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I have the crowns from my recent ESO+ renewal starting to burn holes. So one thing I'm considering is another coffer or chest of home storage. The one I got as a level-up reward is doing stalwart duty as a mailbox, passing recipes, research items, surveys, etc. between crew members. However, it often gets full, especially with recipes, as I'm never sure whether the whole crew knows them (and yes I have Craft Store, if I could bother to look).

So what does everyone do with their additional storage, if they have it? I recall monkey using his for materials, as he has no Craft Bag, but I'm really asking the ESO+ folk.

A secondary question is where to put them, as the smallest homes can't place many, and may just get the mailbox one.
I only have one free small one and it holds Cyrodiil supplies like door repair kits and all the stuff for running with a group taking keeps and such. My criteria was a category that would number ~20-30 items and be very rarely used.
Jerric’s crew has all of the storage containers at their crafting center in Domus Phrasticus, and a few are duplicated where useful in other houses.

They are used for a mailbox, general supplies (potions, food, soul gems and such), faction siege gear, general Cyrodiil supplies (repair kits, various potions), sets of stealth gear, sets of training/leveling gear, maps (those darn surveys mostly), and a collection of the clothing pieces that I hope will be an outfit style some day. They could actually use a couple more containers to keep things organized.
I only use two of the big ones for materials and that's only so I have some "backup" in case I want to make a set or something. It works to keep me from using up all my materials in writs, too. (well...right now I'm using 2 more of the small ones to hold onto Jewelry materials until everyone's sorted out, but it's not permanent. Once Ruben masters Jewelry Crafting and finishes the other crafts, he'll empty one box and Dravean will take the contents of the other once the patch drops and he has more space)

I use another of the small ones as a "Mailbox", and one of the big ones currently function as "Lucius Storage". Originally, it was something he used to keep his stuff separate from everyone else, but now it's just to keep the things he needs to research and eventually that'll be emptied, too.

The last big one is used to store the regular clothes you have to steal. I don't think I'm ever going to use them, but it's great to have the option. This one's called the "Wardrobe." I was also using it to store excess motifs from the April event, but those are almost gone. (Just got duplicates)

The last small one is "Apocryphal Relics". It's where I keep things that have been rendered useless by patches. Old provisioning ingredients, Petty to Greater Soul Gems, Glass fragments, that sort of thing.

At one point I was holding onto overland sets, but if you recall, they were eaten up. I probably would have ground them up for materials eventually, since I ended up needing all that space. Not entirely sure what I'm going to do with 2 small boxes and 1 big one when they're emptied out. I think I'll keep the large one as storage for any potential new characters until they're "properly" introduced to the Squad.

As for where I keep them, I generally try to get away with having as many storage boxes in every house as possible. The Mailbox is mandatory across all of them, with the Wardrobe being the second one if it can fit. The original Squad also have the two Materials Crates (Equipment and Consumable) within reach in the respective crafting areas so they can make gear for lower-leveled characters when needed. For most houses, this is the cap, Lucius being the exception with his storage (Fjotreid also makes use of it to send things to each other sometimes). The others are usually summoned as needed. Currently, the Alinor Crest Townhouse has the other 7 non-mailbox storage boxes in the room near the entrance for easy access. Ruben also sleeps there.
Well so far I only bought the one small additional coffer, and Laurie is using it for the Master Writs she can't do yet. Those are the 9-trait ones she hasn't yet reached, or 8-trait ones for the exact trait she doesn't yet have researched. (Isn't the RNG AI wonderful?) We call it "The Ritz".

We're happily using the bank for the Cyrodiil gear and the superfluous surveys and maps. Since the former stack, it's reached some kind of equilibrium. Equipment mats get used quickly, so the surveys aren't there long. Ones for Craglorn get done when they come in, as the chance of Nirncrux tips the scales heavily.

It was a hard choice between hiring Tithys Andromo and getting another storage container. He won, with the "summon in the field" being the deciding factor. Storage will next compete with a bank expansion, and deconstruction from bank is become a less important factor as the crew hit L50 in everything. So another container looks likely soon.

I just found this thread, lol. So: Necromancy time!

Like Acadian, I keep my Alliance War stuff all in one of the small containers.

Another small container holds all the really nice actual clothing you used to be able to pick up in dressers/wardrobes/and crates (but can't get anymore since they added the Justice System a few years ago). They all became items you could steal and fence then; but they cut way back on their drop rate now so you can barely find them anymore, even when stealing from owned dressers and wardrobes).

Another small container holds a godawful number of lockpicks, soul gems, and empty soul gems; and all those little notes and stuff you amass from quests.

Two of the large containers hold all the extraneous and unwanted Crown Store furnishings that come with the houses and can't be sold because they are bound items = rocks; some of the trees; crates; barrels; etc. - all the junk or junky looking furnishings (like the scratched up Khajiit end table; etc.)

(that is all the crates I have, I think...) laugh.gif

Lol, Khajiit only has one small container that he stuffed full of the disguises you can get from some of the quests.
I'm now up to three:

Mailbox for passing items between characters, in all homes.

"The Ritz" where Laurie stores her "do it later" equipment master writs. In homes where the owner crafts, and so may get writs for Laurie to do, because it's Nirnhoned, they don't know the motif, or whatever. The consumables generally are done by whoever collects one, and don't get stored, but there are a few in there for rare recipes.

Cyrodiil stuff, only at Mathiisen Manor currently, for all the things that don't stack. You get them from level-ups, or we wouldn't have collected any. Only Minx has those to come, so it will soon fall into disuse.

All purchased with writ vouchers, not crowns.

Using them for Master Writs is genius! I never would have thought of doing that until I read your post earlier! I meant to say something about it on my post above, and forgot to; so I'm glad you mentioned it again so I remembered to say it = sheer genius! My bank is totally over-run with them; I never thought of sticking them into the chests! Thanks, Ghastley!!!

That's where I juck the Jewelry crafting writs that probably aren't totally worthless, tbh.

Maybe some day I'll craft them, but until then they go in the boxes
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