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Another game... I'm just too playful!

I think i've seen something like this on wither here or BethSoft... probably BethSoft.

The idea of the game is simple really. The poster (Me, to start) will post an ordinary screenshot.

People then can add a caption relating to the picture but the caption must be comedic... other wise whats the point.

After at least THREE captions have been posted from others, the OP can choose who wins. The winner gets a cake cake.gif and it is then their turn to post a screenshot, or nominate another person to post one should they not have any screenies.

Okay... to start...

For those who don't know, the character is Lissa.

IPB Image
Callidus Thorn
Well this should be fun. Lets see...

"The hammer? It was on sale!!!"

Yeah, yeah, I know it's a cliche... laugh.gif

But she does kind of have that "excited and talking about shopping" look.
I'm afraid my mind is in the gutter, and all my potential captions involve the concept of counter-weight.
"Little did Lissa know that the Pogo-stick of Sauron was lurking just behind her..."...
Callidus Thorn
Well, I might as well throw a few more into the ring, since I'm here.

"Hello sir. Do you have a moment to talk about the Nine Divines?"

I think this makes her the TES equivalent of a Jehovah's Witness rollinglaugh.gif

"You mean I can save on both long distance and local calls if I switch provider?"

"Thank the gods you're here! Which way's the privy?"

Just 'cos of her arms. Looks like she's desperate laugh.gif
@Callidus - Awesome!! rollinglaugh.gif Just what I had in mind but couldnīt get out! rollinglaugh.gif
I got it.

"I'm so happy, I could burst!!" rollinglaugh.gif

Well done everyone! Some good captions; great ones even! However, I think the winner has to be this...

QUOTE(McBadgere @ Apr 9 2014, 08:55 PM) *

"Little did Lissa know that the Pogo-stick of Sauron was lurking just behind her..."...


Well done McB! Here is your cake cake.gif
QUOTE(Rihanae @ Apr 9 2014, 10:15 AM) *
... The winner gets a cake cake.gif and it is then their turn to post a screenshot, or nominate another person to post one should they not have any screenies. ...

*taps foot*

Well, McB? tongue.gif
Ooopsie!!!... ohmy.gif ...

So sorry everyone!!... wacko.gif ...

Erm...*Takes slice of cake and then shares the rest*...Go on, it's a bit rich for me all in one go... biggrin.gif ...

It's the taking part that counts, so, should it be decided that mine is best in the future - it's cake all 'round for everyone!!!...Simply because I cannot post pics indifferent.gif ...Should really have thought of that...


Soooo, if anyone else has got something, be my guest!!...

Cheers Rihanae though... wink.gif ...

I'll try one of Buffy that I think is just begging for a caption: Link
QUOTE(Acadian @ Apr 17 2014, 06:56 PM) *

I'll try one of Buffy that I think is just begging for a caption: Link

-Hey, whatīs it like up there anyway? Getting dizzy yet?
Does it still count as Heavy Armor in that size?
"Buffy realised too late that the potion marked "Drink Me" was the one that shrank you..."...
Super-size me!
Callidus Thorn

This one's a toughie.

It involves not staring at Buffy ( wub.gif ) long enough to come up with something laugh.gif

Here goes...

Firing three biggrin.gif

"Unfortunately, Buffy's disguise wasn't quite as effective as she'd hoped"

"How do you breathe in this thing?"

"Despite the sign's declaration, there was nothing common about this treasure"

And I apologise for the following:

"Golden Saints of Buffy's stature were in short supply."

"Getting armour in Buffy's size was a tall order."

And on a tenuously related note; does anyone else now want to see Buffy with a couple of Dark Seducers? laugh.gif
My goodness, so many wonderfully clever captions that it's hard to choose! I'm going to go with CT's though -

'Getting armour in Buffy's size was a tall order.'

Thank you to all. happy.gif

CT, the cake is yours. cake.gif
Callidus Thorn
Thanks Acadian biggrin.gif

Unfortunately, since pretty much the only pics I take are those of my characters, just to show what they look like, I don't have one that can be captioned.

So, like McB, I'm gonna have to throw this open to whoever has one handy.
Then maybe someone would like to caption this one? smile.gif
Callidus Thorn
"Lothran's hair was purple, until he saw the price of ale at the Oak and Crosier"

"A Dunmer walks into a bar..."

