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New mods I pooped out this past year since I had no internet to get on:

Castle Varaldo:

* A palace north of Bravil (Gorgeous!)
* Huge building
* Secret panels galore
* Full guard patrol staff and quarters
* Palace interior Greatroom/Dining area and Guard quarters are Modders Resources

Lake Arius Inn:

* Beautiful Bruma style inn at Lake Arius
* Modders Resource

Basements/Kitchens To Go:

* Various pre-set-up basements and kitchens to plug into any houses
* Modders Resource

Better Player Homes:

* Revamped Skingrad's basement (Very Nice!)
* Added basement to Bruma house and redecorated interior
* Added basement to Chorrol house
* Modders Resource

Better Bravil:

* Redecorated Player house interior
* Added deck with table and sitting area to Player house *includes food for City Swimmer to eat, and she does!
* Sitting/socializing area on the Mages Guild deck
* Added docklike walkways along canal
* Added greenery/fixed all crumbling planter walls
* Added post-n-rope rail to upper deck on players house/benches and a small table with wine and goblets for visiting with that female that lives above you.
* Exteriors - Upgraded the wood and stone so it looks beautiful (but still old and quaint)
* Modders Resource

Better Leyawiin:

* Repainted every house, better wood for all the decks, put a patio behind the Player's house, and re-decorated the interior of the Player's house and the Five Claws Inn
* Modders Resource

Better Waterfront:

* Redecorated the interior of the Player's shack
* Added basement
* Player house has two porches, front and back of shack
* Upgraded wood of all shacks
* Added hanging baskets with plants or window boxes with plants to several shacks
* Added porches to all shacks, some shaded. All have sitting benches/chairs (and the NPC's actually use them!!!!)
* Larger porches have tables with food
* Puny Ancus and Amusei have nicer bedrolls, a fire, and that cooking area has a stew pot with actual edible stew in it.
* Modders Resource

Waterfront Boat Dock: (The boat trips work absolutely perfectly!!!!)

* Added a dock along the waterfront with a large fish tank (with swimming fish in it); a tame mudcrab display (Herbie the Mudcrab), who was misnamed because you will find 4 tiny/tame mudcrab offspring hanging around "his" display.
* The dock has 4 boats that take the Player on trips around the shores:

Boat #1: Trip around the Rumare
Boat #2: The Upper Niben
Boat #3: The Lower Niben down to Leyawiin
Boat #4: The Carbola River (Pure dungeon crawling; if you disembark, bring a strong character).

* The boat trips include camping at each stop-off, usually close to a quest or dungeon in that area that may be tied to a quest. There is always at least a minimal battle for the campsite (like 2 mudcrabs at the Bawnwatch Camp, etc).

* Most of the campsites are invisible till the Player is going to that destination. They appear when the player arrives at each site in the boat, and only disappear when the player activates the boat again (to leave). If you walk away from the campsite, it will remain in place and the boat will remain there till the boat is activated to leave.

* Some of the stop-offs (like Bawnwatch Camp) already had a camp set up. At these, the Player will notice their own special bedroll has been added, plus a stool by the fire. Fires have been lit and there is actually eatable stew in the cookpot, etc.

* The Player's boat appears at each stop off, and remains there till they activate it to leave. When they do that (if they walk back to that campsite they will see everything is now gone: Their bedroll/stool/boat/etc). It is VERY cool !!!

* Modders Resource

"New Player" Houses: These just remake some quest houses that usually become available for the Player's use after the quest has been completed (but don't have safe storage). These mods just give the Player safe storage and a little remodeling job on the houses for more amenities. The Bethesda Official Quests must still be completed to access these benefits.

Roland Jenseric's Cabin Revamped:

* Redecorated interior with Player friendly storage
* Added basement
* Added patio with table and sitting area
* Added quest to make house available to Player after OVB quest completed.
* Modders Resource

Shetcombe Farms Redux:

* Redecorated interior with Player friendly storage
* Added a basement
* Added Player horse that is customized (speed and fighting ability) and Essential
* Small Quest added to original quest that gives Player ownership of house and horse

* Also added a way a new player can earn Septims early in the game - making and selling White Lightning ("Kvatch Kickapoo")!

