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Khajiit would argue that paralysis spells aren’t evil in and of themselves; it depends on how they are used.

For instance:
A mage could cast paralysis when attacked by a bandit and then walk away without doing any lasting harm to said bandit.

A witch could lure a passerby into her lair, cast paralysis on them and then torture them to death.
I will put it like this: compared to a lot of my others who would choose not to totally disable their opponents, Igodah comes across as more evil than some of them. emot-ninja1.gif At least some of my other evils allow their enemies to fight back, know what I mean? But in the end, she's not really any worse or better than they are. They stay in their caves, while she's the one who's really the invader.

As it turns out though, Paralysis as sold by many vendors is not enough. The standard spell sold by several Mages Guild associates costs 95 gold, and only paralyzes for 5 seconds. Igodah has a 100% chance of casting this spell (no failure) but by the time the enemy is disabled and she's hit it with a couple destruction spells, the paralysis is already wearing off. indifferent.gif So she thinks the answer will be to get into Spellmaking, to create a longer-lasting version than 5 seconds.

I had an epic moment with her yesterday, by the way, as a rainstorm struck Maryland. She was mixing up a batch of potions, and the game informed me she'd made 45 in Alchemy, and she should "rest and meditate on what she has learned." Yesss!!!! Level 7. But that's not all. 45 is apparently Journeyman in this game, not 50 as in later games. This means she now knows three effects of each ingredient instead of two. What does this mean? It means all the extra ingredients she's been carrying around for weeks quickly got used up. Boiled and ground into potions & poisons. smile.gif And more potions / poisons for sale means more money!

One thing I liked about the way Morrowind does Alchemy is that combining ingredients makes the same potion/poison whether you know the effects or not. It never made sense in Oblivion that the same mix got different results just because you knew more about it. blink.gif

I was never much good at figuring out effects I didn't yet know from that, but apparently it's possible.
QUOTE(ghastley @ Aug 14 2018, 12:15 PM) *

One thing I liked about the way Morrowind does Alchemy is that combining ingredients makes the same potion/poison whether you know the effects or not. It never made sense in Oblivion that the same mix got different results just because you knew more about it. blink.gif

My daughter's taken some chemistry in high school. It's all about durations and amounts. How much of something mixed together for how long. Some elements and molecules have a very finite sense of time. Mix them together at one temperature, under certain conditions, and you'll get a certain result. Mix them under other conditions, something much different can happen. I dunno, a lot of it flies over my head. I just assume (in the game) it's the alchemist refining his or her techniques.

I get what you're saying though. I like the way Skyrim does alchemy, too. No effects are known at all unless the character eats them, or experiments in the correct way. That's my favorite method, I think.

Igodah is in Ald'Ruhn and just visited the Khajiit who runs the Spellmaking department. Upped her Paralyze spell from 5 seconds to 15. Cost 231 gold. Only problem is now there's an 84% chance of success instead of 100%. But heck, 84 is pretty decent odds during most fights. Bring on the pwnage. bluewizardsmile.gif
I rolled yet another nu t00n! viking.gif His name is Armand Hammer. It is 17 Last Seed in his gameworld, and Armand spends his first day in Seyda Neen doing some eradications, walking around killing mudcrabs and kwama foragers with his brand-new iron warhammer.

After walking around a bit ridding nuisances, he also stumbles upon a fallen tax collector guy. Wow. 200 gold. Now Armand can afford to buy that ringmail cuirass, along with some other armor pieces. He walks out the tradehouse looking good, and wearing chitin on his hands and shoulders, an Imperial chain helmet, and Nordic fur boots.

Addamasartus, anyone?

QUOTE(Renee @ Aug 14 2018, 07:57 PM) *

No effects are known at all unless the character eats them,

That is kind of rough when figuring out what cyanide does! ohmy.gif
QUOTE(Renee @ Sep 2 2018, 03:05 AM) *
After walking around a bit ridding nuisances, he also stumbles upon a fallen tax collector guy.
If Armand is in a quest-mood, it's possible to track down the guy who had killed the tax collector.
QUOTE(Lopov @ Sep 2 2018, 08:25 AM) *

QUOTE(Renee @ Sep 2 2018, 03:05 AM) *
After walking around a bit ridding nuisances, he also stumbles upon a fallen tax collector guy.
If Armand is in a quest-mood, it's possible to track down the guy who had killed the tax collector.

