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Uleni Athram

I will reveal this much for you guys; The Shadow Under Fort Sutch has loads of Major NPC characters with criss-crossing ambitions, relationships and goals that it will be kinda hard to know who's who and what they want. Plus, there's a lot of minor NPCs that may or may not turn into Major NPC themselves with goals of their own. Not to mention the things we're going to face. Therefore this Codex will serve us as an information thread of sorts that will help us keep track on these things. As such, it will have two distinct categories; CHARACTERS and BESTIARY. So how will this work exactly? I will model this Codex after the system of the one in the Dragon Age franchise. You guys probably played one or two games of that series, but nonetheless here's an example on how this Codex will work:

If our Characters meet a Major NPC Character, his/her entry will be posted here. If we converse with him/her further and get more information about that NPC, said information will be posted here (along with several new information I may or may not add for our benefit). And if he/she is involved in more events, her involvement in said events would posted here as well.

For the Bestiary, it will work generally the same. A short treatise on its background, appearance, skills... I may even add in some strategic insights on its weaknesses so we can kill it all the more faster in future engagements! So be sure to try all sorts of creative tactics when encountering all sorts of nasties, eh? And be sure to check their entries in the Bestiary to know it!

So that's basically it!
Uleni Athram



Oedipus Nebraska is the man behind the Expedition. Once a lowly mercenary in the employ of the Fifth Legion during the Oblivion Crisis, Oedipus has garnered the attention of Tamriel when he announced previously unknown parts under the ruins of Fort Sutch. With surprising alacrity he has established his own Guild, the Guild of Adventurers, in the port city of Anvil with the backing of what he calls his 'Sponsors.' Hiring every available express services, including the Black Horse Courier, he has spread the word for recruitment all across the province of Cyrodiil. With both the Fighters Guild and Mages Guild joining him, eager freelancers are flocking to him and his guildhall by the hundreds.
Uleni Athram
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