It is kind of a mini-quest added to the quest for that farm - they have to track down the previous owner's (can't remember his name right now) moonshine clients/seek new clients and build up the moonshining business. Very lucrative if the Player wants to do it.

** The White Lightning itself has a very funny affect on the drinker if the Player tests it out.

* Modders Resource

Old Mods:

The Fortress Academy for Assassins and Mercenaries:

* Upgraded building interiors this past year, gorgeous new look!
* Large IC style fortress southeast of the IC - Training area courtyard, numerous sleeping quarters, Player private quarters, main dining hall, kitchen, library, large schoolroom, indoor training area, distracting rat training area. Awesome building!
* Modders Resource

The Lucky Mudcrab:

* Nice inn and stable across from Weynon Priory includes Room Rental, (formerly the Wobbly Goblet)
* Run by three beautiful triplets, all services provided including Armor/weapon repair and recharge
* Player Private Suite included
* Player horse included
* Two Male Nord bar Regulars included
* Sounds include Priory bell & monks chanting/birds/dog barking in distance/bard playing/snoring from sleeping Nord men/crowd noise in tavern/new dialogue for males and females at night
* Added Nice updates to Inn!
* Added traveling vendors who show up on weekends and have a street market along the road by Weynon (traveling Gypsies, including a bard that they dance to occasionally).

** PLUS: Ghastley's two connecting mods! (The Poster and Eyja - and her disappearing shirt!)

The Weynon Village Mod:

* Eight houses in the Weynon area, each with 1-2 NPC's with their own AI schedules.
* Modders Resource

"Alix the Mouse" mod

* A bad-tempered mouse companion follower. (AWESOME Follower!)

The Fishing Mod:

* A fishing pole with real fishing sounds (casting/bait drop/reeling/etc.) that can be equipped (as a weapon).
* Fishing pole has a bad temper, and will mock the player if they don't fish right. (example: if they equip it while sneaking or running).

The Cove Village:

* Player House Included with numerous secrets
* Small village in Black Marsh where Chestnut Horses are raised for sale
* Same village I used for "Clavicus Vile's Realm" in my story.
* Includes Chapel, Tavern, and 3 houses (and several NPC's)
* Includes MANY Secrets!
* Some hidden traps around the cove.
* A nice beach and swimming pool
* Several quests; including "Find Todd Howard," "The Treasure Hunt," and the below Oblivion Realm Arena quests.

* Links to 3 Oblivion realms:

The village has three trapped doors that suck the Player into an "Arena" in an Oblivion realm where they have to defeat three Daedra (before a portal will open to let them escape the realm).

The Daedra level with the Player, and each realm has a little bit tougher enemies. The last realm had Dagon in it - it also had a tower that the Player could get inside to heal up if needed, and it had more bloodwells than the others did.

Unfortunately, Dagon crashed the game when I tried to shrink him a bit down to a more feasible size for combat; so I removed him and added an extra two enemies to that realm instead.

The Love Nest:

* Gives several male characters a makeover in appearance and age, makes their private quarters accessible to my character without trespassing, she can sleep in those beds.
(first mod I ever made, slightly dirty)

Oh my gosh, how exciting! Your mods are beautiful, I can’t wait to see these. I’ve enjoyed your inn mod so much. I love the funny touches like “Herbie” the mama mudcrab and the inn’s treasures hidden by the wacky aunt.

Congratulations, these sound fantastic!!
Now I know what you did to keep busy while recovering! Gosh, these look great! biggrin.gif
Bravil could certainly use a new coat of wood, and Leyawiin that fresh paint! Some great ideas!
QUOTE(Grits @ Sep 15 2014, 05:40 AM) *

Oh my gosh, how exciting! Your mods are beautiful, I can’t wait to see these. I’ve enjoyed your inn mod so much. I love the funny touches like “Herbie” the mama mudcrab and the inn’s treasures hidden by the wacky aunt.

Congratulations, these sound fantastic!!

Thank you, Grits! Shetcombe Farms has a LOT of those special touches, especially the hilarious effects of the "Kvatch Kickapoo" (White Lightning). There is plenty there to give a new player a little boost, or if they are so inclined it can make them wealthy enough to buy their own house.

