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Full Version: Nels Llendo- Smooth Criminal or Criminally Creepy > Elder Scrolls Games > Older Games
What did you think of Nels Llendo when you first met him? Discuss!

Incase you don't remember who he is...
I recently did a run through of Morrowind with Persephone, and I don't remember him very well. But knowing Persephone, if she met him, she killed him.
He'll teach you how to pick locks if you let him live. I think the writers tried to make him kind of a ladies man, but he just comes off as weird to me. Of course, that's playing female characters. As a male character he's a straight up highwayman.
I encountered him for the first time with Ninimdes, my Bosmeri Nerevarine. Since she was a woman, Nels didn't do any harm to her and until I met him again with Haryon, I didn't know that he's hostile to men unless he gets 'paid'.
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