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Life in Tamriel can be hard and often ends far too quickly. Who's died in your games?

DiD characters, followers, random NPCs or important plot characters, this is a place to remember all those who have suffered an unfortunate fate. They don't have to be Skyrim characters, they can be from any TES game, they just have to have died....

RIP Karl

Although you were a drunken miner in life, when a dragon descended upon Dawnstar you showed bravery that rivaled even Ysgramor. Sovngarde awaits

RIP three members of the Dawnstar guard.

Your names may not be remembered, but the names of those you saved will. May you feast in the Hall of Valor until the end of time.

RIP Karl. @-}-------

Good idea, Vital. We needed a thread like this one. I've got a few to add for sure.

J’Shanji the Khajiit warrior could take down a dragon, and he could kill a saber cat. But alas, he could not do both at the same time. As his blood-clouded vision faded to black, he noticed with some satisfaction that at least the saber cat was on fire, too.

J’Shanji’s last thoughts were of his doomed friend, Faendal. Even as his soul winged toward Aetherius, J’Shanji heard Faendal scream at the dragon, “I’ll see you in pieces!”

That seems unlikely, my friend. Your bones will not rest in Valenwood, nor will this one’s find the warm sands of Elsweyr. (Unless the dragon goes for a long flight after dinner.) No, they will land somewhere near here, entombed in a dragon pellet along with those of the STUPID FETCHING SABER CAT for all eternity or until the world ends, which is now likely to be pretty damn soon.

Died 25 Last Seed, 4E201
Age 19
RIP J'Shanji. Falling to a dragon is an honorable way to go..

RIP Urnie (short for urndjar) Ravos' horse. Felled by bandits at Fort Dunstad, may they rot in hell. Ravos will miss you...
Here lies

Fair hero and member of the Companions
Born - 4E171
Died - 4E201
He was taken down by a group of bandits.

Class: Fighter
Race: Nord
Days Passed: ?

Description: Blade 'n' Bone was my very first character. He was created on 11/11/11 as soon as I got home from the midnight release of Skyrim and got the game installed. I don't have a picture of him, but he is the default Nord guy from the very beginning of the game with absolutely no changes. So that's what he looked like.

I gave him a silly name and chose not to change his looks because I knew he wouldn't last long, and I didn't want to become too attached to him. BnB died on 11/13/11 in Earth days, so he lasted two entire days. He was sort of a test I guess, but also my first Skyrim RP.


Here lyeth
Thor a'Zaene

One brave warrior who first found riches within Skyrim
Born - 4E181
Died - Unknown
Died from mysterious causes

Class: Fighter
Race: Nord
Days Passed: ?

Description: Thor a'Zaene was my second character. Again he was a Nord male fighter who used absolutely no magic. I wanted to start the game rude 'n' crude. viking.gif He lasted about an Earth month before he died after meeting his first draugr overlord.

Thor is credited (in my gaming world) with being the very first character to find riches in Skyrim, after coming up from Cyrodiil. Due to his findings, a lot of my others followed in his footsteps, since all the tombs, forts, caves (etc.) in Cyrodiil had long been looted by the great adventurers of the 3rd Era.
Riverwood has lost most of its non-essential population in my latest game. It just had simultaneous attacks by vampires and a dragon, and Hod and Orgnar died. On my previous visit, it was Miraak Cultists, and Sigrid died before I noticed her. Of course, some of it could be friendly fire from the local guards. Since they respawn, they don't worry about who they're killing.

It's probably not a good idea to start all the questlines at once, and not complete any. Although you get DB assassins coming after you without doing that one, they're at least scripted for wilderness encounter zones and you don't get collateral damage. Doing them in sequence gives you just as many town attacks, but at least you get the chance to protect the bystanders if they're not combined assaults.
Renee: RIP Blade and Thor. Thor in particular achieved much in his short life, at least.

Ghastley: Dragons, vampires and cultists all contribute to lessening Skyrim's population in my game too. Sometimes no matter how hard you try to keep them alive there is nothing you can do.

Now for my gravestone, it's for Oblivion but oh well

Here Lies
Do'Shakir of Elsweyr

Found dead within Breakneck cave

Do'Shakir was found dead within Breakneck Cave by another fighter's guild member after he failed to return from a trip into the Great Forest on the 4th of Heartfire. Do'Shakir had only recently arrived in Cyrodiil and had spent the last week training at the Chorrol Fighter's Guild. He had planned to leave for Anvil in the next few days. He will be sorely missed by his guild brothers, for even though they has spent little time with him, Do'Shakir was a great character. May he go into the afterlife in peace...
Sir Magul gro-Bash (2) , Knight of the Circle has fallen in glorious battle against the foul creature Rahgot. He rides to the Dreamsleeve wreathed in flame with silver blade held high, and under his knightly closed helm he wears a look of mild surprise. His stars-given birthright as a mighty Atronach absorbed his enemy’s fire and turned it to healing light, but it did not account for the legion of axe-wielding shamblers hacking away at his back while he was engaged in acts of righteous might. It turns out that there is something to be said for Smithing after all. (Sir Magul should have listened to his Forge-Mom.)

Sir Magul is survived by his squire Valdi, his battle dogs Vigilance and Meeko, and the war horses Honor and Virtue. Squire Valdi is not an idiot and surely whistled for the dogs and got the hells out of there when she saw her boss chasing a floating fireball with a ghost inside while trailing an undead army. She no doubt plans to give the horses more reasonable names after she trades her squire outfit for some mead and a venison sandwich. And if she shows up somewhere with a dented suit of plate armor for sale, I’m not going to ask her any questions.

Rest in peace, Sir Magul. You were awesome.
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