor a'Zaene basically did not trust enchanted things. What happens when their magic runs out?

Clothing: Mostly heavy armor when exploring. He wore middle-class type clothing in-town, though.

Miscellaneous: Thor was mostly a meat & potates kinda guy. Loved ale and mead, too. He probably chopped some wood here and there, to further supplement his adventurer's income.

Magic abilities or powers: none.

Mental Profile/Personality: Thor a'Zaene was a very strong-willed warrior, from what I remember. I did not see his personality truely flesh out, though, probably because I was so blown away by all the new features of Skyrim! hehe.gif

Biography/Life History: Thor grew up in Bruma. He had some military experience just like my Crusader, but the two (Thor a'Zaene and Lord Haaf-Mersey) did not know one another. Thor was my first character to "hear of the riches in Skyrim's lairs", and decided to move to Skyrim to basically get rich.

He basically paved the way for a lot of my other characters. As Thor got richer and his bandit contracts kept getting filled, eventually word spread back to Cyrodiil, and other characters of mine started to trek north.

Thor hated magic. Hated it. He would often run, rather than face a magic-using enemy head-on. This tactic helped Thor survive, as his cheap iron & steel eventually became less and effective.

He spent the bulk of his time in the Riverwood/Whiterun area, working for the Jarl, eradicating bandit camps. As he started to spread his travels towards Markath (through Forsworn territory) Thor's fame grew further. But he not get to enjoy his money or his fame for very long; he was killed by a draugr deathlord, deep inside some lair on the west side of Skyrim.
Name: Astarte

Race: Arimer (Ayleid to those who have not read the Teresa fic)

Gender: Female

Age: 4,350

Sign: The Mage

Home Country: Silorn

Faction and Rank or Guilds(if none, tell us what they do for a living): Queen of Silorn

Faction Description: She is the hereditary ruler of the ancient city of Silorn.

Class: Queen

Class Description: Combination two-handed sword and destruction magic, with some supportive magic from other schools thrown in, such as open lock and healing spells.

Skills and talents: Blade, Block, Light Armor, Destruction, Alteration, that sort of thing

Physical Appearance: A Pic

Eyes: Lavender

Build: Royal

Weapons of preference: Silver Claymore

Clothing: For war, mailed silverlight armor Otherwise her black and silver courtesan gown

Miscellaneous: Not sure what to put here.

Magic abilities or powers: Shock spells, and other miscellaneous magic like open lock and healing spells.

Mental Profile/Personality: For Astarte, the 1st Age was only minutes ago. She is a woman out of time, whose race has vanished into myth, and whose cities have crumbled to dust. Even her own beloved home is now nothing but a few crumbling old stones. Everywhere she goes, she finds that the lesser, brutish races have laid claim upon the countryside, and that alien monsters from beyond are determined to destroy it all. Half the time she is on the verge of tears, the other half ready to explode with fury. She does not hate the humans, she never did, but that does not make them fit to breathe the same air as a Queen of the Arimer people either. Being forced to rub shoulders with them is an affront upon her Queenly dignity. Yet it is a trial she endures with all of her centuries of grace and elegance. She has taken all of her rancor out upon the Daedra. No matter how much has changed, the land is still hers, and she will not allow anyone to lay waste to it.

Biography/Life History: Astarte was the ruler of the city of Silorn. She sided with Alessia and freed her city's human slaves. That is not to say that she loves humans though, or even sees them as equals. Rather that she saw tolerance and peaceful co-existence as the future, not domination. Somehow, she was transported through time and space. I am thinking it might have been part of the Dragon Break, when linear time became broken. She got caught up in a rift that went back and forth through all of time, and found herself plopped into that tutorial prison cell we all know so well.
Darkness Eternal
Darkness Eternal
QUOTE(SubRosa @ Dec 31 2012, 01:19 AM) *

Name: Astarte
Race: Arimer (Ayleid to those who have not read the Teresa fic)
Age: 4,350

blink.gif ohmy.gif
Lady Saga
I am enjoying reading these. Some of these characters are familiar to me from stories, and that is the same Astarte who you entered into my contest, right SubRosa?

Anyways, this was my 3rd Sky character, created just over a year ago. I think I'm eventually going to most of my characters here.

Name: Claire Voyance

Status: Inactive

Race: Breton

Gender: Female

Age: 21-ish

Sign: Mage / Sagittarius

Home: the closest thing to a home she had was the free room in the College of Winterhold. Not the Arch Mage's room, but the open room in the common area.

Spouse: Brelyna

Home Country: Cyrodiil

Faction and Rank or Guilds(if none, tell us what they do for a living): Mage's College, bounty work for Jarls.

Faction Description: Claire was a student at the Mage's College. She eventually (and very quickly) got promoted to become the head of the guild, something I did not forsee happening so fast. But despite being offered the job, she did not actually take it (in a RP sense). College was the first questline I completed in Skyrim, and I didn't even mean to complete it in the first place. rolleyes.gif

Class: Cleric

Class Description: A classic D&D cleric. Basically a fighter with some Restoration magics (and some Alteration as well, in ES terms, although all the Alt spells in TES translate to Restoration in DnD).

Alignment: Neutral Good

Dragonborn?: No

Skills and talents: One-handed & shield.

Physical Appearance: Here she is.

Eyes: green

Build: Slender.

Weapons of preference: maces

Clothing: Mostly light armor. I don't remember what she wore in villages, though. Probably whatever was around.

Miscellaneous: Claire was my first who was not dead-is-dead. I wanted to explore the world of Skyrim, getting used to the way things are done here. Claire had Brelyna as a follower, and when Brel died Claire just couldn't go on. sad.gif I abandoned her game on the spot. But since she was a PS3 character, I like to think she inhabits a different reality than my chars on Xbox, therefore I might have a Claire Voyance II at some point, who will have Brel as a follower again.

Magic abilities or powers: Restoration magics, armor spells, Candlelight, some Illusion (Calm, mostly). She also took up Conjuration of flame atronachs (something I did not want for her to do, but it was necessary for survival).

Mental Profile/Personality: I really don't remember, tbh. It's been over a year since I was gaming with Claire, and a year ago I was still like WOW...WOW...WOW.... at the actual game. Her personality did not get very fleshed-out.

Biography/Life History: Claire moved to Skyrim not to be come rich (as Thor had done) but to assist the Imperials as a sort of 'nurse'. She had healing magics, and my original goal with her was to do the Civil War quest on the Imperials side, but this never happened for some reason.

She did not have much of a backstory, really. I was just trying to get used to the game, learn its many intricacies. And like I said, I will probably create a Claire Voyance II at some point. Whenver it rains or snows next wink.gif
King Of Beasts
This is my second skyrim character I created after my first two failed due to some issues with the game itself.(Scar was my fifth)

Name: Cain

Race: Nord

Gender: Male

Age: 30

Sign: Thief

Home Country: Cyrodiil

Faction and Rank or Guilds(if none, tell us what they do for a living): Listener if the dark brotherhood

Faction Description: An assassin's guild.

Class: Assassin

Class Description: Nimble and quiet, they move into darkness to strike the unsuspecting. Doors hold no locks for them.

Skills and talents: As a master thief, an assassin, and a fearless warrior, no lock can keep Cain frim getting what he wants, no assassination is too risky, and no enemy is too terrifying.

Physical Appearance: Short and muscular, with short black hair and a soul patch.Cain

Eyes: dark blue

Build: heavyweight(max weight in game)

Weapons of preference: Ebony Sword, archery weapons, and fire.

Clothing: Forsworn armor or fancy clothes

Miscellaneous: Is a werewolf, but is not dovahkiin.

Magic abilities or powers: High destruction skill

Mental Profile/Personality: Very jealous and envious of his younger brother, power hungry, will do anything to get his way. He's a ruthless killer and will stoop to any level to achieve great power. Has an obsession with becoming an immortal warlord, and wants to be dovahkiin. He used to be sane, but when his brother ran away, he became indulged in necromancy, killed his parents and went crazy.

[b]Biography/Life History:
Originally known as the beloved hero of the imperial city Hjalti-Strong arm. As a child Hjalti was spoiled by his parents, which ultimately led to the neglect of his younger brother Ulfric the unworthy. Hjalti's father was a master thief, and his mother was an assassin, so he was taught his two major skills by his parents. His father enrolled him in a school for warriors, so he could learn to fight with the fury of a beast. He was a bully to his younger brother, and constantly teased and picked on little Ulfric. In his teen years, Hjalti did many good deeds for the citizens of the Imperial City, including turning his younger, trouble making brother in for theft. At age 25, Hjalti had a terrible fight with Ulfric, and struck his younger brother across his left eye with a dagger. Ulfric defended himself by turning into a werewolf, and had slashed his older brother across his left cheek, leaving 5 deep slashes across his left cheek. When his little brother ran away, Hjalti blamed his parents for not scolding him when hi bullied Ulfric, and killed them. He changed his name to Cain so he would not remember the mistakes he made, and left for skyrim to find his brother. He discovered the dark arts of necromancy and became obsessed with it, ultimately leading him to insanity. He seeks to destroy his brother and become the new Dovahkiin.
Lady Saga
Name: Crystal Beth

Status: Retired

Race: High Elf

Gender: Female

Age: ?

