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I've had numerous people ask me what's next in the Hearthfires series, and one suggested Forsworn. I initially rejected the idea, as they usually live in tent camps, or have a resident hagraven if they live anywhere else. Even in the later case, they'll still pitch tents inside whatever structure they're using.

But that shouldn't completely rule this out. If a Forsworn bed is actually a skin tent with a hay pile and fur inside it, that's quite constructible, and the rest of the space can have normal furniture, crafting stations etc.

So now I'm trying to decide what to build inside. A cave is probably easiest, just needing a hole in a hillside somewhere in the Reach, but a tower/ruin entrance is also feasible for a bit of architectural variety.

Hagravens and briarhearts seem to go together, but are possibly a faction that doesn't align with Madanach, although you do find a briarheart at Druadach Redoubt. So I'm considering a post-Cidhna quest to go establish a new camp, as part of the new Reachman kingdom. Find your empty tower/ruin/cave and furnish, then the recruits will arrive to join you. No briarhearts or hagravens will turn up, as you're in charge, and those are "boss" characters.

I may still have a mage NPC that's considering the change into a hagraven, and even started the process. That could provide a sub-quest to reverse it, after she changes her mind.

Dialogue could be the usual issue, but there should be some already around for Forsworn talking to each other. Merchant dialogue for smith, alchemist, should also be there in a Breton voice.


The other project that was Breton-specific, was the Red Witch, but that has issues with a lack of sailor dialogue, and I'd have a lot of work to do converting it to be build-your-own. The former is much more of a show-stopper, as it needs multiple voices, and I only have one.

Why am I getting visions of a hagraven with d-cups? ohmy.gif biggrin.gif
I used Druadach Redoubt slightly tweaked for my Forsworn base when I played one, and there were some things I liked a lot about it. The opening in the ceiling allowed light in, which made trees and a small garden plausible. The friendly goat added nice domestic sounds, though I did wonder why it wasn't eating the crops. Multiple levels with water running through made it interesting, and of course I added the crafting stations with storage that my guy needed. Plus I made some of the residents followers so that he could lead his squad around causing mayhem. If I did it again I would probably make one of them a merchant with the idea that they would go in disguise to trade with local Forsworn sympathizers. Just some ideas of stuff I would end up suggesting if you do this. biggrin.gif

Acadian, LOL! Now I can't un-see that!! laugh.gif
Yes, that's the vibe I was thinking of. It wants a waterfall into a bathing pool, and maybe a piece of ruin tower for the master bedroom, so the player can have a real bed. The goat needs to be penned, and maybe there should be more than one.

The piece of ruin could house the pre-hagraven, too. She'd want a bit of privacy for the change process, perhaps. I'll have to look at combining parts of Druadach and Red Eagle's Ascent, maybe even add in a bit of dwemer just to be different.

Part of the idea comes from this mod. I'd re-make the skin texture myself, with a somewhat different pattern of growing feathers. I'd probably give her clawed hands and feet, although not as extreme as the full hagraven, just a bit scrawnier than human.
QUOTE(Acadian @ Nov 14 2016, 10:18 AM) *

Why am I getting visions of a hagraven with d-cups? ohmy.gif biggrin.gif

I've started work on the hagraven "chick", as I think of her. I'm taking the skin texture, and painting a new layer of pin-feathers where the "adult" or transformed version has full ones. She also has clawed feet, based on the hagraven ones, but not quite fully formed.

She's using the UNP Petite body (which ranges from AA to a small B-cup), as I'm thinking that she was selected as being small and weak as a human. She may even get scaled down from 0.95 to 0.9. The conversion isn't voluntary, and she's shackled to a wall while it proceeds. She'll have a few changes of outfit for the cure and after, all using the same body with different textures and clothing. She ends up as the resident alchemist/mage.

Backstory will be that Madanach, after you help him get out of Cidhna Mine, wants to get control back from the hagravens that have been subverting his Reachmen. You'll be sent a missive asking you to rescue the chick, and establish a new pro-Madanach group. The cave will be empty of all but one hagraven and her victim, and then you'll furnish and populate it - i.e. forsworn will move in when it's "ready", and I have to figure out what that means as a minimum level of completion. It may work like the Thieves Guild and the Ragged Flagon, with new recruits arriving as their accommodations are ready.
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