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> Today in Cyrodiil, spoilers version, TES: 4 Oblivion character accounts & stories
post Mar 12 2017, 12:52 PM
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Yay for Raven, saving the Sisters from pumpkin/tato thieving marauders then finding that little missing mage. How funny to get kicked from the MG right before becoming Arch Mage! tongue.gif

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post Mar 12 2017, 04:10 PM
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I like that conversation with Erthor, where he tells of not learning from his earlier mistakes. "Oh, yes, I get trapped by zombies all the time. I wonder why?" ohmy.gif

Personally, I blame developers. And having bad AI as a chld. biggrin.gif

Mods for Oblivion and now Daggerfall and Skyrim. Fan fiction, too.
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post Mar 12 2017, 04:25 PM
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QUOTE(mirocu @ Mar 12 2017, 03:53 AM) *

No writing about Kahreem?? ohmy.gif

Sorry man, I couldn't last night. I've been really bummed. Lopov may not be back, and he's like one of my best internet friends. It'd be like if you told me you're having some family problems, and then disappear for weeks. sad.gif

Anyway, I really like that story because Lopov's peculiar sense of humor really shines in that one.

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post Mar 19 2017, 12:32 AM
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8:09 am, Second Seed 28, 3rd Era 434

Days Passed: 275
Active Quests: 21
Quests Cmpt'd: 14

Bounty: 1,600
Fame: 0
Infamy: 40

Days Jailed: 96
Items Stolen: 1914
Trespasses: 0 (what???)
Assaults: 12
Murders: 1

Horses Stolen: 19

IPB Image

The guards and Watch Captains smile, knowing that the most notorious thief in all Cyrodiil rests right in their cell. They smile smugly, and have plenty of comments and conversations about their captor. The list of crimes the man has committed is long, involving horse-theft most of all, but also petty thievery of food, random items, and (oddly) several complaints about the theft of the very cheapest of wines. Several assaults upon innocent, law-abiding citizens. And a very long list of things they thought the Redguard was responsible of, but could not prove. This unproven list stretched back well into the previous year.

Had their Redguard been the one to steal some tax records from the Waterfront district?

... Unproven. Not enough evidence, nor any witnesses. Only a few rumors.

Had he been the one to remove Llathasa Indarys's bust from the Temple of Arkay's undercroft area?

... Unproven. Not enough evidence. A female witness (a guard) had seen a Redguard down in the undercroft, on the day the bust was stolen, but had this Redguard been the one who actually stole the bust on this day? If so, he was never caught red-handed. Mysteriously, this bust had later appeared in the cupboard of a Waterfront dark elf. She was the one who had been charged. But had she been the actual perpetrator of the actual crime? Who cares. The Dunmer gotten caught, not any Redguard. Case closed.

Had this Redguard been responsible for breaking into Leyawiin's non-public areas, where he'd subsequently stolen a ring from Countess Caro?

... Very likely, yet never officially proven. Again, he'd never been caught red-handed. There were several witnesses who'd complained about a Redguard (maybe even several of them) who'd been seen in various places: loitering about town, lurking around the castle's public areas, rushing though some secret rooms throughout the castle, and (worst of all) seen sneaking in the Count's bedchamber several times. When Countess Caro's ring had been reported stolen, there had been a Redguard who'd fled the scene.

But that Redguard, whoever he was, had spoken in a high, foppish voice. The one currently in Bruma's dungeon is more of a baritone. There's always the possibility that he'd somehow changed his voice, and had also been wearing several disguises during his long stay in this southern town. But again, there was also the possibility that there'd been several Redguards working together. Who was to say?

The list of these larger, unsolved crimes went on and on. If indeed the man they had in custody was the same man who'd committed all those larger acts of crime, two things were for sure: he was very good at his job (in a creative sort of way), yet he was terrible at all of those smaller crimes. His frequent horse-thefts, for instance. At times, it almost seemed like he'd wanted to be seen and pursued, stealing some horse. Maybe these pettier crimes were even a further form of trickery and evasion. Like, how could such a terrible thiever of horses be the same man responsible for those more covert and daring attempts?

Considering all of this, it was odd how the decision had come down from one of Bruma's superiors, allowing the Redguard scum to be freed from his jail cell. Freed, but allowed to walk the mere perimeter of Castle Bruma's dungeon.

"Hey, what are you doing?" the Redguard asked, as one of Bruma's dungeon-guards unlocked the cell the Redguard shared with Jorundr.

"No talking!" replies this guard. "And by the way, we execute escaping prisoners. Just a friendly reminder."

"You mean I can just walk around? Out of this cell? Hey, thank you sir. I really appreciate this. Okay Jorundr, here you go. you can have your cell back. Seems you are always in this cell, every time I've been locked up here. Well no more. You have your cell, and I suppose I will have mine. What do you have to say about that?"

Jorundr glares, says nothing, while Kahreem walks out of the cell they shared, grateful to have more space to roam.

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post Mar 19 2017, 10:10 AM
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Too bad Lothran wasn't there anymore and on guard duty biggrin.gif Then again, he is someone who takes his job seriously. And also someone who has a Life Detection spell... wink.gif

Nice update, Renee! Glad you got your gaming and writing urge back smile.gif

It matters not how strait the gate,
How charged with punishments the scroll,
I am the master of my fate,
I am the captain of my soul.

