I've started playing a Shrike in Skyrim, and making her an outfit to resemble the ESO one (topless with strategic hair). So far it only works at max weight, as I haven't got the min weight mesh compatible yet. My test character was rolled in Skyrim Reborn and the RNG gave her a useless Healing Staff as a weapon, so she's casting by hand until she gets a proper (damaging) one. I'll post a screenshot or two when she does.

I'm not even certain that it will be possible to make the hair mesh respond to body weight. Obviously hiding her bewbs depends on a good fit, and the slider currently needs to be at max or there's a huge unrealistic gap.

If the costume ever works, I may post it as a mod to the Nexus. If not, I can fall back to Skyrim without giving up ESO completely. biggrin.gif