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Colonel Mustard

This is the thread for planning out the Sutch-based RP we (myself, Acadian, Uleni Athram and Darkness Eternal) have started for general discussion of the RP itself.

Also, the title is totally a placeholder one and is up for change. Whether it will be changed or not, well, we'll see.

NOTE: As of 21/01/12, with the beginning of the RP proper, we are no longer recruiting.

King Of Beasts
What's it going to be about?
Colonel Mustard
Uleni's the one with the main idea outline, but I think it's going to mainly be about the disappearance of the city of Sutch from the continent of Cyrodiil (it was going to be a city in Oblivion but then got cut in development). That's all I've got in terms of details, but it's going to mainly be an urban setting, I think, and, well, that's about as much as I know at the minute.

Uleni, get on the thread and give us some details!
King Of Beasts
I've never done role-playing before. Can you give me a better idea of what it is.
Colonel Mustard
I suppose the best way to think of it would be to view it as a collaborative story were you have control of one character within it. Generally, you'll write a short story-segment of a few hundred words at most, detailing what they're doing in a situation, their interaction with other characters, be they player characters or NPCs, and then other RPers will post parts detailing their character's responses, and so on from there.

In this case, we're probably going to have a Game Master poster (I think it's going to be Uleni, but it may be me) who'll be providing the situations and settings, controlling NPCs and so forth.
Darkness Eternal
What is the exact year of the Third Era does this take place?
King Of Beasts
Can I join? I'll need more info though.
Colonel Mustard
Yeah, you're welcome to join, KoB. Uleni Athram is the man with the plan at this moment, so I'm just waiting for him to post some info on the thread.

DE: Haven't a clue on what year it's going to be. As I said, Uleni's got the outline for this, so hopefully he can furnish us with details if he has them. If not, we can always working out when it's going to be set; my money would probably be before the Oblivion Crisis, but I don't know for certain.
Uleni Athram

The plot

It is set pre-Crisis, in the year 425. There had been a new guild on the rise in the recent years. They call themselves the Adventurers Guild, and they pay handsomely for any unknown region chartered back into the map. They are lead by the charismatic Oedipus Nebraska, himself a veteran adventurer, and they quietly prospered along with the other two guilds in anvil, providing them with updated maps and shortcuts in their travels. They didn't had much monetary backing, only just managing their local chapter in Anvil. But they get a steady influx of willing adventurers, all of them wanting to be paid for their lifestyle.

One particular group discovered something deep in the bowels of Fort Sutch.

Or rather, something discovered them.

The accounts of the lone survivor of that group tell of hunched creatures, supremely pale, pointed ears, and with red, evil eyes. At first, it was decided to be another form of goblinkind, since the Colovian Highlands were infested with them, but the second group that ventured down the depths fanatically swears they were not goblins. They were another thing entirely. Similar, yes, but they had a cruel intelligence that sparks behind those eyes. The third group was lead by Oedipus Nebraska himself, and with him, they managed to clear out the infestation of the mysterious species. They lived in total darkness, and they used a chitin-like material as the source iof their weapons and dwellings.

Along with that, they discovered an irredeemably ancient oaken gate, sculptured with an unknown heraldry, breeming with magic. It was seemingly cut into the depths of the earth itself, and it led further down.

Oedipus, the adventurer that he was, called for another group and with additional numbers, they investigated and entered. As befits the grimdark cliche of adventure, only Oedipus alone came back, nearly dying from the wounds he sustained wherever that gate led. He tells nobody of what transpired there, only that he's eager for another go, and hosts the expedition with both the Fighters Guild and Mages Guild.

Yeah. The cliche horror adventure story, delving in dungeons deep to discover .... something that leads to many deaths and a reward that is of questionable value. That's the plot, boys. I'd wager you've heard far more impressing plots from a two-year old. You guys still up for it. after reading that? LOL

Weeellll.... You're in for a suprise what with all the twists I came up with. I hope. Let's hope that you guys don't see it coming, eh? As for the GM thing, sure. I'll try my hand in that, but incase I muck up alot and don't make sense, we can always vote for the Colonel or somebody else to takeover. That said, I'm also entertaining the idea of a GM Duumvirate. I don't make sense, you guys know that. So I may need help in being coherent, plot-wise. That, and the sadism of one individual is always overshadowed by the brutality of two sadists joining together! HAHA!

You guys have any questions whatsoever? Any desire for a debate or something? I feel as if though I'm lacking in my explanation above, but I can't pinpoint it....
King Of Beasts
The plot seems interesting. I can't wait!

Am I allowed to create my own character or am I assigned one?
Uleni Athram
You can create your own, of course.
King Of Beasts
QUOTE(Uleni Athram @ Jan 11 2013, 10:19 PM) *

You can create your own, of course.

Should I put some kind of Bio for my character up on this thread?

Can my character be a werewolf, or does my character have to be human?
Uleni Athram
Full Name:

Day of Birth:


Major Skills:
Minor Skills:



And on being a werewolf.. Well, DE in the last RP played a vampire so I guess there's no problem in that. Just don't go balls-out with that little quirk of yours, and make sure not to make your character OP. Its not really fun when one of your teammates is a one-hit-killing invincible XXxMcAwesomeKillstealr98xXX. IMO, make him one of the cursed, not the blessed, of Hircine. Give him reasonable gifts, but reasonable flaws also.

As for the human thing, be whatever race you want to be.

We must wait for the others though.
Colonel Mustard
I wouldn't mind doubling-up as GM, or maybe taking the reins at points if you want to spend some time RPing as well, Uleni. I do like that outline, though; that strikes me as having plenty of potential for Falmer-based fun.

Now, time to work out what character I'm going to play. Hmm, sneaky, cunning Redguard thief or axe-wielding thief who's convinced that Talos is talking to her personally. Decisions, decisions...
Uleni Athram
Only... the Falmer aren't the only monsters out there. I'm entertaining the thought of malignant spirits whispering you to madness.. A glory that once was, now an eldritch horror. Like I said, I'm having ideas on how to make this RP hell for you guys. Haw haw haw!

I'll pm you my plans, Colonel, and together we shall scheme!
Uleni, that all sounds great, with plenty of flexibility. If it doesn't make much diff to the plotting, any chance of bumping the timeline so it occurs a few years after the OB crisis instead of before? I'll be using a variant of Buffy from after the OB crisis is why I'm asking. If its a problem at all, I'm fine simply 'time traveling' her to where/when we need to be and not worrying about it. smile.gif

I love the idea that Indiana Jones Oedipus Nebraska (cool name) is recruiting from the FG and MG to assemble his new party.
Uleni Athram
A variant? Sure, no prob. I see no bumps in doing so, other than a few minor tweaks here and there
King Of Beasts
So wait....

Is the timeline going to be a few years after the oblivion crisis, or before?

