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You know, like in Oblivion where everyone would say "It's You! The Hero of Kvatch!" all the time? I have never been able to finish Skyrim's main quest, so I really don't know. I have done both sides of the civil war, and from that I know people in your faction from it would refer to you by your faction title after that was over (Stormblade / Legate). I never minded that. But I think having people constantly say "Hey, you're the Dragonborn!" would get old fast.
They start calling you Dragonborn right after the guards kill Mirmulnir for you, and you absorb the soul. There doesn't seem to be any change when you finish off Alduin, perhaps because that happens where only dead folks are watching.

So it's more "Hero of Kvatch" than "Champion of Cyrodiil", but not so much as in Oblivion, either.
Hmm, there may be a comment or two once you get back to Skyrim, but I donít remember anything annoying or intrusive like in Oblivion. Itís more like the Skyrim Daedric Artifact comments that happen once if at all. Thereís a new song that the bards play only after the MQ is over, but thereís no fuss made about you when they sing it. Iím looking forward to finishing the MQ again with Jensa, this time in her laptop game. I miss Odahviing and the heroes in the Call of Valor.


Haven't they made a mod that removes the Dragonborn from the dialogue yet? Oblivion had one that deleted the "Hero of Kvatch" from the dialogue. That wasn't hard to do in Oblivion, but I haven't checked out the dialogue in the CK yet to see if it is even printed out.

As Grits reminds me, it's nothing like as oppressive as it was in Oblivion. If anything, the guards are more likely to call you a sneak thief, than Dragonborn. Some of them will even wonder if they're Dragonborn themselves, and just don't don't know it yet. However, there won't be any mention of the term until that first dragon dies.

Because it's not annoying, there's no mod for it. And if you don't like the word, just don't do the critical quest. Mind you, this is Skyrim, so avoiding quests isn't easy. You can't go into Dragonsreach without triggering off the trip to Bleak Falls Barrow, but at least then you'll know which dungeon to avoid.
That is good to know. I will probably be starting Molly Hatchet's Skyrim game soon. I still have to decide whether to try doing the main quest with her, of if I want to do her game my normal way with it disabled and using my own alternate start. Not having people fawning all over her afterward makes doing the mq a little more viable.
QUOTE(SubRosa @ Apr 15 2015, 06:37 PM) *

I will probably be starting Molly Hatchet's Skyrim game soon.

Woo! *happy dance* biggrin.gif
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