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I used the Minotaur from this mod in my own SI expansion for Gweden, and it behaved well enough as an NPC. Over the holidays I tried out the rest of it, and found that the Flame Atronach, Spider Daedra and even the Playable version of the Minotaur all had show-stopping bugs.

The Flame Atronach had an issue where first-person mode had unweighted vertices and an apparent glitch in the resting idle to go with it. The result was that it was unplayable in first-person mode.

The Minotaur and Spider Daedra had a similar first-person problem with mesh weighting, and the Spider Daedra had a permanent twist in her spine, making her look sideways instead of ahead.

In each case, I'd installed only the part I was using, and uninstalled the rest. I was using only a minimum of other mods (not even my own) and the DLC's were all off. However, unchecking esp's doesn't remove resources, so there may have been skeleton conflicts, or something like that.

I'm tempted to investigate and fix the bugs, so I can try them out a bit further. Has anyone else tried them, with any success?
I have never used that Talkie Toaster mod, sounds interesting though. You should maybe ask at Beth's forums, probably somebody out there has tried something similar at some point, and may knows the answer you seeketh.
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