Sign: Mage / I forget which Earth sign she had. Probably Aquarius.

Home: Proudspire Manor (Solitude house)

Spouse: none

Home Country: Don't know unsure.gif

Faction and Rank or Guilds(if none, tell us what they do for a living): Mage's College in Winterhold. Book fetching. Bounty work for Jarls.

Faction Description: Beth was heavily involved with stocking up the orc librarian's book collection. This became the focus of her game. She also did miscellaneous things for the College itself. Managed to get the giant blue orb back to the College (with Claire Voyance's assistance) but did not progress any further in that questline. When I finally make a character who's going to become Arch Mage, I want him to be almost Gandalfy. smile.gif Somebody who looks the part, basically.

Class: Mage

Class Description: My first pure mage. She was my first charcter who actually used staves (I could never get used to staves in Oblivion).

Alignment: Good

Dragonborn? No.

Skills and talents: As a pure mage, Beth had a broad range of mostly magics. She may have been able to wield a daggar, too, but this weapon was probably a very secondary item. She was involved with some Alchemy, too, but also became secondary as she began to focus more heavily on magic.

Physical Appearance: Here's Beth And here she is wearing townie clothing

Eyes: Don't remember.

Build: Slender.

Weapons of preference: Staves. She probably owned a daggar, like I said. But no swords or anything like that.

Clothing: Beth did the pure mage thing, wearing mostly robes and hoods.

Miscellaneous: Crystal Beth was my 5th or 6th character. She was also my last official PS3 character. I thought of her silly name while standing in line at a supermarket. There was some article in one of the magazines there on crystal meth, and that jolted my brain to think of a name for my concept mage character. smile.gif Despite her name, Beth was not involved with drugs. I think she may have tried moon sugar or skooma at some point, but this never became a habit. Beth was vegetarian, too. I'm a vegetarian in real-life, but most of my characters are not. So me and Beth had something in common, a kinship, if you will.

Magic abilities or powers: Anything magic-based was game. Destruction, Conjuration, Illusion, Alteration, and Restoration (in that order) is what she used most to least often.

Mental Profile/Personality: Beth is standoffish and (like many of my magic-users) somewhat arrogant. Very intelligent, too.

Biography/Life History: Again, not very fleshed out with the backstory and such. I don't need backstory to game, ya see. kvleft.gif Beth came to Skyrim from Cyrodiil, after hearing about the exploits of Thor a'Zaene. In Cyrodiil, she spent a bit of time exploring the old Ayleid ruins, and was fascinated with them despite the fact that (in a RP sense) they had mostly been emptied 200 years before by all my dungeon-diving OB characters.

She had previously lived in the Imperial City, and had just started learning the arts of magic before moving to Skyrim. Beth eventually started writing a book offering advice to the other mages in the College, and also moved into Solitude's Proudspire Manor, decorating it with lots of mountain flowers and gemstones.

After buying this nice, elegant house, her follower at the time died, and ironically it was Beth's fault. Friendly fire! Beth had killed the poor woman with a blast of ice storm. Crystal Beth had become Thane by this point, so whatever follower shows up after this happens is the one who died. Like Claire, Beth just couldn't go on adventuring after this happened, and she had FINALLY got good enough at Illusion to make herself invisible, so it was hard for me to abandon her game.

Beth made her way back to Proudspire, and I turned off this final PS3 game. All my characters since Beth have been on Xbox, which I consider a different reality/universe than my chars on PS3; therefore eventually another character could wind up living in Proudspire.
Lady Saga
QUOTE(King Of Beasts @ Dec 31 2012, 01:01 PM) *

Clothing: Forsworn armor or fancy clothes

This is interesting! Wow, that's quite a difference. Clothes of royalty or some of the cheapest armor available!

King Of Beasts
QUOTE(Lady Saga @ Jan 2 2013, 06:31 AM) *

QUOTE(King Of Beasts @ Dec 31 2012, 01:01 PM) *

Clothing: Forsworn armor or fancy clothes

This is interesting! Wow, that's quite a difference. Clothes of royalty or some of the cheapest armor available!

Big difference between the two brothers huh? Scar doesn't care for fancy clothes, but doesn't like cheap armor, and Cain always have to have fancy clothes, even if it means he has to use the cheapest armor in all of skyrim.

Any way, Cain uses spells a lot so he doesn't need very sturdy armor.
Lady Saga
Sorry I'm starting to dominate this thread. It's slow at work and I'm bored. indifferent.gif And I'm mad at Beth's moderators for outlawing the Oblivion NPC conversation threads, so I'm trying not to post there much anymore.

Name: Gunter, Son of Talos

Status: Dead

Race: Nord

Gender: Man

Age: I have to look this up in my notes at home, if there are any.

Sign: Warrior / Aries

Home: his home was Jorvaskr when he was alive

Spouse: none

Home Country:

Faction and Rank or Guilds(if none, tell us what they do for a living): Companions, bounty work for Jarls, chopping wood.

Faction Description: Gunter went through the entire Companions questline, and became its head.

Class: Fighter

Class Description: All weapons, no magic


Dragonborn? No.

Skills and talents: One-handed, shield, running, horseback riding, light and heavy armor. Some smithing.

Physical Appearance: Sorry I wish I had a better pic

Eyes: brown

Build: big & bulky, like Conan.

Weapons of preference: Any weapon except bows and daggars. He mostly prefered blunt weapons towards the end of his life. Unlike Thor a'Zaene, Gunter did not mind using enchanted weapons, in fact he preferred them. They make enemies light up!

Clothing: Heavy armor mostly, but he would also wear some light here and there. Gunter was not particular with clothing, so anything that fit (poor to royal class) was fine.

Miscellaneous: Gunter Son of Talos was my first character on Xbox. I had spent more and more time with magic (going from Claire to Beth) and I wanted to go where I started with Thor and Blade n Bone on 11/11/11: a pure fighter.

I grew up playing DnD-based tabletop games, and "Gunter" was a character a friend of mine in high school created long ago in the late '80s. blink.gif When my friend RP'd Gunter, he would speak kinda like a caveman (Gunter want meat! Gunter want kill hobgoblin!) and in my write-ups of Gunter (here at Chorrol) I started to do this.

Magic abilities or powers: None. Gunter did not know how to read very well, either, so scrols were also out.

Mental Profile/Personality: Gunter was basically an oaf, but at first (when I first did the Tutorial) I did not know this. He had a low IQ (in modern Earth terms); he wouldn't be able to graduate middle school if he was in the American school system. But one does not need a lot of wits to swing a weapon, and here Gunter excelled. His diet included anything that moved or grew.

Biography/Life History: I initially created Gunter Son of Talos with the thought that he would be this very PRO TALOS character who would join up with the Stormcloaks, defend against Skyrim's invaders, et cetera. But none of this came to be. Gunter turned out to be (like I said) a big, dumb oaf. He was very fun to RP for me for this reason. He initially did not like dungeon-diving, but eventually realized he's so good at it, to the point that he started doing it more and more often.

He went to Windhelm to take up sides with the Nords/Stormcloaks, but once he learned he'd have to go to some far away location to kill some ice wraiths, he kinda gave up on this laugh.gif He took up Companions instead, becoming the head of Jorrvaskr despite the fact that he's an oaf. His basic concept of being the Companion's leader is that he got a better bed, and got to eat more food.

Gunter had a crush on Ysolda in Whiterun, and longed to marry her once he figured out how marriages happen in Skyrim, but this was not to be. Just after buying the deed to the land in Falkreath (Hearthfire), Gunter died, after falling off a high rampart as he fought against some random bandit.
Colonel Mustard
Name: Folks call him 'the Kid'.

Race: Breton

Gender: Male

Age: Never quite been sure, but he'd have a stab at his mid twenties.

Home Country: He's lived in Skyrim for as long as he can remember.

Faction and Rank or Guilds: The Kid got himself into the Circle of the Companions not too long ago. Took the Beast Blood, uses it every now and again.

Skills and talents: The Kid can swing a hammer with the best of them, and he ain't too shabby with a bow neither. Got himself a knack for Alteration spells, and he can shape steel and enchant items pretty well too.