And get yourself a lovely sea-side home while you are at it!
23 Last Seed (Day 8) 2 p.m. -- Armand Hammer is in Ebonheart, and not exactly loving life in Morrowind so far. Half the people hate him in Vivec City, and other than killing nuisance creatures, he can't seem to get anything done.

He joined the Fighters Guild, for instance, yet can't finish up the first quest. Why? Because the orc who's supposedly carrying a certain ring REALLY does not like Armand. Because Armand's Personailty is only 30, that's definitely part of it. I remember breezing through this first quest with my dark elf from last summer.

Armand also can't join the Imperial Legion right away. There's supposed to be another town which has its own Imperial fort. Apparently in this other town, Armand can join, but the name of the town is one we havn't heard of before (Not me, not Igodah, certainly not Armand).

So for now, Armand Hammer draws Creature Duty. Walking outside of Ebonheart with his BIG iron warhammer, looking for nuisance creatures to beat asunder.
Nobody likes poor Armand. biggrin.gif

Armand can try taunting the Orc for as long until he attacks though that requires lots of saving & loading if one's Speechcraft skill is low. Or he can just pwn the guy and serve his time. But I guess Armand isn't as evil, so just forget my suggestions. wink.gif

IIRC to join the Legion, you need to travel to Gnisis which is far indeed but by traveling by silt striders he can get there directly.
No, those are good suggestions, Lopov. Matter of fact, I was going to try taunting and intimidating the orc until he attacks. viking.gif Armand won't just attack the guy outright (and go to jail) though.

Well good news. He just sold a bunch of ingredients to the Mages Guild (including a rare pearl) and walked out of there with 519 gp. That's pretty healthy for a couple days of flower-picking. Armand is about to go walking around, shopping throughout Vivec to see if he can buy the stupid ring first. Apparently, it does not matter if this feather ring comes from the orc, as long as Armand is able to present it to the FG.

But if that doesn't work, time for Plan B, which includes some Intimidation and Taunts! I actually hope we have to go to Plan B.

You can also bribe him to raise his disposition but an even better plan is to bribe him, then taunt him enough times to provoke him to attack, then take gold and the ring as you kill him. evillol.gif
Uh. Armand went for Plan B. biggrin.gif

28 Last Seed (Day 13) 8 a.m. Armand Hammer awakes in the Fighters Guild, and immediately counts his gold. 615. That'll get him something. He gets up, puts his armor on, then walks into the next room.

"I really don't have time for this, so make it quick," says the annoying lady who inhabits the next room.

Armand has some crab meat for breakfast, and begins thinking of the night before. He had run over to the Redoran district, ran all the way up to its top level. Oh yeah. Armand likes to run. He runs a lot around Vivec, while Igodah prefers to stroll.

Anyway, he rushes up to the top floor of Redoran, finds the orc who's supposedly got this magic ring, and then he taunts the orc. Taunt. Intimidate. Taunt. Intimidate. "You orcs are all the same, big, green, and greasy." Failed. Failed. Failed. . "Do you have that ring?" "What ring? I don't know what you're talking about."

The orc was supposed to attack? Well, he never did.

Finally, Armand had had enough. He walked a few slow circles around the orc. He spat a few times. Looked to see if an ordinator was nearby. And there wasn't. A cute dark elf girl was watching though. She would be a witness to the crime my Redguard was about to commit, but oh well. Armand didn't care. He grabbed his BIG iron warhammer, and smashed the orc right in his face. indifferent.gif Swung his hammer again. Another hit. After the third hit, the orc was down.

He looked into the orc's pockets, and found the ring, along with a small amount of gold. Grabbed these. Then he simply ran! Got the hell out of there. An ordinator was on his way, but Armand was too quick. He ran all the way around Vivec, back to the Foreign Quarter. Back into the Fighters Guild. The orc who gives out quests (the one with green skin) was not happy that Armand had to resort to such final violence, in fact he scolded Armand. But... Armand did not kicked out of the guild. And he got paid. laugh.gif
So the guy from the Fighters Guild was upset because Armand started... a fight? biggrin.gif
Armand hammered the Orc!

He really lives up to his name. laugh.gif
I fired up Morrowind to take a break from ESO on Sunday, and soon remembered why I'd moved on. It seemed like the Cliff Racers had been waiting for it to happen, and my character came out of her home in the Grazelands to find a stack of six in the first valley to the south. tongue.gif

Fortunately, she's at maximum on her spear skill, so they didn't take too much out of her.
Subrosa and Lopov: Yeah totally!

ghastly: Cliffies aren't so bad if you're one-on-one, it's when they all show up in a gang when life really starts to suck. I'm going to hit you up in the future, by the way, for your wonderful Morrowind clothing mods.