Now to choose my character....
Uleni Athram
A few years after. Now we wait, I guess.
This sounds fun! I've got my character sheet drafted. I'll edit and tinker with it some more before putting it up.
King Of Beasts
Full Name: Westley Arctus

Nicknames/Aliases: Beast (when addressed by vampires) Wes (when addresses by friends) Hound (when addressed by Hircine) Brother or Blood-Kin (when addressed by other werewolves)

Sex: Male

Religion: Does not have a specific religion, but worships the nine divines as well as Hircine

Race: Imperial
Day of Birth: 15th of Morning Star
Birthsign: Shadow

Birthplace: Imperial City, Cyrodiil
Occupation: Adventurer, Champion of , hunter, thief

Major Skills: Blade, destruction, security, sneak, hand to hand, acrobatics, light armor, marksman

Minor Skills: Restoration, blunt, block, armorer, heavy armor, conjuration, mercantile

Gear: (casual wear) Heinrich's shirt, leather boots, leather bracers, black wide pants (armor) Any type if light armor, but mostly uses leather or mithril. Never uses a helmet. Uses the Blackwater Blade, a silver dagger, or a silver bow with silver arrows as weapons. If no weapons are available, Westley will either use his fists, destruction spells, or he'll transform into a werewolf and use his teeth, claws, and brute strength.


Father: Corvus Arctus (deceased)

Mother: Lucia Avenicci (whereabouts unknowing)

Appearance: Short Black hair and blue eyes. Westley stands about 6"3 in full height, and has a very muscular build. Westley (close up) Westley (farther away)

Personality: Brave, smart, and good natured, but very insecure and always seems a bit guilty.

History: Westley was born at 10:00am, on the 15th of morning star, in the waterfront district of the Imperial City. His family was very poor, but was overjoyed to be blessed with a wonderful child, especially Westley's father, Corvus.

Westley and his father were very close. As soon as Westley was old enough, every night his father would take him out into the great forest, and show Westley the stars and constellations. Corvus told his son about how every star was a great hero of the past, and how every constellation told the stories of the greatest heroes.

When Westley was only seven years old, he wandered out of the city and into the great forest by himself. When a forest fire started, all he could do was run, because his father wasn't close enough to here his cries for help. An adventurer passing by heard Westley's cries for help, and being a family friend, immediately went to find Corvus.

Corvus rushed to his son's aid, and in an attempt to get his son out of the fire, Corvus got stuck in it. Luckily for Corvus, he managed to throw himself onto a steep dirt hill, but he was thrown back down into the fire by the family's friend, an Orc named Mogrul. He the he landed in a safe spot, but the fall killed him.

When the fire was over, Westley found his father's broken, bloody body, and was chased off by Morgul who tried to kill Westley. The belief formed in Westley's mind that it was his fault his father died, and he ran away to anvil, where the fighter's guild took him in and raised him.

At age 18, Westley left the fighters guild to become an adventurer. He encountered a werewolf, and though the beast didn't kill him, he became a werewolf himself, and quested for the ring of Hircine. He hunted for 20 night and 20 days in Hircine's name to acquire the ring of Hircine. He is currently an adventurer who is seeking great fortune and fame....

(I'm writing a fanfic called aftermath about how Westley is trying to save Cyrodiil from a vampire-werewolf war 3 years after the oblivion crisis, but I'm willing to alter what he does after the oblivion crisis for this RP.)

Spells: Most prominent

Destruction: Weak fireball.
Conjuration: Summon scamp
Restoration: Absorb Health, weak healing
Uses a variety of scrolls....
Darkness Eternal
Damn, I was going to make a werewolf character this time around. None of them are around during the time after the Oblivion Crisis. Hell, not even my vampire characters are technically "around" during that time period.

I must think of something. Can't do time travel, since it doesn't exist in lore.
King Of Beasts
QUOTE(Darkness Eternal @ Jan 12 2013, 03:42 PM) *

Damn, I was going to make a werewolf character this time around. None of them are around during the time after the Oblivion Crisis. Hell, not even my vampire characters are technically "around" during that time period.

I must think of something. Can't do time travel, since it doesn't exist in lore.

You can be a werewolf too. I don't mind. Westley isn't a bad guy, even though he's a werewolf. He has the ring if Hircine so he can control his transformations.....
Darkness Eternal
I don't believe in bad wolves. Just wolves and animals. But I'd rather do something else, I suppose.
Full Name: Buffy
Nicknames/Aliases: Isn’t Buffy enough?
Sex: Female
Religion: She respects the Nine and loves both Mara and Kynareth. When asked how she reconciles the violence of her profession with the love of Mara, and forest creatures of Kynareth, Buffy replies, “If you were familiar with how a mother grizzly demonstrates love for her cubs when they are in danger, you would understand.”

Race: Bosmer.
Age: Late twenties.
Day of Birth: Are you kidding? A girl’s gotta have some secrets, after all.
Birthsign: Mage.
Birthplace: Bravil.

Occupation: Knight Arcana, Order of the Lamp (Mages Guild). Buffy’s humble background in Bravil, combined with her University education and minor title of nobility as a knight make her quite comfortable moving in diverse circles that range from black marketeers and beggars to the very courts of counts and countesses. This ability makes her of particular value to her guild and she is often assigned tasks ranging from diplomatic envoy to ‘enforcement operations’ for the guild.

Primary talents:
-The bow – she was apprenticed to Master Daenlin of Bravil for over a dozen years and is specialized as a long range sniper.
-All things illusory, ranging from mind control spells to blending into the shadows to, literally, disappearing – Illusion was her primary specialization at the Arcane University.
-A skilled but empathic healer. This means she must lay hands on her patient like a paladin or priest does. It also means she must accept some of her patient's pain as she heals them.
Lesser talents:
-Woodscraft – although born in Bravil and raised in the surrounding forests, she was conceived in the treetops of Valenwood and is very much at home in the wilds and among Kynareth’s creatures.
-Crafting lethal poisons. Her skill, however, is focused on deadly ingredients and does not extend to the more benign aspects of alchemy. She must rely on those more skilled in that area to provide helpful potions.
-Temporarily summoning mundane bound items like a towel, cup or hunting knife (to cut her arrows from victims and field dress game). Although she heals her living bow and mends any soft armor she wears with a needle and sinew or silk, she can briefly summon a repair hammer for others who need one.
- Utility magic such as locking/unlocking, water breathing/walking, lighting campfires and, of course, various illumination spells.
- Although proficient in all the schools of magic, she is rather poor with the elements. In fact, she uses fire primarily for cooking and frost primarily for chilling ale for her friends. Focusing so intently on the bow has limited her ability with magic in another way. She lacks the positional casting flexibility of some mages; she can only cast while standing or kneeling with both feet or knees in firm contact with the ground. That is, if riding, reclining, sitting on a bar stool, or even if simply lifted from the ground, she is magically helpless - the only exception is her ability to cast self or touch spells while swimming or underwater.
Totally avoids: Quite a few skills actually - another sacrifice for being so focused on bow and magic. Fighting with any melee weaponry or fists is out of the question - she lacks the strength, endurance, stamina and hardiness to engage in such futility. Will not use lockpicks; she is not mechanically inclined. Cannot even lift heavy armor, much less wear or use it effectively.

