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Rather than discuss the possible Smurf mod elsewhere, this thread will keep it separate. It probably won't ever get that far, anyway.

The house is just a Dragonborn one from Tel Mithryn, with a chimney added, and a few furniture swaps to Orc style. There are modders resources for Telvanni-style building, some of which could provide intermediate growth stages. My current thoughts are: small ball develops into tall-stemmed mushroom until roof is full-diameter, and then stem (and roof) thicken/bulge. I need to create an "uncut" version with no ropes, and no door, from the current mesh, which looks possible. An external chimney needs adding to the "after" version, too.

I need a quest build-up that makes Skyrim sense. Dragonborn is a requirement for the house mesh, so bringing back the spore from Elynea Mothren, the mycologist at Tel Mithryn, fits in. I could add it as an extra reward for the quest to repair the tower (taproot fetch quest), and tie in the need for some taproots as an ingredient in the construction. There's a spriggan just next door at Roadside Ruins. Spriggan Sap might also figure in.

The hard part is what to use as construction "bench". I used the tree-stump outside the Bosmer Den, and could do something similar here, especially with the Spriggan connection. There was a felled trunk where the house now is, and I moved it a bit out of the way, but I could replace with a stump instead. I might even use the enclosed shrine idea again.

I've been creating Smurf characters (and a Gargamel mage) to see what works, as a few NPC's might be called for. Azrael as a Sabre-cat? So far Hefty Smurf (hand-to-hand) and Hunter Smurf (archer), and Papa Smurf as a pure mage are viable. I can't see any others working, without weapons.

Smurfette has also been joined by Sassette, in pink dungarees. She's not a child, and those clothes are a bit small for her. ohmy.gif
This really is funny, and I'm not sure if you're gonna publish this, but it'd be great if you did.

My daughter went through a Smurf phase when she was very young. She's appreciating your work (looking at those pics in the Today thread) right now as I type this. wub.gif

Last night, I took the mesh for the house and removed the door and lights etc. leaving only the "natural mushroom" as the final stage of the growth, before house conversion. I'm now fiddling with intermediate growth stages and trying to decide how many, how long it takes, etc.

I put a shrine inside a stump outside, just like the Bosmer Den one, except that I used a Dibella shrine this time. I may change back to using Kynareth, don't yet know.

I'd like to make this equally usable as a Telvanni wizard home, or a Smurf one, according to taste, so there's a lore-friendly requirement for the quest to get it. The hard part is coming up with a Smurfy side to the same thing.

Smurfette and Sassette, who have their own outfits, are finding that they could use enchanted versions, so that they don't have to invest in that school at the start, much as College Mages get their own robes. I'm trying out enchanted hats, as they'll all use those.
That's a tough choice between Kynareth and Dibella! Kynareth seems to be more appropriate, but you could go either way.

Oh wow, there's a quest to go along with this house! Neato.
I'm thinking more of high-jacking an existing quest to repair the main tower at Tel Mythrin. You get a fairly useless reward for it at present, so adding the spore to grow your own, plus instructions, would fix that.

Meanwhile, take a look at Sassette!

The Smurfs I've played all have modified body proportions (long torso, short legs, and head as large as normal despite reduced height) thanks to the XPMSE skeleton and its RaceMenu support and I'm trying to figure out how to do that for an NPC. If I can, then there will be neighbors.
Those body/head proportion tweaks you have done are absolutely smurfect!
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