Physical Appearance: The Kid's got two distinctive features; his tattoo and his hair. The tattoo was something he grew up with, a white swirl on his cheek, and his hair's all white like an old man's too, even though he ain't old by any stretch of the imagination. [I'll get a picture up later]

Eyes: He's got brown eyes. Ain't much to say about them.

Build: Folks might call him the Kid, but he ain't built like one; a life of swinging hammers and fighting folks in heavy armour will get anyone brawny.

Weapons of preference: A hammer and a bow may not be the fanciest weapons about, but they've sure as hell got the job done so far.

Clothing: The Kid only ever feels happy going into a fight with a good suit of solid steel between him and the enemy.

Miscellaneous: I shamelessly transplanted him from Supergiant Games' Bastion. I'm finding he works really, really well in Skyrim...

Magic abilities or powers: The Kid's never been much of a spellcaster, but he's got a knack for Alteration, especially shields, and isn't too bad at restoration magic either; when you're in the thick of it, you want every little thing you can get to help keep you alive a little longer.

Mental Profile/Personality: The Kid's the Kid. He'll do what needs to be done, and he ain't gonna weep about it.

Biography/Life History: His history ain't something he'd like to talk about, and it ain't something he'd appreciate other folks gossiping about behind his back. The Kid's backstory is the Kid's business, and his alone.
King Coin
QUOTE(Lady Saga @ Jan 2 2013, 11:43 AM) *

Sorry I'm starting to dominate this thread. It's slow at work and I'm bored. indifferent.gif And I'm mad at Beth's moderators for outlawing the Oblivion NPC conversation threads, so I'm trying not to post there much anymore.

I'd add more, but I don't have any more! At least that survive long enough for me to care. I generally just play my one character. smile.gif
Lady Saga
QUOTE(King Coin @ Jan 2 2013, 07:00 PM) *

I'd add more, but I don't have any more! At least that survive long enough for me to care. I generally just play my one character. smile.gif

Yeah I know. You are like Acadian/Buffy, mirocu/Lothran, and PhonAntiPhon/Niamh. It's probably some psychological thing, the fact that some people prefer just one character.

I think that since I grew up with the tabletop gaming, and we all had multiple characters in a party all at once, that I find myself wanting to get into the head of each of my past character types. That's why I'll have a cleric, a pure mage, a pure fighter, a paladin, etc.

I've tried really hard to get mirocu to make a 2nd character and I think I almost got him to do it a few months ago! biggrin.gif The reason he doesn't wanna do it is because he thinks he won't enjoy starting all over again, knowing where everything is and what's gonna happen, etc. To me, it's all about the charcter. Different characters are gonna go thru their worlds differently. I can have 2 do the exact same questline, the results might be the same in both cases, but how I get to those results is where the fun is.

I dunno...that's just me. *shrugs*

Then you have people who make too many characters, in my opinion. Every week (literally) or every couple weeks, they've got a new one, and they're writing up these new characters in Beth's threads. I read these threads, and think "hey, what about so-and so? What happened to him?" blink.gif

I'm not saying people don't have right to make as many as they want, I am saying that as soon as i start getting into someone's story, all a sudden it changes. There's a new character. New backstory. New everything. I literally cannot connect. That's why I tend to go in phases. I'll be with one character for a few months, he or she will die or retire. And by then I'll have some ideas for my next one (hopefully).
Darkness Eternal
I stopped visiting the Beth forums . . .since I was exiled. But I'll have my revenge on that Green Nazi Bear tongue.gif

Anyways, I have four characters I always use. Two of them were in Morrowind, two of them in Oblivion, all four of them in Skyrim. tongue.gif

They have their own backstories and their individual personalities are fleshed out and developed over the years. I may add one character I don't give a damn about just to play the Main Quest or to get trophies and whatnot. I don't get why people make too many characters eithher.
Lady Saga
Yea, I remeber you saying something about Beth's forums, DE. I still don't know what happened, but that's okay. Those forums can be a rough place.

I'm upset at the mods because they banned the NPC conversation threads (we would all talk like the NPCs in the Oblivion), they say it's "spam", despite the fact that it was one of the only threads where we would all stay on-topic, and they have something to do with the actual game. indifferent.gif It pissed me off. Those threads were 100% fun; a place where we could go and not get in opinion-fests about which game is better, which console is better, etc.

I was reading up on your slave story today, though. So that's a good thing. Been awhile since I've been in Fan Fiction here.

I get why some folks make lots of characters, it's about variety. glargg has hundreds, for instance. The difference between glargg and some others is glargg tends to write about the same characters for awhile, while his hundreds of other characters pretty much sit dormant. I know all about the half dozen he does keep at the fore (Fitzie, Barb Ann, Wild Elf, Caius, etc.) because he doesn't just abandon them after one or 2 weeks.
King Coin
I would like to try different characters just so I can experience different parts of the game that Aravi refuses to touch. Like Dark Brotherhood and Thieves' Guild. Haven't seen them yet. Many of the Daedric quests require you to do something quite evil, and she hasn't gone near them.

I think part of it for me is that I develop characters very slowly. When I do make a new character, its difficult for me to choose to play that character, just because I don't know them very well. I have Aravi, and I know her very well, so I enjoy my time with her better than the unknown.

On our side subject of Beth Forums, I've never felt at home there. There are some people that I like and recognize when I go there, but most are people I just don't have any desire to speak to.
Lady Saga
That would be cool if you tried a new one, King Coin! Haven't done DB myself, but I tried TG last summer with The Mighty Khahkhayre and did not like it. I won't spoil why, though. I'm not sure if I'll ever do TG. It's not really that it's evil, so much that I can't really play that sort of character. But maybe you should try it, tells us your impressions.

QUOTE(Colonel Mustard @ Jan 2 2013, 05:50 PM) *

Name: Folks call him 'the Kid'.


See this is why I like this thread. I was reading about the Kid and had some questions about him, and this thread sort of answers everything, all in a nutshell. Like I wasn't sure where the Kid was from, for instance. Now I know--it's Skyrim itself..
What a fun thread! Here’s one of mine. I’ll probably get to some others in time. I mean, who can resist an opportunity to talk about their characters? biggrin.gif Most of my characters are played Dead-is-Dead, but Jensa is an exception. I don’t plan to write a Skyrim Main Quest story, but Jensa is the future Dovahkiin in Jerric’s world.

Jensa Summer-Song

Nord woman of Skyrim, age 26 winters. Blessed by the Atronach.

Factions and Titles: Harbinger of the Companions, Stormblade, Thane of Eastmarch (and some other Holds, but we ignore that for RP purposes), Dovahkiin, Mrs. Stenvar. She has a connection to the College of Winterhold as Dovahkiin.

Class: Jensa started as a hunter. My intention was that she would use Illusion spells and a bow. Ha! She picked up a greatsword in Helgen and never looked back. She has evolved into a Barbarian/Ranger. Her skills should explain it.

Skills: Archery, Two-Handed, Block, Light Armor, Sneak, Alchemy, One-Handed. Yes, both One- and Two-Handed. She has perks in some other trees for convenience, since for example the game does not allow anyone to enchant things for you.

Appearance: Blue-eyed blonde, wind-burned and tan. Man-tall and solid as a brick skitt-house. Here's a picture: Link.

Weapons: Cataclysm, an ebony bow enchanted with both fire and frost damage. Reaper, a Skyforged war axe enchanted with shock damage and fiery soul trap. Skyforged greatsword, unenchanted. It doesn’t have a name, probably because she considers it to be a part of her.

Apparel: Jensa’s battle gear is all scaled armor. On the road she wears hide or fur armor with the Diadem of the Savant or Adept Hood, depending on the weather. In the past she sometimes wore Wolf or Blades armor when she was going into a fight, but now she has enough perks to make up the difference. Plus as they say, “Light on your feet.”

She carries a few necklaces which she switches out as the occasion demands. If she has time before a dragon battle she’ll put on her Blood of the Dovah necklace (Resist Fire and Resist Frost). In Falmer lairs she’ll wear poison resistance. I think she has a really strong shock resist amulet that she never wears, because by the time she figures out that she’s being attacked by a storm mage it’s too late to swap out her bling. For general wear it’s always the Amulet of Talos. Her Amulet of Mara comes out of the pack when she’s on a date with Stenvar. The only ring she wears is the Bond of Matrimony.

Jensa likes to clean up and look pretty when she’s in town. Her favorite dresses are the two common blue ones. Here's what she wore to her wedding: Link. She does not care for noble attire, even when she visits Jarl Ulfric’s court.

Magic: Jensa has a lot of magicka for RP reasons (Breton blood in the family), but she only uses a few spells. Pacify (for wildlife), Candlelight, Close Wounds, Heal Other, Bound Bow, Summon Familiar. I am very disappointed that there are no more nature summonings. The lesser Guardian Spirits would have been perfect. (I can understand the problems that would come with Summon Mammoth ohmy.gif).