Gear: A living recurve longbow named Willow that assists Buffy in drawing its bowstring and is almost silent when fired; the bow’s internal magic assists the weak elf to make long, powerful and quiet shots. She also has a pair of rings that allow her to detect life signs to a range of nearly 400 feet. This equipment, when combined with her skills result in an extremely effective scout and sniper. As a mage, her biggest fear is having her ‘magic cursed’ (silence). For this reason she carries an ample supply of potions and scrolls specifically to dispel that effect.

Family: Orphaned by twelve, she was raised by the city of Bravil and learned to survive in the shadows of its alleys and surrounding forests. Her primary mentors growing up were Daenlin and Kud-Ei so it is no surprise she is an archer/illusionist. She considers her guild of mages to be pretty close to family. Buffy is actually never alone however and travels with a couple unusual companions beyond Willow (her bow). Bound inside her is the spirit of an ancient paladin named Acadian who sometimes offers advice. She also is magically linked and extremely close to her precious black mare, Superian.

Appearance: The blond, blue-eyed, big eared elf is quite small, weighing under one hundred pounds and standing less than five feet tall. Although Buffy maintains that her lack of size makes for a small target, she privately admits to being self-conscious about her diminutive stature. Her wardrobe, however, is large and as diverse as the circles she travels in. Regardless of her outfit, the astute observer cannot miss the heavy callousing on two fingers of her right hand that clearly mark her as one who lives by the bow. When adventuring, she favors buckskins. Since pictures are worth a thousand words, here are several:
The buckskin knight.
An accomplished mage.
Comfortable in any court.
And a fine negotiator.

Personality: Gregarious, nurturing, vengeful, protective of friends. She lacks the size, steel or stones to go toe-to-toe with foes, so tends to make hard choices regarding target identification and uses pre-emptive strikes from the shadows when fighting rather than ‘declaring herself’ to potential foes. She won't ask you to surrender; she'll either kill you from the shadows or avoid contact. Her small size and vulnerability drive much of who she is and why she relies on magic to augment her bow.

History: Just a simple girl from Bravil who knows some magic, takes to the shadows like a cat and carries a deadly sniper bow. wink.gif

> EDIT - to reflect Mustard’s request for a list of spells: Goodness. Aside from her bow and sneak skills, Buffy is very very much a devoted mage. Not surprisingly, her list of spells is lengthy -

Illusion (this is her primary magical discipline):
-Low level command creature for a long time on target. This is to make simple animals like abandoned horses follow her.
-Charm 80 x 7 seconds on touch. Very helpful for negotiating and shopping.
-Command. Command creature 100x15 on target + Command humanoid 100x15 on target + invisx7 on self. This is her primary fight starter vs crowds.
-Fear. Demoralize100x15 on target + Turn undead100x15 on target + invisx7 on self. This will turn any individual foe from her.
-Invisx60 on self.
-Chameleon100x8 on self.
-Silencex30 on target.
-Nighteyex120 on self.
-Light35x120 on self.

Restoration (this is her secondary school of magic):
-Cure disease + cure poison. She has self and touch versions.
-Restore Attribute10x1. She has self and touch versions of this for each of the 8 attributes.
-Restore health60x2 on self. (She only has 127 hitpoints)
-Restore health15x10 on touch.
-Restore fatigue15x10 on self. With her low endurance, she is easily winded.
-Touch of Death (all effects on touch): Absorb health25x1 + Absorb magicka10x1 + Drain Speed100x1 + Paralyzex1 + Soul trapx1 + Weakness to Magic100x5. This is her ‘melee’ panic button. It immobilizes any foe while sucking the life and magicka from them. The weakness to magic aspect ensures it gets more potent with each rapid cast.
-Fortify acrobatics 100 on self. 17 and 15 second versions. Casting both increases one’s acrobatics by 200, vastly expanding the otherwise inaccessible perch options that she can leap to.

-Drain speed100x8 on target + Weakness to Poisonx8 on target. This handy spell not only immobilizes a foe’s body and mind, but makes the rapidly following poisoned arrow twice as deadly and even preserves her stealth if hidden when she casts it. In the case of poison-immune foes, it busts that immunity allowing the poison to take full effect. In a pinch, this spell can be used to immobilize a foe so an ally can more safely attack it or even simply give Buffy more time to think.
- A vanilla ‘Flare’ spell. Handy for simultaneously killing/cooking mudcrabs, lighting campfires or torches and such.
- Frost damage3x15 on target. This is a good illumination spell as it sticks to walls and such while lingering long enough to look around. It can also kill a rat or mudcrab, or chill a bottle of ale.
- Disintegrate weapon10 on touch. This is used to gently disintegrate an imbedded arrow in either self or patient before healing the actual wound. It is much better than trying to pull out or push through an imbedded arrow.

-Waterwalkx120. Both self and touch versions.
-Waterbreathex120. Both self and touch versions.
-Unlock any lock.
-Lock any door/container.
-Feather100x120. Self and touch versions.
-Fairly strong and long self and touch spells to resist fire. Same for frost or shock.
-A brief but strong shield spell that she has learned to cast with her left hand out to her bow. As a result of countless hours of drilling and practice, it is now a reflexive action that, when she raises her bow to block, she magically reinforces it with this spell so the bow is not damaged when occasionally called into such harsh service.

- Numerous mundane ‘bound’ items ranging from elven hunting knives to handkerchiefs and towels. They disappear after no more than 20 minutes or so.
- A simple apprentice level summon ghost spell that serves primarily as a distraction or lookout.
- Although not conjuration magic, the bond she has with her mare allows Buffy to ‘summon’ or ‘unsummon’ Superian at will.

- Superior Life Detection (vanilla spell 120ftx60seconds). With this, she can temporarily extend the prodigious range of her twin rings from 360 feet to 480 feet.
- Greater Soul Trap (vanilla spell on target x 30 seconds). Although Buffy’s bow does not use charges, she carries a good supply of larger soul gems and uses this spell for the dangerous task of fully filling greater and grand soul gems to help the retailers within her guild halls stay well stocked. Another benefit of this practice is that she is often able to help allies who use enchanted weapons keep them charged.
-Telekinesis100’x20. Primarily used for target identification, simply by having the spell readied and focusing on the target. Handy for some utility purposes and playing tricks on friends as well.
-Dispel100pointsx10’ on target. Helpful for debuffing and stripping summons from other mages.
-Dispel100points on self. Primarily for dispelling her own effects (such as nighteye) when no longer needed. If ‘silenced’ (perhaps a mage’s worst nightmare), she has to rely on potions and scrolls of dispel which she always carries to regain her spellcasting.
Colonel Mustard
Liking the character sheets so far! I'm a tad hesitant about having the Imperial Champion as part of the character roster, as a big name like that threatens to overshadow everybody else's characters, but aside from that Westley checks out just fine. I'll get my own character sheet up soon; got a Redguard thief planned.

