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Elisabeth Hollow
There are fake websites that have been mirroring EXACTLY what has been doing, right down to the timed updates(as in, you update, their website is now updated)

Every single one of my stories, Kayla's story, Samara's story, even my stupid terrible one-shot stories, have been stolen, along with my profile. If your stories are on there (mALX, Grits, maybe? Renee? Maybe even Subrosa?) they've been had.

You can sign into your google account and report them here

The websites in question are:

The Buy Stock

Talk Fictions

Fiction Avenue

Than Fiction

HMO fiction

Each link is set up to go to the main page. From there, you can click on the genre you posted to, then search your story. I had difficulty searching my name, but it's attached to my stories.

When you report, tell them you've been plagiarized and give them the EXACT PAGE URL that your story begins on. Report your profile. Report it all.
Whoa, holy crap. I need to see this now.

I disagree that your one-shot stories are "terrible".

I looked around but it was all a bit confusing and I couldnīt find anything wacko.gif
Callidus Thorn
I remember a while back something similar happened with the Bethesda forums, only the duplication wasn't as blatant.
Darkness Eternal
Are you freaking serious? I'm going to search every single one of those websites. Thanks Elizabeth!!
Thanks for letting us know, Elizabeth. I don't have anything on that site, but it's good to remember that such things happen.
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