The IC Waterfront - It has a lot of special touches too, I kind of fell in love with the Waterfront with this mod active - it has personality galore. Many of the NPC's sit out on their porches and call greetings to people passing by - the Player has a nice overstuffed chair on the front porch to watch Lex and his troops scouring the Waterfront - Treydog would appreciate this mod, it gave a VERY ETN feel to the Waterfront. Malvulis came over and SANG TO ME while I was sitting in the overstuffed chair !!! It was AWESOME !!!

@ Acadian - I know I already wore you ragged talking about these, lol. Thank you so much!

QUOTE(SubRosa @ Sep 15 2014, 10:11 AM) *

Bravil could certainly use a new coat of wood, and Leyawiin that fresh paint! Some great ideas!

Thank you SubRosa!

@ Everyone: If Anyone Wants Pics of Any Mod in Action, Let Me Know and I'll take them or try to get a vid made. (have to remember my PhotoBucket and YouTube Passwords, urk).

haute ecole rider
I really liked how you scripted the campsites for the boat trip mod - a place to stay while dungeon diving! Then it goes away when you take the boat back, but only if you do! That's not something I've seen before.
QUOTE(haute ecole rider @ Sep 15 2014, 10:12 PM) *

I really liked how you scripted the campsites for the boat trip mod - a place to stay while dungeon diving! Then it goes away when you take the boat back, but only if you do! That's not something I've seen before.

I kind of took that from the "Player Houses" idea, where the house changes after the Player buys the upgrades - (then just reversed it afterward).

What shocked me is that everything worked so perfectly right from the start, that mod has never had a single glitch in it!

There are many quests that the Player can use the boat trips to get to the dungeons (just a sampling: The Collector, the Forlorn Watchman, the Vampire Cure, etc)

The boat and campsite staying up till they leave in the boat allows the player to explore the area at their leisure, and always have a place to sleep and eat while in the area. I made the stew so it cures disease and improves health - no detriments to health, so the Player can actually survive off it if you RP hardcore in your game. (I do). Each campsite has 7 helpings of Hearty Oxtail Stew (cooking in pot) that respawns every 3 days while the campsite is up.

IPB Image

** I finally got my photos working, so will try to get some screenshots up of the mods

haute ecole rider
OMG! That stew looks yummy! Almost like my own CRT stew!
QUOTE(haute ecole rider @ Sep 18 2014, 01:01 PM) *

OMG! That stew looks yummy! Almost like my own CRT stew!

Yes, and it is very hearty as well. The stew pot is a MEO static, but the actual ingredient "Hearty Oxtail Stew" is something I cooked up for sustanance in hard core role play/for sale if someone wants to make Septims/or just to enjoy seeing on their table. (I use it for all three).

All of these mods contain my own ingredients and potions - each with their own specific effects and pricing.

I spent a lot of time cooking up my own ingredients and potions this past year, including the Home Brew (Beer) and Kvatch Kickapoo (Sloe White Lightning) that is being produced at Shetcombe Farms. Drinking the Kvatch Kickapoo produces some hilarious and varied results - drink at one's own risk. Kind of like taking the "Wild Wasteland" perk on New Vegas; Wild things will happen, lol.


OH! On my list of old mods I completely forgot my "Alix the Mouse" mod - a bad-tempered mouse companion follower.

EDIT: Added it.


Since I had the Lucky Mudcrab screens pulled out to show someone tonight, I'm going to post them on here for anyone else who hasn't seen it and wants to look - some of these screens show the updates I added this past year!

The Grande Tour:

The Lucky Mudcrab Inn mod (formerly the Wobbly Goblet Inn mod) I made specifically for everyone on this site to all RP on – so we’d all be at the same location in our game, be able to instantly recognize the places/people another RP’er was describing in their posts when talking about inside or outside the Inn.

I absolutely LOVED this Inn! (and put a ton of work into it). I was just going to find one screenshot to show the Inn with (since everyone on here has already seen it anyway), but – it wouldn’t do. I couldn’t pick just one to get the feel of the updates in the Inn across. So here is the grand tour:

The staff at the Inn is a set of triplets that all have a good supply of items to sell, one can repair and enchant your weapons too. There are two Nord male regulars at the tavern that sleep in the staff quarters at night (and I added two different snoring sounds to them while they sleep).