Also, just a small request; would you mind putting up a list of spells your characters know? I know it sounds like a bit of a hassle, but it cuts out the temptation to simply pull something out of thin air when it might be needed.
Darkness Eternal
QUOTE(Colonel Mustard @ Jan 13 2013, 06:54 PM) *

Also, just a small request; would you mind putting up a list of spells your characters know? I know it sounds like a bit of a hassle, but it cuts out the temptation to simply pull something out of thin air when it might be needed.

Pfft. But that ruins all! It gives to much information on the character than it's actually needed. tongue.gif
Colonel Mustard
QUOTE(Darkness Eternal @ Jan 13 2013, 07:33 PM) *
QUOTE(Colonel Mustard @ Jan 13 2013, 06:54 PM) *

Also, just a small request; would you mind putting up a list of spells your characters know? I know it sounds like a bit of a hassle, but it cuts out the temptation to simply pull something out of thin air when it might be needed.

Pfft. But that ruins all! It gives to much information on the character than it's actually needed. tongue.gif

On the contrary, it means that either myself or Uleni can say; "That spell your character used was complete BS. Please use a more imaginative solution to save your character from whatever predicament they are in." And thus the RP is more enjoyable because it's challenge is consistent and fair for everyone.

Also, my character is here.

Full Name: Tarrick Kratham
Nicknames/Aliases: None
Sex: Male
Religion: He’s aware of the Nine, but is by no means a pious man; he generally works on the assumption that if he leaves them be, they’ll leave him be.

Race: Redguard
Age: 26
Day of Birth: 14th Frostfall
Birthsign: Serpent

Birthplace: Anvil
Occupation: Thief, rogue, rascal, rapscallion and ne’er-do-well

Major Skills: Tarrick excels at getting in and out of places unseen, pickpocketing, picking locks and charming and fast talking other people.
Minor Skills: He’s pretty accurate when he’s throwing a knife, and while he would be overpowered by a trained professional, he can hold his own in a fight with his sabre and daggers. He can brew up poisons of reasonable potency, and knows how to move in light armour, though generally he tries to avoid any situations where he needs it.
Gear: A dozen throwing knives, lockpicking, a sabre and two daggers for when things get hairy, a set of leather armour reinforced with some chainmail, a mortar and pestle for making poisons, a few empty vials, two vials of paralysis poison, two vials of direct damage poison. He also carries a bag of caltrops (four-pronged metal spikes that are scattered on the floor and make walking through that area very painful indeed), a grappling hook with fifty feet of rope, a crowbar for when the lockpicks just don’t work, a few torches and a tinder and flint.

Family: Aside from an ailing mother who he supports, none. He never knew his father, and his mother has never said much about him, and Tarrick has, over the years, constructed an elaborate tale of his father being an Alik’r captain whose love of his mother forced the pair to flee Hammerfell; in order to buy his pregnant lover time to escape, his father died whilst holding off the army that was pursuing, who were so terrified of the man’s prowess that they fled.
Appearance: Tarrick has the dark skin and broad features that typify all Redguards, and he keeps his black hair cut very short. He’s clean shaven, having experimented with a goatee when he was younger but not finding it to his taste.
Personality: He’s outgoing, cheerful and rather charming, but is also somewhat of a coward; when it comes to conflict he will always attempt to avoid it, and won’t go into a straight fight if he isn’t guaranteed to win. He struggles to keep his head under pressure, and is prone to panicking and running if things go awry.

History: Born on Anvil’s docks, Tarrick discovered he was naturally gifted as a pickpocket and cutpurse from a young age. As he grew older, he discovered that his skills in stealth and picking locks were much more lucrative than any of the work that could be found in Anvil’s poverty-stricken docklands. He’s currently working as a mid-ranking member of the Thieves’ Guild, though he’d appreciate it if such a factoid was kept from the Anvil Guard.

Uleni Athram
Prevents 'My Wizardry Did It' spam moments I guess, LOL.

And guys, here you go. Have my copy of the Black Horse Courier. Interesting stuff, there I assure you. :winks





The Adventurers Guild, lead by the veteran adventurer Oedipus Nebraska, had been on the rise since their founding six years ago. They, are as they name suggest, a Guild of Adventurers, and they specialize in exploring the world and brining fame and fortune to both the adventurer lifestyle and the Guild. Some Adventurer Guildsmen and women are already sung in taverns around the four corners of Tamriel, in recognition of the deeds they have done in service to the Empire and her citizens. Youths who searches for thrill are encouraged to join, and those in their twilight years seeking one last adrenaline-run should look no further. Whereas the Fighters Guild provides adventure also, theirs are the mercenary path and focus on training sellswords. The Adventurers Guild are not so narrowed down in their objective; in fact, one could consider it an academy for heroes-to-be.

And now, nearing their seventh year as a Guild, the Adventurers Guild and the two other Guilds in Anvil has joined hands together and annoucned their first ever collaboration; an Expedition to the newly discovered areas below Fort Sutch, "where the Adventurer can guide the Mage, the Mage can solve any puzzles therein, and the Fighter stands ever vigilant for any foes that lies in the darkness."

So said Oedipus Nebraska, head of the Expedition, when interviewed by yours truly.

"This is a discovery that befuddled us all when the reports came in," he said, smilling. "I won't say anything regarding what's under the Fort just yet; it would spoil the suprise for the common folk, and I don't like spoilling stories, ha ha! All I can say, however, is that after this Expedition is done, the Adventurers Guild would never be the same!"

And for those who are curious and brave enough, the Adventurers Guild are hiring new members for this expedition! We are contractually obliged to urge those with the skill and heart to hurry into their Guild Hall in Anvil, and one could expect a warm welcome into the fold of legends and heroes! No matter who you are, no matter what size you are, no matter what background your from, the brotherhood of Adventure awaits you!



"Suschamel, the Ironstar of the West,'
A Brief History Of The Forgotten City Of Sutch
By The One-Gazer, Tulas Feramo

-A Book Deemed Heretical And Banned By The Royal Archives Assembly

'Suschamel'. 'The Ironstar of the West' in the Old Tongue. It was the original name of a forgotten city that festers under the cruel tyranny of the sun and the ravages of time. The dark romantic history that weighs that name is worthy of a lengthy novel of in itself; its rise to splendor, its days of might under its powerful scions, and the fall from glory that inevitably infests anything made by the hands of Man. The single testament that it even existed is now a haven for the criminal-maggots that squirm and hide from the gaze of Law and Order. It would come as a shock for you, dear reader, but Fort Sutch had not been always a pathetic skeletal remain of a fort garrison that splotches the golden fields of Colovia. No. Its history stretches far more thant that, far more long than a resting house for the Empire's red legions.

In fact, it predates the Empire itself.

