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haute ecole rider
I'm thinking of converting my PCs' (Julian and Tallei) into NPC's so that I can make followers of them in each other's games. But I'm not sure how to do that. I have CSR installed, and like that somewhat better than CM Partners (though that does have a couple of followers that I like a lot).

I'm looking for a tutorial online that will walk me through the process, but I don't know that this is even possible? I think Julian would have to be a custom race, as she is taller than the standard Redguard woman. Also can I import specific NPCs from other mods (like the two I like so much from CM Partners) into my own esp/mod?

I know about face import from Wrye Bash, and have used that to import Tallei from one game into another. But to create a whole custom race/NPC from that? I'm not sure how to get there!

I started with this one when I created my crew as NPCs. Also there's this one for companions.

I made Lil as short as a male Bosmer by changing her scale. Increasing Julianís scale might make her look too bulky, but I think itís worth a try before you go down the custom race path. I used WB to import their faces.

I use CSR in the game to manage their behavior. I kept my Construction Set tweaking very basic.

Good luck! smile.gif

Added: When I decided to give some of them different voices I decided to use a mod within the game rather than go back to the CS. It's not perfect but it was much simpler.
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