Sounds: I added a lot of sounds to the Inn. Inside there is bard music (that the staff dances to occasionally); the sounds of a “busy tavern” when the Player enters; and when the player sleeps in their suite they will hear the muted sound of a dog barking off in the distance.

Outside the Inn: early morning birds chirping, the Weynon Priory chapel bells ringing on the hour, and at midnight/5 am/6 pm you can hear the monks of Weynon Priory in a Gregorian chant – Awesome sound!

It has a nice stable, the player gets their own horse if they want (and I always put plenty of personality in any animals I add to a mod – the Player’s horse and two sheep are VERY quirky and full of fun. The two black horses belong to the two men in the tavern.

The Inn is majestic, sitting high on a hill outside the Chorrol main gates.

There is a small garden for the budding alchemist …

And a small vineyard. Characters have come from as far away as Skyrim and Vvardenfell to have their portraits painted "helping" squash the grapes, lol.

Case in point: Acadian's Buffy ...

And Grits's Jerric ...

Grits had Jerric's portrait made in the vat:

For roleplay, nothing beats an Inn! Some people might want to roleplay as a maid at the inn:

The Inn has a nice Restaurant…

Now with two fountains/ planters:

There is a huge bathroom…

With a nice vanity:

Oops! The chamber pot was used:

(NPC’s actually sit on it sometimes!)

The player gets their own suite at the Inn, with a continental breakfast included:

The stews are actual food/ingredients that increase health and strength:

The Inn has Room Service (ignore floating potted plant, I need to drop that to the ground) - A Continental Breakfast is included with the room rentals and in the Player’s suite:

Upstairs balcony area for people who don’t want to sit in the tavern area:

After hours there is a Poker game (and Still!) in staff quarters:

There is a nice Kitchen:

A Gypsy caravan of street sellers and musicians comes by once a month to spend a weekend selling their wares on the street outside the Inn:

They set up these tents along the City Wall to sleep in during their stay:

Brother Piner from Weynon Priory bought a dinner from the gypsies – he spends quite a bit of time out with them when they are around!

The gypsies break for meals, they need to eat too!:

The staff gets a bit tipsy and dances at night sometimes:

Here is Acadian’s Buffy teaching them some steps she learned in Elsweyr:

Right before my stroke I pulled the Inn off of Nexus to add the food you might have noticed on the Restaurant screens and make a few updates to the Inn = and that snowballed into the Gypsy caravans! (Which later snowballed into "The Village of Weynon, but that is a story for another time, lol).

The food: I wanted more realistic food on the plates, I mean - who eats a raw potato and a slab of raw boar meat on a plate and with a fork? So I went looking for something to use, and found MEO's "dishes" - real meals on plates.

I LOVED them! Well, that meant revamping my Inn mod to add those meals. Then the meals were a bit too classy for a middle class Inn, so I had to make the Inn an upper class one.

THEN - I wanted the Player to be able to actually sit down in front of those meals and eat, so created a whole menu of ingredients to match MEO's meals. Every bit of food you see in the Inn can be eaten or taken and sold; and each ingredient has a very valid reason for the Player to eat it.

(for example: the effects of the "Hearty Oxtail Stew" is:

Cure Disease
Fortify health 300 seconds, magnitude 30
Fortify strength 150 seconds, magnitude 20
Reflect damage 150 seconds, magnitude 20

So the Player might carry a bowl of the stew with them, and eat it right before a battle. Some of the other foods/ingredients I created have a shield effect, a reflect spell effect, fortify speed, etc.

The vanilla ingredients only last 1-3 seconds, I wanted my heartier food to last longer, give the player a valid reason to want to eat it instead of just looking at it.

The roleplay is another reason I make every character or animal have a unique personality - some quirks that make them interesting to know and be around.

Inside the Inn, one of the males will just suddenly start dancing - while he is looking at you and saying some of those normal things NPC's say to you (like, "You have the hands of a healer...") - it really gives the feel of a drunk guy in a tavern hitting on you, lol.

I've got screenshots of trying to rent a room from Vinja and she was dancing while she talked to me, so the screenshots have her head all over the place - I just kept snapping shots to capture it - and was laughing my butt off the whole time!

I have given the NPC's some special dialogue that may pop up late at night as they get tipsy - some really funny stuff - all of it from vanilla voice files, surprisingly.