There are many unsung heroes in the history of the Empire. Martyrs that laid the foundation of the various Empires with the blood of their life, and the sparks of their souls. Nameless and faceless. and very much thanked by none for the sacrifice they made.

Shadowed by history.

History is written by the victors, dear reader, but those victors are the ones who lived. They dictate what happened and what did not. The losers are the dead, no matter where they come from, and for that, maybe they had seen the end of their war. Suschamel, or Sutch, has been founded by one victor. This victor, for the sake of simplicity we shall call him Suschamel, had been a slave for the vile Elves of the Heartland during the First Era, when Time was still young, its coherent stream just beginning. When the warhorns sounded for the Rebellion, this person joined the Slave-Queen Alessia in her crusade and partook in the usurping of their slaver-overlords. When at last the White Tower was theirs, the Queen built anew from the ashes of the old, and named it the First Empire of the Cyro-Nordics.

Suschamel, for his part, was granted the lands of western Colovia and the authority to rule it as one of Her vassals. Upon his new crown weighed also the responsibilty of guarding the new empire from any western threat, and for this, he named his new lands Suschamel, for he and his bloodline would keep their vows to Slave Queen, and they would be as stars in the western sky; ever vigilant from above, a sigil of hope, anticipating the Eastern Dawn.. And unyielding as the king of all metals in the face of any foe and hardship that may test the resolve of the fledgeling Empire.

During the years that followed, they grew in might and influence and in time, their word began to hold sway. This could be partially attributed to the sons of Suschamel; they served the Empire in any way they could, and some of them attained public offices in the new goverment or even generals in the conquering armies. Thus, both the bloodline and the city prospered from the glories her sons gave to her, and it wasn't long before it became something more than a shield to the west.

It became a city of splendor, basking in the rugged beauty of the Colovia, mystifying it with eloquences of the Nibenean East.

It became home to a league of the Empire's finest heroes and champions, fathered of course by the bloodline of the slave that the city takes its name from.

In short, it became glorious. A miniature empire unto itself.

The avatar of Colovian honesty and perseverance.

A great bulwark.

And that is why they fell.

The most noteworthy of Suschamel's descendant was Sejanus Lucianus Nero, a former legate of the Fenix Legion, but known for his sobriquet as the 'Lord of the Sundered Gates' in praise for his unrivaled mastery in siege warfare. In addition to his military experiences, he was also an adept sorceror, rivalling the most powerful mage at that time, and skilled orator, able to inspire and lead or intimidate and crush in equal measure.

A perfect scion, in the eyes of the Suschamelii.

A perfect enemy, in the eyes of that time's Emperor.

It was no secret at the time that the current Emperor was weak. His name was Goerius, and he had none of the strength found in Alessia. At best, he was a mediocre ruler, genuinely devoted to the wellbeing of the Empire. At worst, a hopeless impotent in the presence of his betters. It was not wrong to assume that he felt threatened by the star of Suschamelii. And he was not alone... The Elder Council felt threatened also. Their monkey-whispers poisoned what little fear the Emperor had for the Suschamelii, and he ordered their Complete. Annihilation.

The Emperor's legions obeyed, and they struck without warning or mercy.

But there was something else there. Something strange.

Sejanus, master of war and sorcery, Lord of the Sundered Gates, did not participate in the defense. What little fragments I can obtain from the deep memory-wells of the Duskstone tells me of how he retreated far off in the dephts of Sutch's deepest dungeons where the populace hid, and was never seen again. With his disappearance, the Suschamelii were eradicated and the city, the bulwark, was betrayed by the very Empire it has sworn to protect.

The current Fort Sutch you see now is nothing but a shallow attempt to rebuild on the betrayed earth; but even then, it has fallen. Nothing there ever grows anymore. A haven now for criminal scum.

That, reader, is the history of the Forgotten City. From its rise to its fall, however brief I penned it be. You may ask how I obtained these... unthinkable stories, and you may call me madman, and you may ban this collection of truth, and you may arrest me for Heresy and possibly Daedra Worship, but I say to you now, Children of Cyrod.

The Ironstar will protect you. It will always be the bulwark. It will be your shield against anything.. even if that means burning down this Empire!

K'vakis! Jotunnas ar'gh Miros! N'Gasta! Korosma ait'Eltorun! Padho'Meric mehetras!

(EDITOR'S NOTE: The self-proclaimed 'One-Gazer', Tulas Feramo, has been arrested for Contempt of the Emperor and the Worship of Daedra, and currently awating execution-by-hanging. Any person who holds any copy of this book in his inventory will be subject to a search by the officials, and be judged under the Books Act 43A-C08, and be imprisoned for a lifetime sentence)

Thus wrote the One-Gazer, Tulas Feramo, a once respected mage in service to the Imperial Court. His publication of the aforementioned book caused quite a stir in the realm of the academics. Most pointed out that this was nonsensical garbage at its finest, and should be ignored, as there is no such thing as a city of Sutch. One vocal protestor, who asked us to shield his identity, remarked that the One-Gazer's sanity has seemingly deterioated over the past few years and it didn't suprise him at all for Tulas to such a stunt. Since the contents of the book holds some over-the-top creative thinking, most prefer to just let it shrink into obscurity. But the Assembly didn't think so. They deemed it heretical, and hauled the One Gazer off to the Imperial Dungeons, charged with Heresy and Contempt of the Emperor.

He is now awaiting execution.

Incidentally, a copy this book has been spotted in the possession of Oedipus Nebraska, the leader of the famous Adventurers Guild in Anvil. Although it is unconfirmed, offcials and agents of the Royal Archives are still investigating him, but so far, there had been no reportable results from it.
King Of Beasts
QUOTE(Colonel Mustard @ Jan 13 2013, 09:54 AM) *

Liking the character sheets so far! I'm a tad hesitant about having the Imperial Champion as part of the character roster, as a big name like that threatens to overshadow everybody else's characters, but aside from that Westley checks out just fine. I'll get my own character sheet up soon; got a Redguard thief planned.

Also, just a small request; would you mind putting up a list of spells your characters know? I know it sounds like a bit of a hassle, but it cuts out the temptation to simply pull something out of thin air when it might be needed.

Sure, lets just say Westley is an adventurer who is looking for fortune and fame then. smile.gif
Colonel Mustard
QUOTE(King Of Beasts @ Jan 13 2013, 08:39 PM) *
QUOTE(Colonel Mustard @ Jan 13 2013, 09:54 AM) *

Liking the character sheets so far! I'm a tad hesitant about having the Imperial Champion as part of the character roster, as a big name like that threatens to overshadow everybody else's characters, but aside from that Westley checks out just fine. I'll get my own character sheet up soon; got a Redguard thief planned.

Also, just a small request; would you mind putting up a list of spells your characters know? I know it sounds like a bit of a hassle, but it cuts out the temptation to simply pull something out of thin air when it might be needed.

