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I have been messing around with the CS and made a small mod for my self, basicly it adds the Nordic Mail to a few armorers around Vvardenfell and makes a medium weight version with lowered stats. I tryed my best to make the medium version good but not too good, a armor rating of 40 instead of 66, plus weight around that of adamantium.

Plus it adds a full set of the heavy stuff to a chest in the Skaal great hall with a good (but not quite uber) sword. No new meshes or anything, just something for my new Nord character.

I also want to add a small quest as soon as I learn how too. Along with new dialog for the armorers commenting on the Mail problem is I have no idea how to do it... What to you all think? Sound good?
Fuzzy Knight
Sounds good, it does... smile.gif To bad I'm not to good at the dialog stuff, but there are many here can knows it I think...
sonds good never have done that myself though so I can't help you. sorry
Well I might post the first version (Without the quest and stuff) over on Morrowind Summit soon. Be on the look out.

P.S. After it come out anyone if welcome to download it and add the quests, just E-Mail me for the details first.
Intestinal Chaos
Yeah, It sounds alright.
Sounds cool to me
Great! Now does anyone know how to zip a folder using winzip?

Edit: Never mind that, I thought I did not post my topic for this.
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