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Ok, this is it, we've just had the final judgements in. And we now know the winners for each category.

Considering the amount of entries in most categories, I'll be posting the top five for each category;

In the short story category;
First place and winner; Forward unto darkness by Adventurous Putty
Second place; Tedrils Journal by Andraz Drcar
Third place; My heart by Shades
Fourth place; Escape, by MafuLeTrekkie
Fifth place;; The true hero, by Matteo Nobis Sandén

In the medium sized category;
First place and winner; Sugar, or Fear and Loathing in South Cyrodiil, by Yorneim Hier
Second place; The Fall of the West, by Hemitheon
Third place; [CUaRRr]-akhh-trrals - or: A Horror of Misperception, by Squelchy Xerotripsis Underfoot
Fourth place; The last dance, by Agent Griff
Fifth place;; Eyes of the heavens, by Kyle Cadena

And finally, in the long story category;
First place and winner; The story of Trey, Treydog
Second place; We are merely shadows, Erika Webb
Third place; The Tale of Matthias Etanne, Hadrian
Fourth place; Bloodlust, The Metal Mallet
Fifth place; Dance of the ja-Kha'jay, Lakyan

Now, prior to getting in the final results, we've had to think of a way to choose between the categories to see which category would win the Signed copies of Oblivion and which would win the signed copy of the Shivering Isles map.
In the end we decided on a random drawing, and the winner of that draw was the long story category. So Treydog wins a signed copy of the Shivering Isles map, and Yorneim Heir & Adventurous Putty each win a signed copy of Oblivion.

I'll be contacting each winner today for the details.

Congratulations to all the winners, and thanks again to all the participants.

And finally, many thanks to all the judges who sacrificed their spare time to read through all of this.
No problem, and congrats to the winners!

Alexander, just be sure to email me the addresses of the folks that won each competition.
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