Sure, lets just say Westley is an adventurer who is looking for fortune and fame then. smile.gif

Awesome, that probably works best for everyone. Cheers! smile.gif
Darkness Eternal
Eh, not bringing "Vaultren," back for this one. But here we have Drakothemir. One my my most controversial and hated characters. People love to hate him, and they hate to love him. Controversial for a great nunmber of reasons from personality to choices to deities to even personal affections! cool.gif ohmy.gif

Full Name: Drakothemir.

Other alias: Draken.

Sex: Male.

Religion: Molag Bal and Clavicus Vile. In a cutthroat enviornment of Tamriel, strife and violence culls the weak, empowers the intermediate and lets the strong apt to survive and excel. Drakothemir believes conflict seems to be the only way to mature and grow. Being an Imperial, the history of the empire and how they grew through force of arms and subjugation of the provinces only reinforced his beliefs. Molag Bal represents power and domination, among other things. And power itself also comes from unrestrained emotions, to which Drakothemir uses wisely.

It's common knowledge that power comes from impulse and instinct, and thus, to achieve it, Drakothemir believes those who follow Molag are forged into the warriors by subjugating others and given into situations that force them to know their their true potential or die trying. Conflict is the only way to put an individual's ability to the test and the conflict and lock-of-horns forces one to evolve and become stronger for it. Without power, one goes onto decline and stagnation, and thus proves he isn't worthy to live at all and thus he/she deserved to die.

Race: Imperial. Pureblood.

Age:Undefined. Appears in his twenties when he has his fill of nutrition. Looks older when he doesn't feed. His face appears somewhat wrinkly and he adopts the visage of an older, more intimidating looking gentleman.

Birthplace: Cyrodiil.

Occupation: Nobleman. Former Legion Commander. Member of a secret society of Molag Bal and Clavicus Vile worshipers.

Combat skills:

"The Blood of Ancients run through my veins. I can demonstrate my extended knowledge on the arcane talents I possess if you promise to cooperate by not passing out."

Drakothemir was known among one of the most skilled duelists and fighters in Cyrodiil. His competitive spirit drove him toward one of the famous forms of fencing. Though he maintained an expert knowledge of other forms as well. In melee combat he used his blade to redirect and deflect enemy blades, rather than attempting to meet his opponent face-on, fending off opponents with a little expenditure of energy before unleashing fast and devastating counter attacks. He relies heavily on his footwork to outmaneuver his opponent, basing himself on balance and stance, back-and-forth lunges and leverage, and sudden retreats.

Although his hand was of use for combat, he was well-taught in the art of "Verbal fencing". A tactic he learned from his sibling that focused on disrupting an enemies concentration by the use of psychological negativity. Such as taunting and mocking, bit by bit exposing their inner doubts. Causing their emotions to slowly take over their conscious skill until the point where they make an inevitable fatal move.

When facing larger opponents, such as Mages, he drew heavily his volatile emotions to augment his ferocity. He combined his swordsmanship with martial arts and hand-to-hand combat abilities--a lethal mixture which made him a powerful fighter. And whenever he encountered a foe he could not defeat through his martial prowess, he would fall back on his tactical ways, outmaneuvering such enemies with psychological warfare.

Phisically Drakothemir is pretty strong, quick and agile. He is capable of grand physical feats, such as jumping across walls, climbing very quickly, and running far distances. He is skilled in martial arts such as the Whispering Fang, Rawlith Khaj and the Goutfang. He was able to break apart incoming wooden weapons like staffs and spears with his hands and legs. He also could disarm, subdue and knock out his foes.

He is also proficient at infiltration and stealth but not a master. It is his lesser skill and relies more on his "Embrace Of Shadows" power than his light feet.

Magic Powers: Throughout his life, Drakothemir learned much in the arts of Destruction magic. As a child, he could only summon small bursts of flame, but by the time he was older in his mid twenties, he was confident enough in his abilities to use them in the open against many students in the Arcane University. His fire attacks have became more deadlier as he charges his spell before creating enormous blasts of fire. In his present years, he was able to create a raging inferno around him that could effect a seven feet radious without scorching himself in the process.

He was able to use more of his magicka, unleashing fiery sheets of flame. He once engaged in a fight with a battle-mage, fighting with less strain while his opponent was shoved towards exhaustion and growing lack of confidence. He learned several mastering techniques: such as blocking large streams of incoming flames with short blasts of fire.

Draken became a proficient strategist, able to take advantage of most situations by exploitation. He also forms alliances with individuals with amazing skills and influence and uses them to his advantage. Although he shows these traits, he suffers from weaknesses of his own.

He has an array of Blood Magic at his disposal, granted to him at birth and through sacrifice by Lord Molag Bal, the Daedric Lord of Rape and Domination.

Power of the Grave.

Detect All Creatures.

Supernatural Reflexes.

Blood Healing.

Unearthly Will.

Poison Talons.

Night Cloak.

Vampiric Grip and Choking Damage.

Summon Gargoyle.

Corpse Curse.

Gear: A fine sabre made of silver bearing Daedric filigree in the handle. He also has an ancient blade’s weapon, a katana. Though he does not use it as much as he did in his earlier years.

Clothes:He wears a nobleman’s clothing when he is off-duty, the hallmark of a true aristocrat. A black and burgundy outfit with gold-trimmed shoes, and even up to date. Most of them comes in shades of black, red and grey. He wears a crimson amulet around his neck; and a large set of named rings which he aquired during his travels in which he tells decorates his hands; Ring of Erudite, Ring of the Corpse Curse, Ring of the Gargoyle, Ring of Draining Claw, Ring of VGrip and Ring of the Beast. He also owns a single black robe.

Family: Drakothemir only has himself. There are no heirs to his legacy. Not currently. His family history and whereabouts are unknown. Some say they are deceased.

Appearance:(I had ingame pics, which resemble the current pics almost to the letter! But when I refix my PS3, you will see Drakothemir in the game version). Drakothemir is often described as a "cruel-looking young man with a mature aura about him. This is mostly true, as Drakothemir seldom smiles or laughs out of feeling but nescessity. He stands tall for an Imperial, and sometimes has sharp cheekbones, a gaunt face and a pale complexion, though most often he is just as everyone else.

Unbeknown to most, he also has another form. Drakothemir is irecognizable in this form; he bears a gaunt, emaciated and fearsome countenance with ebony eyes and an aquiline nose. A mouthful of pointed, vampiric teeth and a bare chest. His tapered ears are pointed to the back of his skull. Grey veins can be seen pulsing across his smooth, monstrous cranium and his mottled sinewey skin is often dry. Though in the purest form of vampirism, he wears black silk trousers with a tarnished gold belt that circles his waist along with gilded armbands that grips his biceps. Molten black eyes, unlike any regular vampire’s, remain cold and dead. Also in this form, he dones a pair of batlike wings that snap of his shoulder blades, spanning nearly eight feet from tip to tip. With arched bones and twisted webs of veins and muscle throughout the fleshy membranes. it is a small wonder this glorious form is only reserved for the rarest of Molag Bal's champions.