The horses and sheep will follow the player around if they have apples in their inventory, and have some odd stuff they do - like escaping the pen to graze outside the fence, etc. Their idle animations have been increased so they have more personality.

I was working on a script to make them all go inside the stables when it rains, and gave the Gypsy's horse high intelligence and a script to travel to the Inn's stable if it rains and get in out of the rain, etc. I was writing that script and still beta-testing it when I had the stroke.


AND - Ghastley made some AWESOME little mods of his own to attach to the Inn! Not just the Inn's (gorgeous) signs, but a wall poster the Player can draw on ("HEY! Who's been drawing boobs on my posters?") - and Eyja the Friendly gives her warmest thanks to Ghastley for giving her a magic shirt that somehow disappears when most convenient!

Thank you Ghastley !!!


(and thank you Acadian and Grits for those screenshots you posted on the mod site, I hope you don't mind me using them in this description page for other members of this site to see!).

Gosh, you've been busy indeed! You've added some wonderfully creative and new touches to this mod. Love the gypsy caravan! tongue.gif
mALX, this looks fantastic! The inn has a completely new look inside. It definitely has that high-end hotel feel rather than a roadhouse. The poker game and still in the staff quarters are great ideas. It really makes the NPCs come to life to show their leisure activities. I love the caravan. That’s my favorite part. Thank you for sharing these pictures!
QUOTE(Grits @ Oct 3 2014, 07:05 AM) *

mALX, this looks fantastic! The inn has a completely new look inside. It definitely has that high-end hotel feel rather than a roadhouse. The poker game and still in the staff quarters are great ideas. It really makes the NPCs come to life to show their leisure activities. I love the caravan. That’s my favorite part. Thank you for sharing these pictures!

Truthfully, the upgrades to the inn - all that came about because I wanted to put real looking meals down at the tables. When I found MEO's dishes I went nuts over them, went back into every single mod I ever made and added them (and stuck them in my Player houses).

The problem was that - every where I added them, they looked TOO TOO much in, too expensive or rich looking for their environment. So it was either crap them down (which didn't look much better than the vanilla raw food on a plate) or raise the environment to match them.

So, I looked over the Inn and decided I could (with some work) - revamp it to match the type of inn that would serve those fancy meals, lol.

I was worried it might change the atmosphere of the original Inn mod, which was so awesome. It does feel upscale when you enter; but the Triplets and the two men - they haven't changed a bit, are just as much fun as before. I'll probably post both ESP's, (the upgraded inn and the original middle class inn) so if someone wanted the middle class inn they could still get it.

I had to do the same thing (upgrade the environment to match the meals) in the Player's houses that I stuck the meals in - which spurred my "Better Player Houses" mod.


The Caravan - I actually started making that caravan immediately when you first started talking about having that fair at the Wobbly, wanted it to be a surprise - so everyone could take screenshots to match their RP posts.

When Blackie talked about adding that Dummer seller from Morrowind (I added a Dummer male to the Caravan NPC's - and set him up to sing that "Cliffracer Song" occassionally, lol).

Those sellers are a lot of fun, they dance to that bard occasionally, they have great personalities - and they follow their AI packages to the letter (surprisingly)!

At first I thought they could be from the "Village of Weynon" and be out selling every weekend; but that made the mod too big, so I decided to scrap the Village - but couldn't bring myself to scrap the gypsies.

Having the caravan come and go - kind of like the Player goes to sleep one night and the next morning when he wakes and steps outside (there is a caravan that wasn't there the night before) - I loved the idea of the surprise the Player would feel when that happened.

The caravan is a ton of fun, for some reason Brother Piner spends a lot of time there when they are set up, (like after Jauffre leaves and Prior Mabrel dies he is lonely and bored or something) - it is very cool (to me) when the NPC AI changes spontaneously to something I've added in a mod.

I haven't looked into Brother Piner's AI, but I'd bet he is on a wander package and until I put that caravan there - he had no reason to wander past the Priory walls. So it is very cool that he comes up there now.


I really appreciate the picture of Jerric jumping in the vat (and having his portrait made while doing it) - that and the ones of Buffy in the vat and dancing - nothing can describe the fun that Inn mod was as perfectly as those screenshots did, thank you both for those!


** Oops! Forgot "The Fishing Mod" in my old mods - added it.

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