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Couple of things I am learning about this young lady...
- She's surprisingly religious, and even though her Gods are different she does appreciate the worship in Cyrodiil - (if nothing else) - as far as she has seen it and seems at least genuinely aggrieved that the chapel in Anvil was done over. Attacking members of the religious orders in her country is punishable by instant death with no trial.
- She's more "modest" in the sense that she's rather less inclined to get her kit off at any opportunity, don't get me wrong, she's got no problems displaying a bit of skin and she knows how many beans make five but unlike Niamh you're not going to be getting photos of her running around the landscape in her underwear, she was brought up to demand and respect privacy - (sleeping in the Fighter's Guild dormitory is unpleasant. Even in her military career she has always had separate quarters and a maid).
- She has high expectations and is undoubtedly offhanded and spoilt, but she can also handle herself and she's not afraid to get her hands dirty when it suits her. Although she is a princess she's also aware that respect must be earned and so has mucked in with both the best and worst of her father's army - (although she is bathed by a servant afterwards and has several people to mend her armour and weapons for her).
- Aside from that saving grace though she's pretty much got no real feel for the common elf and no real sense of where and how she stands in society - how she should and must behave - nor does she care how she is viewed. These are but some of the reasons why her father has sent her to Cyrodiil - (but more on that later)
- She's actually a Very Good scout - (which is another reason) - and a natural with blades. Swordplay is held in great esteem, worthwhile swordplay that is; not that fencing rubbish.
- Eilidh is very much more down to earth - (refreshingly so) - and much more pragmatic and less "metaphysical". She doesn't carry deep-seated feelings of misery and despair and tends to leave her baggage at home - (what little she has). I'm not suggesting she's shallow, but she is not the deep pool of dark mystery that her predecessor was.
- She loves clothes and shopping. Niamh only did towards the end but that was... abnormal, and partly due to Looch's influence. Eilidh loves her clothes and has looted almost as much clothing as she has armour and weaponry.
- She, unlike Niamh, is a lover of both "Apples and Oranges" - not unusual in her society - although from a marriage point of view any male - (or female) - characters out there are out of luck unless they are from a high standing family from her country, and even then they should be prepared to wait for quite a while until both she, and court protocol, says that it's time - oh and it's pretty much expected that there will be affairs - particularly if the begetting of a royal heir/ess is deemed necessary - so don't bother applying if you're the jealous and possessive type...
- Oh yeah, a word on her attitude to other races: She's an Elf - (Ailph) - and staunchly Pro-Elf. One of the first things that struck her about Cyrodiil is how the Elfs there have no more social standing than common humans. This strikes her as a sad state of affairs, but more surprising is the fact that Orcs - (thyrs, in her tongue) - are actually allowed out in public without a master or a mistress and appear to be able to act independently and have weapons and property! To her it isn't right, after all she owns four of them, and yes they are ok once they're trained up but she personally wouldn't trust them with anything sharper than a fork...
There are no talking lizards in her country, nor are there Kats. She doesn't know what to make of them but they aren't like her and so consequently she can't help feeling they are a bit... strange, and therefore clearly inferior. She's not racist as such, but she has been brought up in a very specific way and is <ahem> more than a little close-minded and set in her opinions, but then she's never known another way and she is a product of her culture - (although her father... well, he has "plans" in that respect).
Oh yeah, and humans? They have them too and whilst they aren't treated as servants they aren't exactly appreciated. Tolerated is a reasonable description.

Will she change...?
We shall see... wink.gif

There's more to her, and as we travel I'm sure I'll learn it.

With ever increasing amazement, Eilidh read the scroll, unravelling the crinkled parchment as her eyes moved down it and her mouth silently voiced the words, as if she couldn't quiet believe what they said...

For those of you interested, here is the original text:

From Her Father The King Connor Mac Auley to Eilidh daughter of Mac Auley:

These are the tasks he would have her perform; in order to prove herself to him, in order to prove she is in time to be his Worthy Successor, and in order to prove her loyalty to the Kingdom.

We would have her learn more regarding this land of Cyrodiil across the ocean from us.
She is to circumference and cross the country, to explore, to probe it's ways and it's people; it's beliefs and it's comings and goings.

Although she is a competent warrior and scout, and fit in our court, she lacks understanding and empathy for the people whom she shall one day be A Mother to.
To this end she is, for the period of Not Less than 2 years and 1 day and with respect to the first task, above, to ingratiate herself with the peoples of Cyrodiil and make herself at one with them.
Earn their trust and live amongst them - earn her keep as she sees fit and seek to understand them even though they are different and inferior to us in outlook and belief.
In this she shall learn humility and empathy.

She is to seek out a countryman, one Óisín Mac Callum. A scout like herself who has failed to report to us and has thus, we are advised, done us great wrong.
She is to find him in Cyrodiil and make a judgement, for herself with her wisdom, as to what must be done.

In these three tasks shall she be judged.

She shall, on the day before the full moon every second month, report to our messenger at the docks in the Port of An-vil her findings and any such objects that she deems to be of interest to us.
Failure to report to the messenger will be seen as failure overall, with the consequences.

At the end of 2 years and 1 day she shall present herself to the Chief Advisor: Donal Mac Branain, at the Port of An-vil by midnight on the final day and provide final evidence of the completion of her tasks.
Should she be judged as completing her tasks successfully she shall be returned to us and shall live out the future ordained for her, successfully and with new understanding.
Should she be judged as having failed, then she shall be left at the Port-side and shall be deemed unfit to return to us as a Princess of the Royal Court.
In this instance, she may return On Her Own to live out her life as she will.

This is our decree, witnessed and delivered by our Chief Advisor:
Donal Mac Branain, Duke.

Eilidh, having finished reading, looked up from the scroll, her mouth open and her eyes wide.
Donal beamed even more broadly, he was going to enjoy this...
Black Duck
Heya Phon, this looks pretty interesting even if we don't have a wide glimpse of Eilidh just yet o3o

I'd recommend formatting the first post, nothing fancy just breaking it up into paragraphs so it'd be easier on the eyes :3

I love the use of Irish for the scroll, are you a native speaker by any chance? I grew up in an Irish speaking family in Meath so this really brings me back xD

I'm assuming this is an account of your Oblivion character, a Breton seeing as the names and language are Celtic based... best of luck with it, Definitely going to read more smile.gif
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