Lord Drakothemir was an accomplished philosopher, politician, and warrior, and was considered as one of the wealthiest nobles in Cyrodiil and was admired for his charismatic attitude. Though it was not always so.

During his earlier years, Drakothemir was a hot-headed and complex young man. He firmly believed an individual strong by fighting for what they desire. He believed conflict and strife bred true strength, that the feeble's life of misery is due to their incopetence to strive for power. His reaction to the perception his surroundings forever bestowed upon him an iron-willed thirst for improvement and inflexible determination. Even though he was intelligent, he was hot-headed, often succumbing to his temper.

Still, he was determined Imperial with a will of iron and tremendous ambition, stoked in his life by his upbringing. He channeled his ambition into great, utopian plans to bring about the legendary, tyranical militant future that he believed would one day replace the current Empire, which he considers as a decaying super-power.

Growing into an adolescent stage, he becomes more domineering and assertive, a result of his status and upbringing. He disdains working with people he considers are inferior and pathetically challenged in mind, spirit and body. In his belief, hatred and anger would be passions to fuel his strength in any situations, be it martial confrontations or otherwise. He also was known as a seductor of women.

When he began his journey as a young man attempting to make his way into the world, he adopted a more reasonable persona. He forged a different ego of himself which encased his truer one after extensive research and reading; poetry, music, foreign arts, history etc. Many who encountered him described him as an articulate, charismatic young man with quality charm and refined tastes. A magnificent listener, fair-tempered, influentially astute, remarkably well informed for someone who is only twenty years of age.

He became a genteel yet cruel man. He was a staunch supporter of Man’s place in the world, even if he believed himself above them. While he remained a dilettante of foreign arts antiques, he secretly hated most of he perceived as the “corrupt” Mer in the High Council. He separated society into dual, distinguished categories; threats and assets. The first standing for governmental powers and individuals that would hinder any of his hopes of personal advancement and otherwise would have to be eliminated and destroyed. The latter being for individuals who could aid, or simply be persuaded.

Drakothemir knew that the only response for the horrors and the injustices of the world was hate and anger. While often appearing as a civilized and genteel young man, he has no issues with torture or being held responsible for the deaths of various enemies, nor being leader of the clandestine atrocities behind the scenes of the Empire such as torture and executions. To him, the cost of the war was insignificant regardless of how high it could be.

Despite all of his "negative," traits, Drakothemir does display a charming and charismatic side when he desires, but would shift when nescessary. As a nobleman and a former commander of the Legion, he projected a dominating presence, and was magnifcently persuasive, with an aura of power that rivaled even the greatest of leaders. An aristocrat with considerable intellectual prowess, Drakothemir cultivated his mental power as a young man, showing many abilities in different disciplines.

Personally cold and frigid, Drakothemir was not a man to be friended or trusted, though most are often seduced by his charismatic side. Though he had allies, Drakothemir perceived connection as a matter of a fruit-bearing partership for mutual benefit and advantage to exploit. He was not known to be a family man, and felt little love for his previous wives, whom he had married only and purely out of political reasons. It's not to say that he isn't capable of some petty feelings of warmth; he considered his male human servants much like pets.

There was a single person, however, for whom Drakothemir was capable of loving. He found his own sister physically appealing. And despite their rocky relationship as siblings in the past, he grew to respect and admire her; her intellect, ambition, and lack of remorse that drew him to her. Though he was his sister by right of blood of Molag Bal, he was attracted to a woman who was near or equal to his level of intelligence, efficiency and competence. She was also one of the few people who could make him laugh, something he rarely displayed out of honest emotions.

Lastly, Drakothemir had a vast interest in the dark arts and the occult magics known to Man, Mer and Betmeri. He delved into the most forbidden practices which deals with taking sacrificing victims and sending their souls to Oblivion or even old rituals such as the ones only Molag Bal would have his followers do. And even though the suffering of those are heard, Drakothemir knows he only set a price for his own soul and that he is beyond saving.

History: No one but a few knows.
I want to join. I got a human(yes, human! No werewolf, no lich, no ghost, no vampire) woman! Acadian doesn't need to feel left out with Buffy wink.gif
Can I join!?

Hist Name: Ananse [Ah-nahn-say]

Nicknames/Aliases: ‘Coin-Eye’, ‘Gills’

Sex: Male

Race: Argonian

Age: 19

Date of Birth: Hatched on the 31st Second Seed

Birthsign: Shadow

Birthplace: A murky swamp, Black Marsh

Occupation: Swimmer, Gambler, Escapist, Ne’er-do-well (Not necessarily in that order)

Major Skills: Swimming, Acrobatics, Escaping and Sneaking

Minor Skills: Swordplay, Some Alteration and Illusion magic (mainly Aquamancy), Alchemy

Awful Skills: Gambling, Social Conventions

Gear: A pair of brass goggles made from the pilfered navigation tools of Empire ships (Coin-Eye). A small diver’s sword, sheathed to his back. A shortbow and quiver of arrows has been given to him by the guild, as well as a spear. A watertight skinbag filled with various assortments, loaded die, lengths of rope, potions, lockpicks and the sort.

Family: Ananse can only ever remember his mother, Gill-Weem. She was very protective of him, and so him of her memory.

Appearance: A toothy grin, his quills not yet fully grown but a mature and deep purple-red. Only small horns, a subject that he is occasionally teased about by the other saplings (the saying goes…). The rest is typical of the lizard race. Webbed feet and hands. Scaly tail. Large, yellow eyes that glint. The only strangeness that marks his body is the tattoo on his right breast – rather featureless however, just five dots connected in the shape of a square-looking hook – nothing that he can make meaning of.

History: Ananse the Coin-Eye had always been a sly little spawn of a lizard. Finding himself in the pave-rocked streets of Anvil after, what Ananse can only assume, an incredibly heavy skooma stint, he found the smell of salt-air and balsawood somewhat reminiscent of his own far gone homeland, Black Marsh, and subsequently decided to stay there for the time being.

He was, as one would expect, not the only beggaring wretch to find the docks of Anvil rather comely to people of his financial standing, and quickly fell in amongst the ranks of tricksters and ferreters and dockworkers. From there he went through a number of jobs like changing socks (if his webbed feet could fit any). As a dockworker he was too young and brash to work the ships with the old hands. His abrupt mannerisms and lack of ‘street-sense’ put him out of skooma dealing. A few sleeps in jail and broken bones waylaid his smuggling career. And a rather unfortunate misunderstanding of ‘brothel’ and its purpose quickly turned his next sour.