Thank U very much
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post Mar 25 2017, 10:38 PM
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Can you imagine if Lothran was there? Hee hee I wonder if Lothran would annoyed by Kahreem, or would he get fooled by Kahreem's charm and wit? Ha ha...

Fredas, late afternoon, Sun's Dusk 9, 4th Era Year 5

Days Passed: 75
Necks Bitten: 29

Bounty: 70


"An honor to be sure."

"I haven't time for fools!"

Tilmo the stablehand greets one of the guards of Skingrad. Though Tilmo had never been regarded very highly by most guards (nor by a percentage of ordinary citizens), he was hoping the tale he had to tell would now be heard and listened to, without question.

"Did you see it? The other night? A phantom shadow rose into the air, and dashed across the sky. Some say it was a member of the Dark Brotherhood, a dark witch in fact. Or perhaps it was Mephala herself, come in disguise. Whomever she was, rumor has it that she flies .. by riding a magic broom!"

"A-ha-ha-ha-ha!" the guard laughed. "You're full of it!"

And there it was. Disbelieved again. HIs word not trusted. Tilmo the stablehand, a man with a respectable job some would say, yet most of the time he'd barely garner any more respect than a common beggar.

"It was true, I tell you. True! She flies, she flies! She flies across the sky at night! I saw her with my own eyes! ... Look to the skies! ... Look to the skies!"

"Stop talking!"

And Tilmo did stop talking. But he knew what he had seen...


..."A lady wearing brassy clothes, landed right outside the city walls!" said Jorck the Outcast to Istrius Brolus.


"Without question. Saw her with my very own eyes, though she did not see me," Jorck informed the Breton. In reality, Jorck had greeted Istrius coyly, hoping to gain a coin or two from him, but without asking for a Septim outright. And the perfect way to do this would be to greet the man with a diffent subject, one which any man would find interesting. "Flew across the sky from the south she did, and landed just outside the city wall, where the Oblivion gate once stood."

"Well that's fantastic!" Istrius replied, while wondering just how many drinks the beggar had quaffed so far this day.

"You think so? It is true, you know."

And it was. Every word. He knew what he saw, and he'd tell every one in Bruma if he had to. "Erm. Can ye spare a coin, by the way?"

"See you!"

Drats. Foibled again, thought the beggar. Maybe it's my mind, playing tricks on me. I know what I saw, and what I saw was real, but WAS it real?

"Be seeing you," Jorck the Outcast said, as the Breton began to walk away.

Before forgetting about what he had seen entirely, Jorck did one last thing, he walked to Jerall View Inn, and had a look inside. The lady who'd landed just outside of town had red hair, and had been riding a broom (as though a child might play, while pretending to ride a horse) which vanished moments after she'd landed. Jorck had followed her to the Jerall View Inn, and had watched as she'd rented a room. But all of this had happened the night before.

And today, after getting cold-shouldered by Istrius Brolus, Jorck had waited for hours, hoping to see the lady with the red hair. He'd waited just outside the inn's door, begging for change all the while, but really determined to see her again.

She had never showed. As day turned into night, the long process of forgetting what he'd seen (compartmentalizing this memory into that 'did that really occur?' area of his mind) slowly began.
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post Apr 9 2017, 08:12 AM
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Loredas, Mid-Year 22, Year 434

Days Passed: 300

Thief Quest Stage: Independent Thievery

"What do you want?"

The Imperial City seems mostly deserted on this muggy mid-afternoon. Kahreem of Weet walks the streets, from the Market District back to the Waterfront, seeing only a few guards, a few beggars, but hardly anyone else. People do live here, he thinks, but mostly they're locked inside their homes today. A soft rain begins to fall, then abruptly abates. Kahreem pictures all the people in their houses, as he walks by their homes.

"Come to bother me with a war story, Redguard?"

"Really? You want to hear one of my war stories? Well yes. There was this one time, back in Hammerfell, back before I was recruited here in Cyrodiil for the Legion, as the only Redguard guard. And you see--"

But the Nord who'd demanded Kahreem 'bother' him with a war story doesn't want to hear it. In fact, he's already walking away.

"Um, you there. You, the one who requested one of my war stories? ... Come back, you're about to miss the best part!"

The Nord misses the best part.


Sundas, MidYear 23, early morning

"Get yer Black Horse Courier here," cries a crier the next morning, right into Kahreem's face. **

"I would like to have one, please," says the Redguard.

"Vampire nest, right here in the city. Here, have a copy."

The day is pleasant, and not so muggy. Blue sky, puffy clouds. Ships rocking in water, here on the Waterfront.

"You have my ear, citizen," greets a guard, one of the few who doesn't know who Kahreem is. Kahreem's outfit today is rather foppish. With a scarlet-colored hood, fancy dark shirt, crimson-colored pantaloons, and green velvet shoes, he definitely looks more like a dandy than a notorious thief.

"You wear the shadows well, fellow thief," says an elf female, even though Kahreem stands in full sunlight.

"Hey. Carwen. Not so loud. Because finally, see that guard over there? He doesn't seem to know who I am. So ... a little discretion?"

"How are you?"

"I am fine. Listen though, I am waiting for some contact to show up here in the Imperial City. Somebody sent from the Grey Fox himself."

Carwen does not know anything about this however. "Shadow hide you," she announces.



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