Armand Hammer leveled up to 3. I put +2 into Strength, +2 into Agility, and +1 of Luck. He's been using Blunt Weapons a lot, of course. Athletics (he likes to run). Medium Armor, Armorer, Light Armor, and Unarmored. No real surprises there, he's a fighter! Oddly though his Enchant skill is also rising, because he constantly uses magical rings.

11 Heartfire (Day 27) 7 p.m. Good news! Armand Hammer has been in Gnisis for several days. He managed to join the Imperial Legion, finally, despite jsut having gotten out of jail. Yeah, he had to go to jail because of killing that orc back in Vivec. Oops. But the people up here in Gnisis don't seem to know any of this, so he wss able to join the legion up here, no problem.

His first task is really challenging though. Long story, but he is supposed to get some sort of land deed from a local homeowner, by any means possible. The legion wants to buy the land she lives on, by any means possible. But this time, Armand doesn't want to beat the lady to death, even though there would be no witnesses.

So instead, he is following some information the lady gave him. Armand is wanting to go into the Gnisis eggmine, to investigate the death of the lady's former husband. Problem is, the lower part of the eggmine is guarded by an orc, who will NOT let Armand go any deeper into the mine, despite the fact that Armand is now a legionaire. Again, Armand can't just beat the guard. But the guard sicced this HUGE, magical creature up from the depths. Soon as Armand saw the thing, he got the hell out of there!

Armand has a plan though. He's going to try going in there while totally invisible. But to make this plan happen, he'll need some invisibility scrolls, and potions. Nobody sells this sort of stuff up in Gnisis.

So for now, Armand is travelling south. Hopefully he'll find some village or town with a suitable magic-selling section.
Armand seems to have problems with Orcs. laugh.gif Or maybe it's the other way around.
5 Frost Fall (Day 52) early morning Armand hammer is in Balmora, about to sell some stuff to Ra'Virr, the Khajiit trader. He wants to sell his stuff to Dralasa Nithryoon, Balmora's pawnbroker. But she won't speak to him anymore. mad.gif It's because he tried to flirt with her, and this attempt definitely failed.

He just got done taking care of a couple poachers in the Skulk Mine though, which means he'll be getting paid for his latest FG quest. So yah! And he finally ditched his giant warhammer. Because he keeps finding himself in situations which require magical weapons (or silver, at least) so he can get by some enemy. Scamps are an example. Wow, scamps in this game cannot get hurt by normal weapons! ohmy.gif

So right now, Armand has an Icebreaker Mace, which he bought from some mage in Ald'Ruhn. He also has a shield which makes enemies *light up* if he casts a spell on them. Armand prefers his BIG warhammers though. If he ever manages to find a silver or magical warhammer, he'll switch back to warhammers again.

You should temporarily rename him to Armand Macer.

It's because he tried to flirt with her, and this attempt definitely failed.

Anything can be solved with gold, especially if it involves women. tongue.gif
QUOTE(Lopov @ Sep 23 2018, 11:54 AM) *

You should temporarily rename him to Armand Macer.

Lol yeah, there you go.

Well I am gaming with Armand right now. And Armand went through the equivalent of Sensitivity Training a few times by now. Actually, he's trained his Speech several times by now, because he can't just keep bashing people with his weapons. He's been trying to get better at (ya know) just talking to them instead.

But it's going to take a LONG time before he'll get to the point that he can just convince other people during quests. So he decided to go see if the Mages Guild can help. Maybe they have a potion which'll fortify his speaking skills. But no, he found something even better. He found a Belt of charisma. Whoa. it fortifies Personality 10 points. And only costs 6 bucks!

Why are magic items so cheap in this game? I think because with no Mana Regen, something has to give. But yeah, Armand has been turning to magic several times now, and found what he's been looking for!

So now we have Armand Tongue. wink.gif
2 Sun's Dusk (Day 79), 8 am -- And now we have Armand the Ascender. I just fired up his game and he's in Pelagiad's inn, ready to go to sleep. And gained a level. He's level 6 now. viking.gif Since he already one or two-shots plenty of enemies I decided not to add points into ST for now. Instead he's getting +1 Willpower, +2 Agility, and a much-needed +3 in Personality. He's been doing lots of flirting you see. Failing most the time, but that still must be where that +3 is coming from.

