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I spent the day working on the Skyrim version of Teresa of the Faint Smile. I am not sure when I might play her. I am thinking of creating Tadrose for Skyrim as well. After all character creation is my favorite mini-game. I might wind up playing them both in Pillars of Eternity first, along with some of their other TES pals.

But in any case I have tweaked my Ayleid Race mod, and spent a little while looking at some weapons and armor. Here is what I have so far.

Teresa is wearing the Reinforced Armor from Bosmer Armor Pack

Here she is wielding Arrowsong, and Nord Arrows from the Nord Bow mod

There is a green recolor of the armor, but I think it is overpowering. The original has more gradients of color. Plus the original looks better with Arrowsong.
Hey, she's looking good. She even has her faint smile. .... which is not easy to get. That is one of the things that used to bug me when I tried making female faces on Xbox--it's near impossible to get any other face than a scowly one. mad.gif

Her outfit looks killer.
Let's see. . . pale Ayleid skin, dyed red hair, faint smile. . . . Yup, that's our Teresa! biggrin.gif

So nice to see her getting some attention!
I tried some different outfits with Teresa today, but none looked better than the Bosmer Armor. I also tried recoloring some pieces of the Bosmer Armor, to add a little green. But it just did not come out right. So it looks like the original Bosmer Armor is going to be the winner there. I am still going to look at some more bows however.

I also made Tadrose. She came out really good. I tried several suits of armor with her, but the Ordinator Armor is just eye-popping on her. That is the clear winner. Now I am looking at swords. Of the vanilla options it is down to Dwarven or Elven. The color of Dwarven is closer to that of the armor, so that might be the winner. But I will want to take the time to look at modded greatswords as well.
Don't change anything on Tadrose. Are you going to create all the Seven?
Tadrose looks great and very recognizable from Teresa's story. Hmm, Teresa will have her hands full trying to get Tadrose out of all that heavy armor! tongue.gif
I created Talun-Lei and Nashira back when I wrote Seven, and I had played Aela in Skyrim a few years back. I could try doing more. In the very least I plan to take a crack at Methredhel next, and probably Ungarion after that.
I found Tadrose's sword, thanks to Golden Elven Armor and Weapons

I took a look at bow mods, but the only thing that looked close to being right was Noldorian Royal Elven Bow and Quiver. It is really good. But it looks blocky compared to Arrowsong. The latter looks more natural, so I am going to stick with Arrowsong for Teresa.

And one more pic of Teresa

Today I did Methredhel.

From the other side.

She was easy, I was already thinking the Triss outfit would be ideal for her. I tried the Ciri outfit too. But the Triss was the clear winner. Methie was made for it.

Methie is a city elf, so she uses a bound bow to keep a low profile when out of combat.

Likewise, a bound dagger back up her regular elven dagger for close in work.

Her hair gave me a lot of trouble. I wound up giving her the same hair as Teresa. Methie had the Wind Braids back in Oblivion, so I wanted something with a braid, but was not pulled back, in Skyland. I might change Teresa's hair. Maybe with one of the Azar Ponytail styles.

Next up, I think I will give Ungarion a try.

Well, the Azar Ponytails don't seem to look right on Teresa. Maybe it is because of her being a custom race. Or maybe it is just her white skin, which shows through the Azar hairs a little too much. But in any case, I did try a few new hairstyles for Teresa.

Redguard stylings

Morrowind Punk

A demure Breton bob

But I think I will stick with a simple style minus the front braid

Methie and Teresa both look great. As you know, I love that Triss outfit and yay for bound weapons! I agree with your final choice on Teresa's hair. goodjob.gif
I worked on Ungarion tonight. He came out good. But I am a little disappointed with the hair options. He needs bigger hair. But I don't see any other options that work in vanilla hairs. Maybe one of the Azar Ponytails would work?

In yellow town clothes

Red town clothes

fancy clothes

Ulfric's outfit is one of my favorites so far

Daedric definitely works for him, but it is a bit of overkill

Here he is in the old school slicked back elf hair and a purple college robe

The blue college robe

With Teresa's hair (I think this is the hair I will keep)
Wow, he did come out well! I think the 'slicked back elf hair' looks the most like Ungarion, but all the hairs you showed look good.
I did a little more work on Ungarion's eyes and gave him the slicked back hair. I think his head looks too small. The old Oblivion version of that hair puffed out like a big lion's mane. I would like bigger 80s hair to make him more proportional.
I know what you mean but he looks fabulous just as he is now. Love the lavender eyes!
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