His true calling came with the Thieves Guild, just around the time the wealthy Count Corvus of Anvil disappeared. They had a new head, or so the rumor went, and were recruiting. That’s where Ananse found his skills put best to use – skills that came rather too naturally for his liking. He was very at home in the shadows, where his reptilian agility and litheness served him very well clambering on the stone tiles of Anvil’s roofs, or swimming underneath the treasure-loaded boats of the docks. As valuable asset as he was, his poor gambling skills led to most of his spoils being squandered almost instantly in the inns across the city, something the Guild did not take lightly. After incurring a huge debt with Orrin the fence, he fled his hole in the docks after several thugs arrived to kill him in the night.

That’s where he found the Adventurer’s Guild, and an offer to escape the city and the predations of his debtors for a good month or two. Another job for Ananse, the sly little spawn of a lizard.

Personality: Ananse doesn’t remember any contact with the Humans and Mer before his coming of age. He finds them a querulous bunch, awkward and clumsy and very entertaining to watch. But also rather rude and cruel at times, as he has often found to his displeasure. He is naturally very inquisitive with everybody he meets however, anxious to learn to the point of annoyance. Even more annoying is the fact that despite his constant questioning, he does not seem to gain any better understanding of the customs and behaviour of his human companions – one can only imagine the fright he would give upon meeting the civilised nobles in the likes of the Imperial City or Cheydinhal.

Apart from that however, he is a happy, greedy soul despite his predicament and shady past (which he will rarely give information on, for he does not remember much), and delights in all things fun and shiny.
Uleni Athram
Wooohoo. Keep 'em coming folks!
Colonel Mustard
Ooh, a vampire. Well, that will be interesting indeed...

Also, a very warm welcome to you both, Illy and LL! Love the Argonian, Illydoor, and post up your character sheet as soon as you can, LL. We could do with one or two more ordinary people in this RP. tongue.gif
I edited into Buffy’s character sheet a list of her spells as requested by Mustard.

Woot! Looks like we’ve got quite a few adventurers!

Westley (KoB) the friendly werewolf.
Buffy (Acadian) the mage who uses a bow instead of lightning bolts.
Tarrick (Mustard) the rogue.
Drakothemir (DE) the vampire! Yikes!
Ananse (Illy), straight out of the waters of the Black Marsh. Love the name Coin-Eye.

And LL is crafting a human – and a woman at that!

I’m presuming someone will supply the part of the famous leader of the Adventurers Guild? Uleni, is that you? Oh, and thanks for the fabulous background you’re creating around (under) Sutch.

I’m excited. A couple friends here have told me they are too busy to play this time around, but they are avidly following our progress with an eye to watching (and laughing) as I try to learn how to RP. Buffy’s busily brewing poisons and stuffing them, along with loads of arrows, into Superian’s magic saddlebags.
Colonel Mustard
QUOTE(Acadian @ Jan 14 2013, 01:09 PM) *
I edited into Buffy's character sheet a list of her spells as requested by Mustard.


I'm presuming someone will supply the part of the famous leader of the Adventurers Guild? Uleni, is that you? Oh, and thanks for the fabulous background you're creating around (under) Sutch.

Thanks. It makes it easier for myself and Uleni to work out what we can throw at Buffy so that we can kill her give her a dynamic and interesting challenge that will need more than just 'spell!' to get out of. tongue.gif

As for Oedipus, he's an NPC so either Uleni or myself will be controlling him. But also, yes, kudos to Uleni for the stuff he's cooked up; I've seen the overall plan for the RP, and believe me, it's quite, quite incredible, and you lot should have a lot fun in this adventure. Alternatively, you'll find it bloody terrifying.
Lol, I work with countering Buffy’s abilities all the time and there are numerous ways to ruin her day or at least temporarily thwart her –

-Curse magic (silence) – Her biggest fear. She carries a good supply of dispel potions and scrolls to recover, but it certainly sidelines her for a moment.
-Detect life – Makes her easy to find, and mages who use it scare her plenty.
-Melee – if a foe actually manages to get tooth, steel or claw into her, she’ll crumple like a butterfly.
-Allies - On her own she often survives by disappearing and slipping away. She is loathe to abandon allies however and is therefore ironically dependent upon them to protect her, even as she supports them.
-Imperfect thinking in a crisis. This one is hard to quantify and is controlled by me. Buffy is not a quick or nimble thinker. She relies on ‘pre-canned’ panic responses and if confronted by something unexpected, may very well freeze or cast the wrong spell. That is, she relies on her extensive training to try and compensate for not being able to think quickly on her feet. I will routinely employ this before letting her appear overpowered.

Sorry to jabber so much, but her full background is literally over a quarter million words so I'm trying simultaneously to do her justice while keeping her where she does best - as a 'supporting' character. In this party, that is looking to perhaps be in the role of mage and healer.

And, of course all this RP stuff is new to me. tongue.gif
Uleni Athram
After LL posts her character, I'll post mine, and then....

Da Reel Thang begins, babay.
Darkness Eternal
QUOTE(Colonel Mustard @ Jan 14 2013, 12:53 PM) *

Ooh, a vampire. Well, that will be interesting indeed...

Wasn't planning on revealing it. To everyone, he would appear as the young noble fellow. But since we got a werewolf, it wouldn't make sense for Snipes to not notice. And only Snipes(Wesley) can know, because well, he has that sixth sense.

Honestly, I was going to have Drakothemir pull off the same compassion he did with you guys on the other RP laugh.gif. Just for shits and giggles, but I promise I'll be nice.
Colonel Mustard
QUOTE(Darkness Eternal @ Jan 14 2013, 05:42 PM) *
Honestly, I was going to have Drakothemir pull off the same compassion he did with you guys on the other RP laugh.gif . Just for shits and giggles, but I promise I'll be nice.

Oh look, you think you're in a position to jerk us around in this RP. How cute. wink.gif

Very bored at uni, some concepts for Coin-Eye!

Ignore the scribblin's, was just thinking up some curses for him. Ah jeeboo.
Illydoor, the drawings are great and really help bring Coin-Eye into focus *groan*. Argonians are so cool and I'll bet you'll have a blast with him!
King Of Beasts
QUOTE(Illydoor @ Jan 14 2013, 06:36 PM) *

Very bored at uni, some concepts for Coin-Eye!

Ignore the scribblin's, was just thinking up some curses for him. Ah jeeboo.

How people manage to get so good at drawing is a mystery to me.....

Coin-Eye looks cool dude. I've always liked argonians.....
Colonel Mustard
QUOTE(Illydoor @ Jan 15 2013, 02:36 AM) *

Very bored at uni, some concepts for Coin-Eye!

Ignore the scribblin's, was just thinking up some curses for him. Ah jeeboo.

Damn, I didn't knw you were so good at art! Nice sketches!
It's amazing what comes out of not wanting to do revision sometimes haha! Thanks guys smile.gif
Uleni Athram
Still working on my character, I'm afraid. But don't worry. I could be able to post it later or maybe even sooner. Sorry if I made you guys wait.
Bear with me. I am making a character sheet. Have most of it done and written down. You'll like Macalla Vibecke.
Is it still possible to join? Have a nearly completed character sheet.
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