He's been steadily getting some quests done too, which is nice. He's at the point where he's been turning stuff away, just so he doesn't have too much on his plate.

Finally, he just bought another BIG warhammer, but this one is an Iron Flamemauler. indifferent.gif Does a small amount of fire damage. It's funny because whenever he's in some new location, he tends to drop one weapon for another; if his current weapon is cheap, he'll drop it right on the spot. So he's been leaving iron and steel warhammers all over Vvradenfell! biggrin.gif
A Big weapon for a Big hero!

He's been doing lots of flirting you see. Failing most the time, but that still must be where that +3 is coming from.

Those that are pretty, don't succeed, but those that are persistent, do.

A more vulgar Slovenian version goes like this:

16 Last Seed (Day 1) 7 p.m.: The Dunmer known as Miss Chevuus had quite a first day back in Morrowind. She had gotten off the boat with all the others, then had to get through an onslaught of paperwork. Questions. Such a hassle! But she was BACK. She was back and she was free, and she had returned to Morrowind. She had done it, she had managed to get free from her incarceration That was all that mattered.

The Imperials who were ledgering her paperwork got a little preoccupied, and a little sloppy, for there were lots of people to pencil in on that day, people coming into the Red Land, most of them from Cyrodiil. Because of this, Miss Chevuus was easily able to slip away from the others. Have a look at what was in the next room, and silently gather as many goods as she could. Mostly silverware, and food. These items she could sell later on, and she knew where she could sell them.

Back to old habits. Back to old habits, which landed her in jail, many years ago. Though it had been a long time since she'd lived in Vvardenfell, she still remembered the basics. Once free from ledgering, suddenly carrying an old sack over her shoulder, she asked if the Tradehouse was still in town, and indeed it was. She sold her loot, already knowing that the Tradehouse's merchant would not question where she got it. She bought some things too: a bow made of chitin, 30 arrows, a shirt made of tundra cotton, and some boots made of fur.

Back to old habits. Back to Balmora, where she had once lived. She took a silt strider there. Once back in town, she immediately headed for the South Wall Cornerclub.

"Khajiit ... has no words for yoo!" a catperson greeted as Chevuus walked through the door.

She turned to the Khajiit, and frowned.

"Are yoo looking for meee? You want to join tha Thieves Guild?"

She looked to the Khajiit, and smiled.


What a delightfully mischievous character! biggrin.gif
In a few days clerks will need to buy their silverware back from the tradehouse.

What a mischievous beginning!
Yes, definitely mischievous she is! emot-ninja1.gif Her game really has me hooked already!


17 Last Seed (Day 2) 6 p.m. -- Gray, gloomy day, with double the usual amount of fog. Miss Chevuus does not do much on her second day, mostly walks around Balmora, going shopping.

She spends a few hours going from shop to shop, looking for things to wear, and overall she's disappointed at what she finds. Best she can do is a middle-class blue shirt with a non-matching beige skirt. Blue and beige. "Ugh," she says, looking at her reflection in the water later on. But... this odd color combination is the best she can do. She wanted a shirt which wasn't beige, and she wanted a skirt which would match her shirt. Doesn't look like that's going to happen today. sad.gif

She does not join the Thieves Guild. Not yet. Instead, she decides to scope the town out, see how (if) Balmora has changed. She decides to rent a room at Eight Plates too, instead of spending another night at the Cornerclub. Don't [censored] where you live, goes the maxim.

Day 3: She does her first Thieves Guild quest. It involved stealing a diamond from a merchant in Balmora, so pretty easy to get there. Problem was, the merchant stands right by this diamond, 24/7. indifferent.gif So sneaking around and stealing the thing was out of the question. What to do?

She decided to just do the typical teenage heist: a literal snatch 'n' dash! panic.gif Although there was an ordinator in this shop, he was too slow to catch her! Oddly though, none of the ordinators on the outside reacted, and I know at least one of them saw her! weird. I like it though. At least they're not psychic.

Now that you wrote about this quest of stealing a diamond, I actually remember it. I did the TG questline with Ninimdes years ago but I don't recall anymore how she dealt with the never-sleeping merchant. Probably in the same style as Miss Chevuus.
Yes, that's another big difference between Morrowind and Oblivion. TES III had no schedules for NPC's, so they were doing the same thing 24x7. Some of them would move around a path, but that was not controlled by a schedule, just "when you get to x, wait a while, then head for y" logic.