Jensa is Dragonborn, and she uses a lot of Shouts. Aura Whisper is her favorite followed by Kyne’s Peace and the fire one. She has to be careful with her fire so that she does not fry Stenvar.

Miscellaneous: Jensa and her husband Stenvar live in Hjerim with Calder the Housecarl. Stenvar and Calder do not get along. They have some history that they are not telling and Jensa is not asking. Those two fight in the game every time Jensa drops something and tries to decorate. It’s ridiculous. Jensa almost always travels with Stenvar as a follower. Jensa and Stenvar do not have children. She blames her dragon blood. I blame Bethesda. She lives in a world without Hearthfire on the PS3.

Personality: Jensa has a buoyant and resilient nature. She looks for the bright side and always forward. Even in her darkest werewolf days she indulged in very little whining. The beast blood got her through the war, and she loved being part of the pack. But the dragon blood was her future. So she cured herself and has not looked back.

Biography: Jensa’s story so far is a 35 page (and still growing) document that I will not try to reproduce here. tongue.gif All of it is posted in the Today in Skyrim threads on the Skyrim general and Skyrim spoilers boards. Here is her origin story:

Jensa was born to Clan Early-Winter, the seventh daughter of clanmother Hedla Four-Fingers. The clans of the high passes never counted their sons, for they would be married off to other camps and so lost to the family. Still, Jensa knew she had three brothers. Her heart broke every time one of them left Early-Winter’s camp.

As the youngest daughter it was unlikely that Jensa would be given hunting rights of her own. She would never be allowed to marry, for how could she start a camp with no lands to support it? As long as she stayed quick and strong her bow would be welcome in any hunting party, though the choicest cuts of meat would always go to the life-givers. Some day she would earn her broth by serving in her mother’s longhouse, which would pass to Jensa’s eldest sister. She would be Auntie Jensa by-the-fire, if she managed to live long enough and stay in her sister’s good graces. It stung to know that she would never hold her own child at her breast, though she would always have the opportunity to clean the bottom of someone else’s.

And so it was that Jensa headed out to find her way, carrying with her the good wishes of her clan but little else. After all, a highland hunter knows how to feed herself, especially in summer. The valley was rich and beautiful beyond her dreaming. Jensa Summer-Song, she named herself. The first of her line.

And that’s what she told the Imperials who took her in an ambush near Darkwater Crossing.

Lady Saga
Wow, that's cool, Grits. You included a bunch of little details that I've skipped so far with some of my characters. But truthfully, my memory is kinda bad with my older chars, but the newer ones will have these details included (like what jewelry they wear and little intricacies in their personality).

I am looking forward to Mikke of Green River, of course. Now for my next one. I think this would have been #7 or 8. ...I've lost count. There were a couple characters I made last winter/spring whom never got to see much gameplay, you see.

Name: The Mighty Khahkhayre

Status: Retired

Race: Dark Elf

Gender: Prick

Age: Young man. I really don't know, in terms of years.

Sign: Thief / Gemini

Home: Pinewatch. He would also 'crash' in one of the rooms of the Sleeping Giant Inn. It was funny, he couldn't offcially sleep here (we could only wait to simulate this), but whenever he "awoke", the owner of the place would always come RUNNING in the room to see who's in there. : nono.gif

Spouse: Jenassa

Home Country: The fringes of Morrowind, on the border of Cheydinhal.

Faction and Rank or Guilds(if none, tell us what they do for a living): College of Winterhold, Thieves Guild, bounty hunting for Jarls.

Faction Description: Khahkhayre joined the College of Winterhold, but mostly just to steal soul gems & other assorted items, and get better spells. Khahkhayre also did some bounty work for the Jarls, but not as much as my other chars so far. He also joined the Ratway Thieves Guild, did some work for them initially, but did not like the directions they wanted him to go.

Class: Spellsword

Class Description: I have no idea what how other people play Spellswords, so I kinda just improvised what I thought it was all about. He used a sword to supplement his knowledge of spells. *shrugs*

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Dragonborn? No.

Skills and talents: One-handed, Destruction (specialized in fire and frost magics), Illusion (mostly fear and frenzy spells), Conjuration, Enchanting, some Alchemy, Light Armor, horsemanship, Sneak, some Alteration, alertness (this means I used the "eye" while sneaking by turning up the HUD, therefore he always knew if somebody had detected him, or was trying to).

Physical Appearance: Here he is. I work with a guy who kinda looks like Khahkhayre (minus the elf ears and goatee)

Eyes: dark

Build: slender

Weapons of preference: swords and sometimes staves. He probably has an assortment of magical swords, I really don't remember which is his fave.

Clothing: Khakhayre is an enchanter, and tried (in vain) to get a good Magicka regeneration on a variety of clothing and light armors, but the best we could do was somewhere in the 20s. Then I bought Dawnguard and Khakhayre found a set of Destruction Vampire armor (see pic). PERFECT! I think it only had a 50 or 75% quicker regen rate, while Crystal Beth got to enjoy something like 300% towards the end of her adventuring, but to Khakhayre, 50 or 75 seemed a lot quicker than what he had been able to create on his own.

Miscellaneous: I had never played a Spellsword in Oblivion; the term was new to me. It sounded fun to be with a sort of hybrid character. The Mighty Khakhayre (pronounced loaf of bread-hair laugh.gif) speaks with an Aussie accent (Oy!). He is a DiD character, but I proudly got him to Level 58 or something without any fair deaths. By this time, he was starting to become an Über, especially after gaining the ability to summon dremora. I would enjoy gaming with him for maybe an hour or 2, then all a sudden I'd want to do something else. No challenge.

Khahkhayre was my first game that I did one of my Alternate Start 'Pretend Mods' with. I am on Xbox, so I can't do an official mod, but this is what I did: indifferent.gif I started his game with the sound on my TV turned all the way down. Then I kinda rushed thru the Tutorial, got Khahkhayre outside of Helgen Keep, and then just started randomly running. Wound up in some forest near Pinewatch. Then I turned off his game, forgot about it, and when I started it up again a few weeks later, it did indeed feel as though his game officially started somewhere in the forest, rather than as a near-execution interrupted by a dragon.

There's only so many times you can do the Tutorial (my opinion) before it starts getting old, ya see. I wanted to try something new. smile.gif

Magic abilities or powers: As above in the skills section.

Mental Profile/Personality: Khahkhayre is pretty much a prick. An boatmaster. He's not so much evil as he is just rude, and arrogant, and self-righteous. Since I am none of these in real-life, I actually found Khahkhayre to be sort of a relief valve as I gamed with him.

Biography/Life History: The Mighty Khahkhayre lived on the fringes of Morrowind after becoming an outlaw in Cyrodiil. I don't remember the specifics of this, but he had been in whatever passes for a Thieves Guild in Cyrodiil in the years approaching 4E/200. He got a large bounty, and had to move. Morrowind was pretty much an inhospitable place after the Red Volcano destroyed it, and eventually Khahkhayre moved to Skyrim. Again, his main motivation was to become rich.

His game started with a grand bit of luck. By Level 5, he already had a house (Pinewatch), a magic weapon, a horse, and some enchanted gear. He had a penchant for thievery, and eventually joined the TG, but did not like their style (if we can call it that) of "enforcement". Khahkhayre also got married to Jenassa, although there wasn't much love here. It was merely the thought that two dark elves are better than one. Like a true machoistic male, Khahkhayre occasionally tried to flirt with other women, and treated his wife like dirt at times. All of this is inspired by a real-life acquaintance of mine who can be fun to be around, but is also kind of a prick at times.

His game ended when he and Jenassa wound up in a small village inhabited by several dark elf women. Jenassa entered one of the cabins there with Khahkhayre, and refused to exit it (true story) with him. He wound up smacking her around a little, and then she unleashed her fury on him. Khahkhayre (like I said) was not truely evil, he was just a prick. He did not want to kill her, but it was either do this, or she would kill him.

Khahkhayre went back to Pinewatch, while Jenassa wound up staying in the little dark elf village (whatever its name is). Even if I fast-travelled Khahkhayre to some location, Jenassa would not appear in his world. It was truely over. sad.gif

But this was okay. Khahkhayre's game was fun for awhile, but I started itching to try my next character...
Yay for Jensa! She was always my favorite Sky character of yours Grits. I just loved her background.

The mighty Khak! I love his gender! biggrin.gif
Lady Saga
QUOTE(SubRosa @ Jan 3 2013, 01:19 PM) *

The mighty Khak! I love his gender! biggrin.gif

Ha ha smile.gif
I started up a new character last night, partly inspired by King Coin's suggestion that the Eisen Platte Armor would be best for a character who was some form of nobility.

