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Full Version: Champion Point Distribution Changes > Elder Scrolls Games > The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited
This happened a few patches back, but it is one of the clearer demonstrations of how some of these "Jump Points" make our champion point distributions wasted after a certain level.

Example: The new (since the Morrowind patch) "Syphoner" - Adding 75 points to it nets you 14% of the stated bonus. Any points you add to it after that up to 99 make absolutely no difference, you still only get 14%. When you put 100 points in; it changes to 15%. So in other words, that one percent cost you 25 Champion Points = absolutely not worth it; when they could do so much more benefit to the Player if used somewhere else.

This chart (link below) shows where the Jump Points are for a good portion of the CP points = just something to consider when adding points. Remember, if your numbers are anywhere between jump points; then the benefit you receive is no different than the lower jump point.

So if the points will make a real difference in one placement and not in another, it may weigh in your decision of placement for those points. (It would have been a good thing if they had made this clear when they reset Champion Points on the Morrowind patch so we could have used this info when resetting our CP Points, right?)

I plan to reset my CP Points once they reach the ceiling using this info. Meanwhile I've been glancing at it every time I place them and trying to bring all my distributions to the nearest jump point so the points aren't being wasted.

Thank you, mALX. This was mentioned in the MW expansion thread but easy to overlook and not nearly as clearly as Alcast's great chart. Knowing that CP values 'round down' and Alcast's chart are great things to have handy in a dedicated thread! goodjob.gif
Pooh, I knew that after a certain point it was pointless to put points into a star, but it's good to know exaclty when. Thanks.

QUOTE(monkeyemoness @ Jul 15 2017, 04:21 PM) *

Pooh, I knew that after a certain point it was pointless to put points into a star, but it's good to know exaclty when. Thanks.


Yeah, I always heard there was a point where it went from productive to wasting points, but can't for the life of me remember where it is when I'm adding CP points; and this chart was the most succinct and up to date example I was able to find.

(and I still have to refer to it every time I am adding points)

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