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Ok so there is mods out the for Morrowind other than Tribunal and Bloodmoon. Now I have played for some time now with those. If there are other mods for this could someone let me know where to get them.

The Morrowind Summit is a good place to find mods.

The Morrowind Summit

Also, the stickied topic over at the Mod section has a few good links in it as well. Along with a guide about how to use mods and even how to make your own.

The ES Mod forums welcome post
Ok sweet thank You.
Does anyone know how to use a mod that is downloaded as a .rar file? This is annoying me more then cliffracers, please help.
A .rar is a type of a zip file. That is all I use. Its like winzip but it works for all of them. I have it and if you want it you can pm me.

If you have it by the way it is easy to extract from it. PM me on what you are having problems with and I will help.
Thanks, kind funny though, I PMed you about how to use mods... and know your going to PM me about how to use them in a differant sense.
Just about the .rar file. but I need to know what you are having trouble with on them.

Edit: By the way I pmed you.
Um, you can search in the Mod Database in Morrowind Summit (like Raney said).

Other mods can be found in TheLys.

Here is a buch of sites that I get some of my mods from:

Here are some nice mods that I use:
Made-up Races:
More races:
Good armor for females and some nice clothing:
Horse riding:
Some pretty vampire faces, BB beast races and Cathay-raht(sp?):
Children's Mod and some quest mods:
Fairy race and some new clothing, a castle house, companion and more:
High Elf pretty faces and cothing:

Here you can find some mod links: (Click on "Hosted Mods" or "Links"-->then "Other Mod Sites")

Hope this helps. smile.gif
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