Name: Le Chevalier D'Eon

Race: Breton

Gender: Anyone's guess

Age: 24

Sign: Currently the Warrior Standing Stone

Home Country: Wayrest

Faction and Rank or Guilds(if none, tell us what they do for a living): Knight of the Rose

Faction Description: The Knights of the Rose have the honor to be the guardians, as well as eyes and ears, of the Royal family of Wayrest

Class: Plenty

Skills and talents: D'Eon mixes magic with sword and shield fighting. Typically she will use a destruction spell in the left hand, and sword in the right. When enemies come too close she switches off to a shield in the left. She also uses illusion magic to keep animals at bay and to charm others, as well as Alteration to protect herself, and open those pesky locks (using a mod for this). Plus of course Restoration, every adventurer's best friend.

Physical Appearance: A pic

Eyes: Blue

Build: D'Eon is a slender and slight man, and with a few buffs a somewhat ordinarily built woman, though very athletically fit. Compared to Nordic women, she is still small and slight though. She wears her hair long, with a single braid in the front, and dyes it from her natural brown to a soft auburn. A close up

Weapons of preference: An arming sword, preferably black in color

Clothing: Nothing but the best for D'Eon. For battle she wears her custom made Eisen Platte Armor. Out of battle the finest clothing available.

Magic abilities or powers: I run a modded game, so she does not have the Dragonskin power, or the familiar summon.

Mental Profile/Personality: D'Eon is a transsexual Breton from old High Rock nobility. She was born male, but never felt like she belonged in that sex. For most of her life she kept up appearances for the sake of her family, who have a long and distinguished Wayrest pedigree. But inside she always knew that she was a she, rather than a he. Always feeling an outsider, D'Eon is a very private person, keeping her feelings to herself. She also grew up rather withdrawn, and threw herself into her academic studies, as well as the military training given every noble son. Upon becoming a Knight and meeting the Queen (and starting an affair with her), D'Eon began to come out of her shell, and found that she was somewhat flamboyant, somewhat foppish, and somewhat silly person, enjoying a clever joke as much as fine clothing, fine wines, and fine women.

Biography/Life History: Thanks to her family D'Eon had the best education money can buy. At a young age she became a Knight of the Rose, the most prestigious Knightly Order in Wayrest, personally serving the King and Queen. D'Eon found herself drawn to the Queen. A little too much for the King's comfort.

Perhaps that is why she was entrusted with a delicate and dangerous mission as a spy in Skyrim. The King fears that in another Great War, the Empire will abandon High Rock and use it as a bargaining chip to placate the Thalmor, as they did with Hammerfell. To that end he is looking to strengthen Wayrest's defenses by acquiring any items of magical power possible.

Foremost among this D'Eon is charged with recovering Dwemer technology and sending it back to Wayrest, preferably intact, or with notes on how to replicate it. The King's ultimate hope is to be able to recreate the Dwemer animoculi, and build an army of sphere and centurion guardians. But even failing that, D'Eon is to send back even common enchanted items such as swords and bows to arm Wayrest's military.

Whenever possible, D'Eon has the secondary mission of acquiring as much intelligence upon both Imperial and Stormcloak movements and dispositions, but not to get involved in the conflict personally. The King of Wayrest wants to be able to be seen as an ally to whoever comes out of it the strongest.

D'Eon embarked upon her mission with zest. Finally free of the confines of High Rock society, he fully became a she, making liberal use of alchemy to help her body in that process. Changing sexes also gave her the added bonus of changing identity, now simply referring to herself as Lea D'Eon.

Much to her chagrin however, she was still captured by Imperials while crossing into Skyrim. Albeit they appeared to think she was a Stormcloak, and never guessed at her true identity or mission. One helpful dragon and Stormcloak foot soldier later, and D'Eon was free again to carry out her mission. But not before taking the time to fully enjoy the pleasures of Ralof's body, once he cleaned up. In that, D'Eon has found that she enjoys fine men as well as fine women...
Lady Saga
QUOTE(SubRosa @ Jan 3 2013, 02:34 PM) *

Home Country: Wayrest

O hey sweet lady of Wayrest
O hey sweet lady of mine
I will see you again, yes I'll see you again...
Lady something something sweet lady so fine

Sorry. biggrin.gif couldn't resist! Wow I love her eyes. The irises so look real.

QUOTE(SubRosa @ Jan 3 2013, 02:34 PM) *

Foremost among this D'Eon is charged with recovering Dwemer technology and sending it back to Wayrest, preferably intact, or with notes on how to replicate it. The King's ultimate hope is to be able to recreate the Dwemer animoculi, and build an army of sphere and centurion guardians. But even failing that, D'Eon is to send back even common enchanted items such as swords and bows to arm Wayrest's military.

This is interesting, too. Neat!
jack cloudy
This stuff is always fun. (Warning, this post contains nudity.)

Ok, so my first character was a Redguard battlemage kinda guy. But he ended up being too overpowered so I put him on ice for a while. (Geez, Redguards playing to their strengths are overpowered? Well, I should have known that.)

After that I experimented a bit with a mage-like character who uses bound weaponry a lot which was kind of fun. But again, a bit too easy. So I went back to the drawing board and created a character who must give me a challenge. (I've barely started with him and he's not really a good rp-personality, but he should be good to keep me entertained for a while.)

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present *Drummrolls*

Name: Triar Grey
Race: Breton
Gender: male
Age: 38
Sign: Lady
Home Country: Black marsh

Faction and Rank or Guilds(if none, tell us what they do for a living): None yet, but Triar is aiming to join the Stormcloaks. Why? Because they're seriously outnumbered and Ulfric aims to take on the whole continent which makes the numbers even worse. From Triar's point of view though, that just means he'll get a lot more people and not-people to punch.

He's also thinking about joining the Companions. That woman seemed impressed when he punched that Giant in the privates and a guild based around murdering stuff? Oh yeah, that sounds right up his alley. Except he's heard some rumours, about unholy deals with Daedra in exchange for power. Triar doesn't like that part. A real man trusts in the strength of his fists, not some capricious deity with an ego-complex.

Faction Description:
What's there to say? The racist fanatics, and the equally arrogant fighter's guild. They kill stuff, for fun and profit. Pacifists need not apply.

Class: total macho man.
Bandits taking shots at him while he passes by? A true man runs from no challenge!
Victory flex!

Class Description: A total macho man is an ubermuscual madman who knows no fear, and disdains the use of any weapon or magic. Fists are the weapon of a true man and if, and only if it would be totally awesome, will a total macho man even think about using steel. If so, the total macho man will grab the arm of the first weaklimbed loser he slays in battle and discard it again in a totally badass gesture as soon as he's finished the fight. There is one exception to this that sort of skirts the total macho man's rule. There is no weakness in covering one's fist in steel. After all, fists are awesome and anything that makes them more awesome is good.

Armour is there to protect the spineless milkdrinkers, and a total macho man hates milk! He drinks poison and chews scrap metal. A total macho man is proud to display his honed physique to all willing (or unwilling), to watch. Weather, axes, hammers, arrows, fire and lightning? Bah! Just one flex of his mighty chestmuscle, and the total macho man conquers all that a lesser man or woman would consider a threat!

Skills and talents: Triar is good at punching things. Punching them HARD. He's bad at punching them softly, and even worse at magic of all sorts. Why break your enemies with unnatural fire or an enslaved spirit? It is not a victory unless you feel their bones break beneath your knuckles.

Other talents of Triar Grey include carpentry, masonry, jodelling and flexing.

Physical Appearance:
IPB Image

Build: Triar Grey is built like a brick, and proud of it! Unfortunately, all his training and scowling seems to have robbed him of the ability to smile.

Weapons of preference: In case you hadn't noticed the theme by now. Triar prefers his rockshattering fists of massacre.

Clothing: Pants are all a man needs. And that is only because nobody dares to gaze upon the full unleashed manliness that is him.

Armour: His sweat!
Ok, jokes aside Triar wears heavy iron and steel to make his punches even stronger. He also wears some light boots with steel toes. (Never know if one of the dynamic kills feature kicking after all.)

Miscellaneous: Triar is Dragonborn. He has never doubted it. Who else is more worthy of it than a man who is more Nord than the Nords? Nobody else is willing to believe it though. Just about at the point where the songs of Triar Dragonborn get to the part "And then he punched the dragon in the snout, repeatedly.", the listeners have a tendency to walk away while shaking their heads.

Magic abilities or powers: He can shout. That is all the magic Triar is willing to use, mostly because he doesn't recognize it as magic. It is shouting, the flexing of his manly body to blow out mighty gusts of wind and make the world bow to his will.

Mental Profile/Personality: Triar is a bit crazy. He is a nice and even gentle man beneath the rough exterior. But threaten him or those who can't defend themselves, and he goes berserk. He doesn't actually like all the weaker people, but he loves it when they ask him for help. It means they've acknowledged his superiority and gives him a chance to show off. More than anything, he hates the Thalmor for reasons even he doesn't know.

