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From what I've seen in my game (and especially in the YouTube vids about Settlements) = I'm pretty sure the items you create in the workshop don't have Collision attached.

I know Trashcan Carla's Brahman can't "see" any of my new (boundary walls/fences/buildings/trees/fountains, etc); and Dogmeat is constantly on top of tables (or other Static furniture-type items) that I've made and placed.

In the vids I've seen NPC's walking into walls or the sides of new buildings for extended periods = until their AI package re-evaluates or changes to the next task they will keep trying to walk into them at that same spot continuously.

So I know I've got to put Collision Boxes on a few fence pieces already; (or remove the fences) and I'm sure I'll find more needed "adjustments" when the Settlers start coming. (Collision boxes are an easy/quick fix for me; and much better than me trying to mess up alter the Navmesh).

If the Collision cubes didn't take up slots in a Cell's inventory; I'd just put them on all that picket fencing/walls/tables, etc). Right now I'm just using them as bandaids (just where needed) to keep the Brahman moving around.

But anyone who has spent any time decorating with that Editor knows how long it takes to get everything set up so carefully and nicely on the tables/dresser tops; etc - then in comes Dogmeat and everything ends up on the floor again.

So what I've been doing in my personal house in the Settlement is = turning the "Misc Items" I decorate with into Statics = removing the Havoc from them so Dogmeat can crawl all over them and they won't budge = and it doesn't take up any extra slots in my Cell inventory like a Collision Box would.

So to do that; you pick a Static item that is not a quest object; and change the name to something like "000StaticTemplate" = the 000 is zeroes; because they will put your item right at the top of the Static list so it is easy to find.

It will say, "You have changed the name, create new form?" = Yes, you absolutely want to create a new form.

Okay, now it is much easier to make a duplicate of that "000StaticTemplate" right now; just right click on it and choose "Duplicate" from the drop down list. The new item should sit directly under your original and be named "000StaticTemplateCopy" = that is the one you always want to work with.

So then you find whatever item you want to decorate with (for example: a flower vase = those bounce all over the house when Dogmeat is near!)

Double Click on the flower vase (or whatever item you choose) in your house.

* or you can Right click once on it in your Cell View Items list and choose "Edit" on the drop down list that appears

That will open up the Reference tab. Click in the upper Right side to "Edit Base."

When the window opens up with all the info about that item (flower vase) = scan the (usually lower) left side for the "Model" and make a copy of that file path and NIF name. (highlight it; then control "C").

DON"T click on Okay; just close it out and on the Reference tab you want to click on "Cancel" to make sure you haven't changed anything accidentally.

Now go to the "000StaticTemplateCopy" in the (Item View Window) Statics. Edit its base the same way you did above for the flower vase = but paste the flower vase NIF into the place where it says "Model." Change the name to something like "000StaticFlowerVase" and click "Okay."

** It will say, "You have changed the name, create new form?" = THIS time you want to say "NO," because this is your Copy that you made just to use for this purpose.

That is it; now you have a static vase to place on your table = Dogmeat can't knock it over!

Okay, but say you want a doily underneath it; but you would like to have doilies and vases in several places in your Settlement; right? I used to make these types of "mash-ups" in NifSkope for Skyrim, Fallout 3, and Oblivion; but now you can do them right in the CK - and it is SO much easier !!!

So how to do it:

Place the Doily under your vase and make sure it is centered, etc. When everything is perfect:

Click on both items while holding down "Control" to highlight them both; then right click on them so you get a drop-down list. Find "Create Static Collection" and click on it.

Name the Collection something descriptive: "000FlowerVaseNDoily" and click "Okay." You may have to do it twice; for some reason I did. Anyway; when it is done you will have one item that is a Vase sitting on a Doily.


I made an ashtray with a lit cigarette in it:

And for the dinner table = a meal, complete with utensils and beer:


And Dogmeat and the Brahman can't knock any of it around at all!

It is a quick and easy fix; requires no scripts; and no mods other than your own if you don't want to use someone else's mod that may add a script.

*** And it doesn't stop there. You can make Static Collections out of any statics already in game = for example; if you build a house Template; you can make it a Static Collection once; and then be able to place it in all your settlements as one piece instead of rebuilding it over and over.


1. Haven't figured out how to edit the Static Collection later if you find you need to "tweak" it to look better.

2. There is no place set up for Static Collections in the Items View List; they will be mixed in with the Statics unless you place them in a separate category there (example: the name of your mod). I found mine by clicking on "Statics" = and thanks to the "000" my statics and static collections were all at the top.


QUOTE(Kane @ Jan 25 2019, 09:54 AM) *


Yeah, that mod you linked uses a script to create the statics; and doesn't make static collections so each piece has to be placed individually and is counted individually against the Settlement size.

This is just a way to do it yourself without using another person's mod; a way to do it with no scripts; and a way to make decorating easier and less costly on your Settlement by consolidating the statics (like Bethesda did in making the game).

Me personally = I don't ever download a mod unless it can do something for me that I can't do myself. This is for anyone who would enjoy doing it themselves too. (or doesn't want to have another Papyrus script in their game if they can avoid it).

Yeah, I missed some parts of your post before I had linked that. kvleft.gif
QUOTE(Kane @ Jan 25 2019, 11:33 AM) *

Yeah, I missed some parts of your post before I had linked that. kvleft.gif

That is a really good mod; especially for someone who doesn't want to dabble in the Creation Kit.

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