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Hopefully this is the right place to post such a thread, please move accordingly if it isn't. smile.gif

I just came across this video of a modded Oblivion, and my jaw practically hit my desk!
Unfortunately, it uses the "Oblivion Reloaded" overhaul... I once had it installed, and I experienced some of its lovely visuals; however, I found it could be a bit of a headache for various reasons. That was a long while ago, though, so maybe I'll look into it again sometime. Regardless, the graphics and light in video are beautiful; it's certainly worth a watch.
Yes yes it's lovely and all that but...

QUOTE(ArtemisNoir2 @ Oct 29 2018, 12:32 AM) *

I found it could be a bit of a headache for various reasons. T

MM hmm. And for other reasons, I personally don't get too involved too much with graphic overhauls. Going from 30 fps on consoles to 60 fps on PC was enough of an upgrade for me, and I already deal with other headaches all the time. Yesterday in my top Oblivion game my party got stuck in some mod-added dungeon for instance, and this dungeon was spectacular, a lot of work went into it, but dang, it just went on and on.... And my party needs to get their gear repaired. I use food / drink / sleep mods too, and since daedra and dremora have no apparent need to eat or sleep...

...finally I had enough. Went into the Construction Set. Put a couple doors in that dungeon and linked them, so I could go back in there at some point and continue with gear freshly-repaired, the party's health freshly revived,

Um. Dang, off-topic again. X( Anyway, I'll just wait for Elder Scrolls VI over here. That'll be enough of an upgrade for me.

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