Biography/Life History:
Triar Grey is the great-great-great grandson of one Semir Grey, who is listed in the Imperial records as a Blade. Though the records where hundreds of years old and no descendant of Semir ever joined Imperial service themselves, the Thalmor cared not in their search and eradication of the Blades. Perhaps because they transferred their own longevity and son-follows-father culture onto their enemies, perhaps because they just wanted to hit the Empire as hard as they could.

Regardless of their reasons, the Thalmor came to the outskirts of the Black Marsh where Triar Grey built houses. They took the man, who had never hurt a fly (both regular and the face-eating ones), and felt sick at even the thought of violence.

They tortured him for days. Days of knives cutting him, electricity frying his senses. Then, something snapped. An Argonian resistance group found him in the torture room of the old fort, the Thalmor lying around him like cut down blades of wheat, their faces reduced to an unrecognizable pulp. They healed his injuries, and restored his broken hands. But when they asked him what had happened, Triar couldn't tell. He knew nothing, who he was, what he'd done. He didn't remember the Thalmor either. His own name was the only thing he recovered, thanks to the copious note-keeping of the Thalmor commander.

Triar began to wander the continent, in search of a home, a loving wife and some strong little kids to raise. The Thalmor had taken his life, and given him a new one. They had given him one more thing. They had given him the desire to break things with his bare hands. Twenty years later he came to darkwater crossing where he was arrested by the Imperial force. So desperate had they been to capture their nemesis, Ulfric Stormcloak, that they grabbed every stranger in town. Including the blissfully passed out Triar Grey.
King Coin
QUOTE(jack cloudy @ Jan 3 2013, 02:50 PM) *


rollinglaugh.gif So funny!
Darkness Eternal

Name: Kraven Desselius.

Race: Imperial and Redguard mix.

Gender: Male.

Age: Unknown.

Sign: The Warrior.

Home Country: Cyrodiil.

Faction and Rank or Guilds: Slave and prisoner gladiator, temporary free-lance mercenary, farmer, hunter. The Circle of Companions.

Class: HOH and Warrior/Barbarian.

Class Description: "Barbarians are the proud, savage warrior elite of the plains nomads, mountain tribes, and sea reavers. They tend to be brutal and direct, lacking civilized graces, but they glory in heroic feats, and excel in fierce, frenzied single combat." & "Warriors are the professional men-at-arms, soldiers, mercenaries, and adventurers of the Empire, trained with various weapons and armor styles, conditioned by long marches, and hardened by ambush, skirmish, and battle.

Skills and talents: Despite his savage looks, Kraven uses his brains just as he does his brawn. He is a talented warrior, but his travels and life has given him vast experience in other trades; he is also a gifted hunter and a born leader, as well as a good cook and a farmer, and a great musician, able to play lute and drum with skill.

Kraven, upon his years as a gladiator, has built incredible stamina, allowing him to go without sleep days. Being mixed with Imperial and Redguard, Kraven also was a quick learner and rose to the gladiator ranks with dedication in a short amount of time and took to using his sword and shield with ease. He was able to fight armed men until he is overwhelmed, captured, and tortured. He can go night and a day without water, but still possesses the strength to fight for a long period of time before passing out.

Physical Appearance: Kraven is a strong, muscular man with skin that shows the scars of past battles. When he was younger in his adolescent years, he had with long, black hair and an untrimmed beard. His skin is bronze from exposure to the sun, and also his mixed heritage of Redguard and Imperial. His appearance changed once he became a slave, and he was properly groomed by his master. He was often described by people who encounter him as "sullen" and “savage,“. His appearance was severely altered after his return from a certain realm of Oblivion. He was stronger, more feral looking, and almost bestial and his time in the foreign plane has shaped him into a different man altogether.

Eyes: Bright Hazel.

Build: Kraven had a lithe build that came from his time as a farmer and a hunter. He became physically imposing after working in the mines as a slave, and then as a gladiator during his years in servitude.

Weapons of preference: A spear and aDwarven sword. Additionally, he also uses a bow and arrow from time to time, a weapon he learned to use when he was an adolescent boy hunting for deer in the woods of the Great Forest in Cyrodiil.

Clothing: Kraven used to wear his traditional gladiator attire when he was a slave, and then a prisoner in Cyrodiil. After the events of his slave life, Kraven took to wearing minimalist clothing such as tattered shirts and leather pants. Though when on quests or perilous tasks, Kraven wears whatever armor is typical for the environment he finds himself in. Though most often times, he wakes up in the morning without any.

Alignment: Like all my characters, he doesn't believe there is such thing as "good," or "evil," for they are subjective.

Miscellaneous: Kraven carries with him few things he gathers from his travels. Ingreditients, trophies of the hunt, and anything he can salvage to make new armor or to decorate his home.

Magic abilities or powers: To be Written. Eventually.

Mental Profile/Personality:

As a young boy, Kraven was mindful and smart. He was friendly and easily got along with others despite his low-class life as a farmer. He also had a special spot in his heart for his mother, whom he took care of by buying her groceries, hunting for food and fishing. He was both helpful and generously kind; doing everything in his power so that he could to help her. Every coin he came across or earned, he gave to her in hopes of finding a better life. Though lovable, he had a darker side. He carried grudges and was vengeful of those who did him wrong. Kraven also hated being treated unfairly or being wrongly accused. He was fiercely loyal, doing his best to keep those he cared about from harm. His only price for such thing was loyalty in their part.

Kraven, despite his good nature, had a negative side to his personality. He learned hatred and anger at a young age, as he grew up with a father who abused him. Kraven, in turn, despised Kerstus, who frequently insulted and berated him, calling Kraven a “Burden Beast of my life.”

After being sold into slavery, Kraven’s separation from his mother was the hardest thing he'd ever done, and it still hurt him for years. Because of his fear of losing even more friends, he kept to himself when he first was sold into slavery, only forming a bond with two Bosmeri brothers. During this, however, he grew especially close to a woman named Gwenabeth and his Redguard Blademaster, Nachael, considering them a beloved friend and a role model. Due to his sudden ascension from mere slave to being known as the "Slayer of Beasts. Champion of Warriors,” and the rising star of the gladiator stock, his pride and arrogance sunk in. He grew cocky, self-appreciating, and he began to despite being tended to, lectured or even reprimanded.

He was a naturally honest man and hated lying and deception, and detested politics, rightly considering most of the men and women in the Empire’s upper circle to be greedy and power-hungry. His father’s continual abuse against him hurt Kraven, who at times wasn't sure he even deserved to be loved, something his heart craved. Therefore, he was easily swayed by the promise of praise and glory in the arena.

His yearning to be loved, as well as cherished and appreciated, came out in his devotion to combat and secret relationship with Tivela, one of the few people he ever thought cared for him. As his fame spread, he became more and more arrogant, and he knew that he was one of the best gladiators in Vvardenfell, believing that he could easily best any warrior or mage blindfolded with a spear tied to his back.

Despite having an arrogant personality, Kraven suffered from an overwhelming sense of fear. He struggles daily against a "wolf" in his heart. The wolf stands as everything that negatively defines his emotions; fear and self-doubts. His childhood trauma of being attacked and watching his sheep get killed by a wolf was so great that in his mind, he would compare his greatest fear to his own personal issues. His fears becomes a catalyst for his journey and growth into someone different.

As a warrior and a combatant, Kraven is a loyal friend to those true to him, with a savage and barbaric code of conduct that often marks him as beyond honorable than the most sophisticated of people he comes across in his travels. He had a strict code of honor, and refrained from stealing or cowardly acts of killing.

Aside from his warrior life, Kraven has a hobby of hunting big-game creatures such as lions or Sabretooth cats, and even mammoths. Before and after his slave life, he would spend time hunting creatures, taking their heads as trophies as well as their meat for sustenance. When he wasn't satisfied with hunting beasts, Kraven began working with the authorities to hunt down prisoners and escaped convicts into the wilderness, in which he would hunt them down. He even owned a private trophy room to display the skulls of animals and dangerous people he killed.

Biography/Life History: Kraven's history has added only for the sake of completeness.
Darkness Eternal
QUOTE(King Coin @ Jan 3 2013, 09:58 PM) *

QUOTE(jack cloudy @ Jan 3 2013, 02:50 PM) *


rollinglaugh.gif So funny!

Haha! Armor as his sweat? So badazz!
King Coin
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QUOTE(King Coin @ Jan 3 2013, 09:58 PM) *

QUOTE(jack cloudy @ Jan 3 2013, 02:50 PM) *


rollinglaugh.gif So funny!

Haha! Armor as his sweat? So badazz!

