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This is a cool mod, if you have Morrowind on the PC then check it out.

Its a TC, so you have to do some work to play it. But its awsome, if you ever watched "The Labrinth" then you will recognise a area of this.

P.S. If you hate Prince Humperdink then dont play this. wink.gif
Oh my god I love the movie labyrinth. That has david bowie in it right?
Not sure, I have seen it in a long time. But this does have the "Bog of eternal stench"! Complete with farting noises! biggrin.gif
[quote=darkcootie]Oh my god I love the movie labyrinth. That has david bowie in it right?[/quote]

Yes it did. And it has a princess bride moment? I guess I'll have to get it now. Big anti-humperdink here, also a big fan of Inigo Montoyez.
So far I did not see Inigo Montoyez.
But it is possable, I did see Sigfried and Roy after all!

P.S. Dont expect Morrowind like everything, it was only one guy and 8 months after all.
Heh, I started playing that aaages ago - got bored after a few days and forgot about it though tongue.gif That was before they had a walkthrough guide atached to it.... Might give it another try though!
I forgot about that guide... thanks, now I can get back on track.
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