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I have been working on a new game of Annie Ley Oak in Fallout 4. For those who don't recall, she was an NCR Ranger turned spy in Fallout New Vegas. I tried her in Fallout 4 before, but it never quite felt right because the gun she was using did not have the best textures. Well, the work I have done on AR15s from Modern Firearms have solved that issue. So now I am working on the most important consideration of all - what to wear! laugh.gif

Seriously, I have spent hours going back and forth on this.

The NCR Ranger armor is definitely my favorite. Besides the look, it has that tie to Nevada. (Her rifle is has a Nevada Custom Guns receiver)

But here is the problem. When in first person only, there is always a noticeable gap between her left hand and rifle barrel. This happens with every gun I try.

The Western Duster is another option. But it does does not look as good as the Ranger armor

I must admit the Colonial Duster looks snazzy

Finally, the Fatigues she wore on her first playthrough of F4. I like the Jyn Erso feel to it. But I have already done this look once before.

So I guess I need to decide if I can live with that gap between left hand and rifle while in 1st person or not. If I can, Annie can use the Ranger armor. If not, then one of the others.

Does anyone else know any other armor/clothing that might work? I tried the western outfits from Nuka World, but they were honestly too colorful for her.
Ugh, that gap in first person with the Ranger armor would drive Khajiit nuts! Honestly, the Western Duster is Khajiit’s favorite.
King Coin
I've vote Colonial Duster due to the annoying gap. Surely someone has noticed that on the NCR Ranger outfit and fixed it however? ohmy.gif
I remember Annie from the Mojave. She managed to get her long hair under the NCR 1st Recon Beret IIRC.

The gap could be bothersome if you play a lot in 1st person, as such it probably wouldn't bother me so I'd still go with the first outfit.
In the 5,000 or so replies on the mod's Nexus forum thread, I did find one person mention the gap. The mod author said there was nothing he could do about it. But seeing that other modders who create armor and clothing do not have that gap, I find that a little hard to believe... In any case, it is not going to be fixed.

I have been trying it with the NCR Ranger outfit in spite of the gap, and so far so good. I switch a lot between first and third person. I use third person for just walking around, and go into first person to shoot. When I go into iron-sights mode the gap vanishes (all you can see is the gunsight after all). So I am trying just to not look at the gap the other times.
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