I did think of Kraven while reading jack cloudy's character. laugh.gif
jack cloudy
Kraven is more handsome though. The way he eats that orange. Oh my. wub.gif
Lady Saga
QUOTE(jack cloudy @ Jan 3 2013, 03:50 PM) *

Skills and talents: Triar is good at punching things. Punching them HARD.Clothing:

Pants are all a man needs. And that is only because nobody dares to gaze upon the full unleashed manliness that is him.

hehe.gif laugh.gif
King Of Beasts
Name: Renrij-Dar (translates into Criminal Scum)

Race: Khajiit

Gender: Male

Age: 25

Sign: The Thief

Home Country: Unknown. Was left at the doorstep if a very poor man.

Faction and Rank or Guilds(if none, tell us what they do for a living): Thieves guild: Footpad

Faction Description: A guild for thieves.

Class: Acrobat

Class Description: The kind of person that uses agility and endurance to their advantage. Unafraid of jumping long distances.

Skills and talents: Is a master of picking locks, quick and agile, skilled in destruction.

Physical Appearance:

Eyes: Yellow

Build: Very muscular, yet very athletic. Renrij-Dar

Weapons of preference: His claws, and a glass sword.

Clothing: If he's not wearing thieves guild armor or fur armor, he's running around riften half-naked looking for a pair of pants and a shirt.

Miscellaneous: Like his father, is very poor.

Magic abilities or powers: He's skilled in destruction, and is alright with healing.

Mental Profile/Personality: Sly, cunning, smart, creative, and friendly

Biography/Life History: When he was just a baby, his parents abandoned him. They left him at the doorstep of a very poor fisherman in a small settlement in morrowind. As a young child, Renrij-Dar used to steal food from the market to feed his father and himself, and often found trouble while doing it. Even though he got caught a lot, Renrij-Dar became skilled in pickpocketing, lock picking, and sneaking.

As a teenager, Renrij-Dar was already a master thief. He went from stealing bread and meat from the markets to stealing valuable items and gold. He also managed to get ahold if and sell Skooma and moonsugar. At age 14, his adopted father died of Brain Fever. Since there was nobody to argue with, the people of the settlement exiled him, forcing him to fight for survival in the wilderness.

A Nord warrior by the name of Hrothgar Black-Mane happened to be visiting Morriwind and found the young Khajiit, and took him in. Hrothgar took Renrij-Dar back to skyrim, and that is where he grew up. At age 18, Renrij-Dar witnessed his second adopted father die in a bee attack, and fled to Cyrodiil thinking it was his fault.

7 years later Renrij-Dar was caught by an imperial ambush, and brought to Helgen for execution, but he escaped when a dragon burnt down the small town, and ran off to join the thieves guild.
Elisabeth Hollow
Brain fever and bee attacks? Those are totally normal and un-epic ways of dying XD Poor kid.
King Of Beasts
QUOTE(Elisabeth Hollow @ Jan 8 2013, 07:53 AM) *

Brain fever and bee attacks? Those are totally normal and un-epic ways of dying XD Poor kid.

I meant bear rollinglaugh.gif
Colonel Mustard
QUOTE(King Of Beasts @ Jan 8 2013, 09:11 PM) *
QUOTE(Elisabeth Hollow @ Jan 8 2013, 07:53 AM) *

Brain fever and bee attacks? Those are totally normal and un-epic ways of dying XD Poor kid.

I meant bear rollinglaugh.gif

Keep it as a bee attack. Way, way more original than a bear. tongue.gif
QUOTE(Colonel Mustard @ Jan 8 2013, 04:33 PM) *

QUOTE(King Of Beasts @ Jan 8 2013, 09:11 PM) *
QUOTE(Elisabeth Hollow @ Jan 8 2013, 07:53 AM) *

Brain fever and bee attacks? Those are totally normal and un-epic ways of dying XD Poor kid.

I meant bear rollinglaugh.gif

Keep it as a bee attack. Way, way more original than a bear. tongue.gif

I think so too. Plenty of people who are allergic to bee stings are killed by them every year.
I was completely on board with the bee attack. I pictured Renrij-Dar stepping into a nest and running away while his dad got swarmed. blink.gif
Nice topic, let's see now:

NAME: Niamh Esher
RACE: Bosmer
GENDER: Female
AGE: 30 - (29 by the end of her time in Skyrim)
SIGN: nominally Thief

Valenwood, though she was raised in Skyrim by human foster parents.

Whatever she wants, in Cyrodiil; in Skyrim? Whilst she was there she just wanted to get back to Cyrodiil.

SKILLS: Very handy with a bow, and a surprise knife, preferably in the dark and whilst her quarry is asleep. She's a very accomplished sneak thief and burglar also, and can pretty much get through any lock if she puts her mind to it. If skulking in the shadows, committing acts of violence and running away is a skill, then she has bucketloads of it.

She has some skill with fire and healing spells, although it does not come naturally to her. She prefers very much not to be in a position where she has to use spells.

About 5 feet 6 or 7, athletic and slender - she is muscular but like a dancer or a gymnast is muscular. She has long black hair normally tied back and streaked with dark red. Her skin is very smooth and pale. She actually comes across at first sight as a relatively delicate creature, but this is in fact only an illusion and one which many in the past have - to their lasting regret - taken at face value.

She has a predilection for piercings, in her ears, nose, lower lip and navel - currently. Her long fingers are tipped with nails more often than not coated in a cracked layer of black nailpaint - (it matches her toes).

About 5 feet 6 or so, athletic certainly but think Bruce Lee as a Bosmer. Her hair is short and straggly.
Her skin is darker and marked by much more scarring and marks of battle; cracked dark warpaint on her face.

In all worlds Niamh has a regrettable disregard for personal hygiene and - (Varrius being out of scope) - it shows particularly here in Skyrim; she is filthy pretty much from head to toe.

(to be continued...)
Lady Saga
Phon! This is quite an honor. And a surprise! Love your profile pic of Niamh by the way.

I have a few more add to this thread but I been busy and stuff. Can't wait to do Skank next.
QUOTE(Lady Saga @ Jan 20 2013, 03:19 PM) *

Phon! This is quite an honor. And a surprise! Love your profile pic of Niamh by the way.

I have a few more add to this thread but I been busy and stuff. Can't wait to do Skank next.

wink.gif well you know I can't keep away!

Where was I? Oh yes...
Niamh in Skyrim has no fixed abode, she sleeps in hedgerows, under rocks, in the trunks of fallen trees. She is the distillation of all that is feral fey and wild about Niamh's spirit. Part of this Niamh brought back with her from Skyrim to Cyrodiil, but that's a story for another time.

Skyrim Niamh is not unattractive, but she's harsh as befits her environment; perhaps a little too angular, and certainly cold. Her eyes too; one blood red, the other white and sightless, her face scarred. In comparison, Cyrodiil Niamh has a clear face, and deep dark chestnut eyes deeply shadowed in their sockets.
Both of them though exude a sense of mystery and a strange attraction, perhaps like a car crash, or more poetically like a deep, deep pool that makes one want to jump in and fall forever.

Cyrodiil Niamh has a penchant for either full-covering body suits, or very, very minimalistic armour. Non combat wear tends to be minimal, in general.
Skyrim Niamh takes this to a logical extreme and basically wears nothing at all, ever. At one with her surroundings, she eschews clothing and armour as being surplus to her needs. "Skyclad" I believe is the term.

Both are fond of bows and daggers, though bows first and foremost. In Cyrodiil Niamh used a katana for awhile, but switched to a dagger.
Neither are really that comfortable with blades.

My interpretation of this heading... Although I write about Skyrim Niamh and Cyrodiil Niamh - (and Varrius Niamh) - they are all aspects of the same.
In totality she is a troubled creature, with much baggage. But; she is defiant and a fighter against her fate, she is selfish and self-obsessed and untrustworthy and a liar and a cheat and everything she does is defined by her own sense of personal gain. But; she is capable of as intense love as hate, she aches for attention and some sort of companionship and yet when she gets it she resents it and throws it away and regrets it and hates herself for it and does it all, all over again.
One day she will find happiness, one day day she will achieve a high, but until then the deepest lows and the darkness within them are her abode.

It's complicated, but to summarise:
She was brought up in Skyrim, but left - under a cloud - to pursue a life that ultimately led to Cyrodiil - (Cyrodiil) - ultimately she came to learn more about her heritage and where she was really from, Valenwood...
Here and Here.

I think that's enough for now...
Vyluun Fyr (Dunmer)

Name: Vyluun Fyr

Race: Dunmer

Gender: male

Age: 22

Sign: the mage

Home Country: Morrowind

Faction and Rank or Guilds: Collage of winterhold. Student (don't like being the arch-mage)
Faction Description:

Class: Battle Mage

Class Description: Conjuration, illusion, restoration, destruction, archery, heavy armor, enchanting

Skills and talents: knows a great deal about Dunmer and Falmer lore.