"I'm sorry sir, but this establishment has a strict dress code."
"No sujamma, I'm afraid, but we do have a large selection of empty tankards."
"Sorry. No fur, no tale, no service."
"Talasma was glad of the empty tankards when she heard the words "Oh dear, I appear to have forgotten my pants." drifting across the bar..."
"Lothran had always refused to drink from the same tankard twice, luckily this tavern had many to spare."
QUOTE(Callidus Thorn @ Apr 17 2014, 11:21 PM) *

"A Dunmer walks into a bar..."

Classic! laugh.gif

-Good ones, guys smile.gif I didnīt think I gave you an easy picture to work with but you did good biggrin.gif

Liked them all and I hate to pick one wacko.gif But I think Iīll go with Vitalīs caption. So here you are! -----> cake.gif
Yay! More cake *eyes greedily*


Well it seems I am the 3rd console player to win this laugh.gif

So... If any PC player wants a slice, it's yours for the taking tongue.gif
No excuses, Vital! If Renee could take so many pictures of her TV with a mobile phone, why canīt you?? tongue.gif tongue.gif

Ok 'rocu... Here's a pic of Do'Shakir (my most recent Oblivion character)...

It's not great, but give it your best shots guys!! tongue.gif
"Do'Shakir thought about the dark place he had been to when he decided to work for someone who utilizes DiD."
Callidus Thorn
"I'm dead? Are you sure?"
"Hello Ssssirrr...Can I perhapss interessst you in an encyclopaedia?..."
"Who you callin' milk drinker?!?"
A warrior does not fear death, but this one does not want to be reincarnated as an Argonian!
laugh.gif Great ones guys!!

Hard to choose but...


[ad break]

GHASTLEY!!!! biggrin.gif

Here ya go cake.gif
OK, I've linked to this one before, but let's try it embedded. It's from my Evergloam mod, that Grits is currently playing through before I release it. Clark is chatting with Azura on the terrace of her beach house in Moonshadow.

IPB Image

My original title was "Breathtaking view" so I'll expect something different.
Callidus Thorn
"Must... keep... eye... contact..."
The remarkable thing was that using the Look console command actually does that! I was expecting to have to move her around in his field of view to get him looking in the "right" direction, but it just happened on the first take. Of course, Clark would have preferred more ...
*Azura taps her forehead* "Hey, my eyes are up here."


"Have you seen my blouse? Those mischievous winged twilights keep flying off with it."
haute ecole rider
"Mustn't . . . move . . . my . . . hands . . ."
"Ken approved of Mattel's newest scale of Barbie dolls..."
My own caption was
"It's a simple quest. Do you really need me to explain it again?"

So I'm giving this to Acadian, as he's the only one to see things from Azura's perspective.
Thank you, ghastley!

Here's one: Link
"Superian thought that Buffy's shopping habit was getting slightly out of hand..."...
"Instantly Buffy remembered her favourite scenes from the LotR trilogy"
Eeep! Sorry, I sort of forgot this was open. I guess I was waiting for some more captions. I originally named that shot: 'Buffy finds a truck stop in the desert and parks Superian among the big rigs.'

I do like the new suggestions though. I'm going to pick McB's. Thanks so much!

McB, your turn to post a shot or open it up to someone else. cake.gif
YAY!!...Cake!!... biggrin.gif ...


I considered stealing a pic off of t'internet, not to pass off as my own, but just to use...There's some bloody strange ones out there, you know?... blink.gif ...

So, I'll just pass over to one someone else has, I think... smile.gif ...

Thanks again, Acadian... biggrin.gif ...
Iīll takes it then. After all, I provided the other caption.. tongue.gif

Itīll be interesting to see what you can come up with with this one smile.gif
Lothran had heard Rythe Lythandas really got 'into' his work, but he hadn't quite expected this.
Callidus Thorn
Lothran had heard that Rythe Lathandas knew all the ins and outs of painting, but hadn't realised it was meant literally.

[this one's spoken by Lothran]
"Try your hand at painting", they said. "It'll be relaxing", they said.

Look on the bright side. At least it's not one of Escher's.
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