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I threw the Alik'r outfit I'd been playing with into its own esp and published a mod, in case anyone wants it.

Alikr Dancer - UNP

Lydia looks a bit silly in it, mainly because of the "male animations" posture. Looks OK on Redguards.
I love these outfits! They’re eye-catching but still look like they belong in the game. Just in time for Jensa’s extended honeymoon. biggrin.gif

The priestesses in Markarth love them, too.

Thanks, ghastley!
King Coin
Wow this is nice looking. Downloading. Thanks!!!
Just a quick test to see if I can embed a thumbnail image to lead to a larger one.

IPB Image

This is Tyra wielding her scimitars. I'm considering adding a recipe to the mod, so you can make them, instead of having to get them from the Alik'r mercenaries, who don't stick around long. There are only about four more in the game.

Current recipe in my test mod is 2 Steel, 1 Corundum, 2 Leather Strips, and needs Advanced Armours perk (to put them with Steel Plate, which also takes Corundum).
I revisited this over the July 4th weekend and made a pair of shoes with curled-up pointy toes, as well as a white texture. If I come up with a few more things to add, this may get a new version released.
ghastley, these sound like great additions! I'd love to see my grown-up Braith in the white version, and new shoes are always most welcome. biggrin.gif
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