Physical Appearance: Black hair, six foot, 230 pounds, red face paint

Eyes: Red

Build: Fairly muscular, six foot, 230 pounds

Weapons of preference: Bow, fireball, flame thrall

Clothing: steel plate, morkei mask

Magic abilities or powers: gifted in conjuration sense age 11

Mental Profile/Personality: Hate for altmer. Friendly to nords, Dunmer, and bosmer. Occasionally imperials that don't support the aldmeri dominion

Biography/Life History:
My name is Vyluun Fyr. At a young age I discovered my abilities over the school of conjuration, accidentally summoning a flame atronach that burned down a nearby forest before returning to oblivion. I was born in a village called Vvardenyl on the border of Skyrim and Morrowindn. When I was 11, the Imperial Legion attempted to seize control of my village for fear of an uprising of the local mages. My people resisted, so the Legion sent the Aldmeri Dominion to deal with us. There were only four of them, but they managed to slaughter every last Dunmer in Vvardenyl. All except me, for I conjured a flame atronach that briefly sent me to the plane of oblivion to shield me from the altmer. When I returned, I went searching for my mother fearing the worst. I did not find her, only her pendant that my father gave to her. I swore revenge on the empire, promising to destroy every last one of those that were loyal to the altmer. And so I trained. Spending weeks on end with no sleep studying the art of conjuration in the ruins of the shrine of Azura. I learned the skill of archery in order to hunt and survive. I also tampered with destruction, illusion, and restoration magic. I found them astonishingly interesting in concept, and started focussing on them aswell as conjuration. 11 years have passed sense the massacre of my village. 11 years of grueling days of constant practice of magicka. Now i am ready to hunt down the aldmeri dominion, and show no mercy for them.

Major skills- conjuration, illusion, archery.
Minor skills- destruction, heavy armor, restoration, enchanting
King Coin
QUOTE(Vyluun Fyr (Dunmer) @ Jan 30 2013, 03:41 PM) *

Mental Profile/Personality: Hate for altmer. Friendly to nords, Dunmer, and bosmer. Occasionally imperials that don't support the aldmeri dominion

What about Khajiit and Argonians? tongue.gif Welcome to the forums by the way. I suggest you introduce yourself in the Intro thread! smile.gif
Welcome, Vyluun Fyr! Are we going to get to hear some more about your Dunmer? smile.gif

Here’s another one of mine.

Darnand Penoit

Breton man of Cyrodiil, born under the Apprentice. He was around 30 years old at the end of the Third Era. His Skyrim adventures take place early in the Fourth Era rather than the timeline that the games provide.

Factions and Titles: Cyrodiil Mages Guild, College of Winterhold. Darnand travels between Cyrodiil and Skyrim.

Class: Mage.

Skills: Mainly Destruction and Conjuration. There’s not a spell he can’t learn, but he is not equally skilled in all of the magical schools. He is an alchemist who is ever striving to surpass his friend Jerric. So far he has not. He is also an enthusiastic enchanter, though not all of his inventions work.

Appearance: Brown hair, hazel eyes, not much meat on him.

Weapons: Mages staff.

Apparel: Robes. No armor. Enchantments that reduce the cost of Destruction and Conjuration spells, regenerate his magicka, and resist magic to offset his Birthsign weakness.

Magic: Primarily fire attacks with a fire atronach summons. Utility spells from all schools.

Miscellaneous: Darnand hauls a fair amount of reading and writing material around with him. His first love is learning, and he can easily be tempted into adventure by the promise of discovery. Traveling with Jerric has really brought him out of his shell. With a heavily armored battlemage at his side (or slightly in front of him) he can stand and sling big fire with a smile on his face. Also in just robes he is good at sprinting away when necessary. He is quite vulnerable to attacks of all kinds. He has a solid offense with pretty much no defense at all.

Personality: Darnand is an introverted, studious sort of person. He can be irritable and tends to hyper-focus. He was brought up to be mannerly and present a good appearance, but left alone with his work he soon forgets to eat and bathe. He has affection for quite a few people and respect for even more but only a few very good friends. He has yet to discover the limit of what he will do for those who are closest to him.

Biography: Darnand was born in Chorrol, the product of an adulterous relationship between a prominent merchant and his sick wife’s nurse. The sick woman died and Darnand’s parents married before he was born, but eyebrows were raised over the affair. Darnand’s parents were killed in a carriage accident when he was a teenager. His older half-brother kicked him out of their home. Darnand behaved badly for a time and then joined the Mages Guild. In Anvil he met the battlemage Jerric. The friends have alternately followed and led one another into all kinds of trouble.
Lady Saga
It's been awhile and I wanna still add more characters. So here's the next in line.

Name: Skankee Krahk-ho


Race: Dark Elf

Gender: female

Age: was a young adult

Sign: Thief / Virgo

Home: Embershard Mine. She would also 'crash' in the side room at Arcadia's Cauldron.

Spouse: none

Home Country: Cyrodiil

Faction and Rank or Guilds(if none, tell us what they do for a living): College of Winterhold

Faction Description: "Skank" joined the College of Winterhold, but mostly just to steal soul gems & other assorted items, and get better spells. She did not advance very far into the guild itself.

Class: Nightblade / Necromancer

Class Description: Skank was talented with a daggar, but not any other weapon-types. I did put some perks into 1-handed for this. She was also an amateur necromancer-in-training (see story below).

Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Dragonborn? No.

Skills and talents: One-handed, some Alchemy, Light Armor, Sneak, Thief (lockpicking), Acrobatics (TFT skill), Cooking

Physical Appearance: Here. Sorry that's probably one of the only images I have of her. I actually don't remember what she looked like, TBH.

Eyes: dark

Build: slender

Weapons of preference: elven daggar I believe.

Clothing: She prefered light armor. For a long time (weeks) she wore regular, unenchanted armor, and she had a terrible magicka regeneration rate because of this. I think she may have found a set of vampire armor before she died that finally fixed this. smile.gif

Miscellaneous: I had never played a Nightblade in Oblivion; the term was new to me, so how would a Nightblade fit into Skyrim? I had no idea what the hell a niightblade actually does, but the clue is in the name: "night" and "blade". Use darkness as a tool to hopefully strike with a blade. But to be honest, Skankee Krahk-ho did not use daggar sneak attacks very often. She much prefered conjuring and re-animating.

...Skank was my first Sky character who really didn't get involved with quests/doing what other people want. She could care less. She also had no desire to ride horses.

One of the most disturbing things about her happened during one of my earliest RPs: she had a habit of 'playing' with certain dead NPCs. huh.gif Sexually playing, that is. dry.gif Since this is too disgusting for me to digest, I never could write these "sessions" up fully when they happened.

Magic abilities or powers: Destruction (frost, fire, and shock), Frenzy, Raising the Dead, Summon Wolf, Summon Fire Atronach.

Mental Profile/Personality: Skankee Krahk-ho was a rather sneaky yet headstrong young dark elf. Her mind was somewhat tortured, and I'm not exactly sure why. Never got to learn why, basically.

Biography/Life History: I don't know much about her past. Skank arrived in Skyrim with a group of other mages, all of whom had evil tendencies. Their plan was to join the Mage's College in Winterhold and slowly eradicate its members one by one ("disappearing" them when the opportunities presented themselves). This plan was interrupted by another of my characters: a 'holy knight' who discovered their camp and raided it. After this, Skank and all the other mages ran and got split up. Some of them also got killed by the knight, whoever he was wink.gif.

Skankee wound up running into a cave (Helgen Keep) and hiding while some sort of commotion was going on. She then followed a couple of soldiers back outside, found Embershard Mine, and took it to be her home. The entire time Skank was alive, Embershard's bandits basically could not respawn because she was constantly in and out.

She took up a few tasks here and there, but she was my first char. who basically did not do anything to please others. She did one bandit raid for the Jarl of Whiterun, for instance, but never bothered to get paid for killing its leader. When a courier approached her with a letter inviting her to come to Falkreath (Hearthfire stuff) she crumpled it up and left it on the ground. laugh.gif

Skank wound up getting killed by Rigel Strong-Arm in Pinewatch. I considered the death "fair" (no glitches were involved, and I had done everything to prevent this death) so that was that for Skankee Krahk-ho.
Is that supposed to be for Skank or Khak? blink.gif
Lady Saga
QUOTE(SubRosa @ Feb 8 2013, 12:44 PM) *

Is that supposed to be for Skank or Khak? blink.gif

Wow, people actually read these things... lol. I'm at work and did a couple cut & pastes...and got interrupted. blink.gif I'm back now...

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