Merchants never close, but they also never move away from their diamonds.
Totally... it's like "what is she supposed to do? Only thing she CAN do is grab the diamond, and then... Ohhhh I get it!" biggrin.gif That's why the Thief Class comes with an incredibly high Speed of 85.

I love the way lockpicking works in this game, by the way. We have to equip the lockpick! emot-ninja1.gif


"You! ... I'll get you for this!!!"

On 20 Last Seed (Day 5), near midnight, Miss Chevuus found herself in the manor of Ondres Nerano, a Dunmer noble who poshed around his home all day. Chevuus's task was to steal a key from his pocket, then bring it back to Ra'virr, her Thieves Guild contact. Ra'virr resided in the South Wall Corerclub, and had been waiting for this key now for two whole days. Despite this, Chevuus was being cautious. She was thinking it'd be easy to just grab this key, undetected. Another job done.

But it hadn't turned out that way. Even after preparing ahead, buying an invisibility potion from the Mages Guild for 35 gold, then sneaking up on her mark, he easily caught her. So now it was three days, and she still had no key.

Angry and pouting, Chevuus stormed around Balmora for awhile. Walked in circles. "I should have that key in my hands!" she burst. Then realized something. She was out of practice.

It'd been years since she pickpocketed anybody. In her youth, she'd become quite good at slipping a blue hand within someone's pocket, lapel, or purse, then removing whatever she found there. Most of the time, what she found was not all that worthy. But at least she'd been good.

What she wasn't so good at was breaking into homes and businesses. Her skills with picking locks were horrible! Therefore, when she did manage to break in somewhere, it was usually on the east side of Balmora where the locks are simpler. Not the manors with their more complex mechanisms. Problem was, on the east side, people are poorer. And she hadn't been in the Thieves Guild back in those days. Nobody to pay the prices upon her head.

It was after the fifteenth or sixteenth time that the locals finally had enough of her. Sent her off to the big prison in the Imperial City, hoping she'd never be able to make it back. But oh, she had. And sending her to Cyrodiil had been a mistake, of sorts. They had no idea her skills at picking locks would actually improve while incarcerated. Because while in jail, she'd learned from the best.

Now in adulthood, Chevuus realized she had become better at picking locks, but much worse at picking pockets. A doofus such as Nerano should have been an in 'n' out job. Easily. So after storming around for about an hour, an immense calm came over her. She then decided the best solution would be to get out of town for awhile. Take a silt strider, maybe go to Vivec; somewhere she could disappear for awhile. She'd already flubbed her reintroduction into Balmora society. So why not?

"First thing, on the morrow," Chevuus said to herself, looking forward to riding upon a gigantic insect once again.


Storming Around
Off to Vivec to practice pocketing picks, I mean picking pockets.

Blue & beige works good together actually.

EDIT: I just noticed that Miss Chevuus' stories couldn't be written in a thread with a more appropriate title.
QUOTE(Lopov @ Oct 9 2018, 10:08 AM) *

EDIT: I just noticed that Miss Chevuus' stories couldn't be written in a thread with a more appropriate title.

Ha ha yeah totally. Did not realize that.


Some time in Frost Fall, 3rd Era Year 429

Lurius Lalelius looked up from his drink, thinking he had heard some sort of noise. Stalked around, sniffed the air, then sat down. 

Was sure I heard something

But of course, being a bandit located in the underground lair of Zainsipilu, 'hearing something' was always a sensory effect one must take with a grain of frost salts, as the saying goes. 'Hearing something' was always a sensory effect one must approach with a smidge of caution. Even though it had been two days since his last whiff of skooma, Lurius knew how use of moon sugar products could be. Heightened awareness was both a bonus and a curse, as he knew well. 

"Arenwen, are you out there?" 

He called into the gloom, wondering if his underground associate had managed to calm down the slaves.

"Hmph. Where is that slave?" he joked, referring to his partner as one of the mongrels they'd managed to capture over the past few months. Mostly Khajiit who'd stepped too far off the path, then found themselves being shipped to Vvardenfell. I was sure I heard something he thought again. Looked down into his brandy. Looked up.

And that's when he saw her. A flash of red, inches away, and a swish of deadly-beige robes. A momentary glimpse of the Altmer who would manage to end his miserable life.

"You N'WAH!" he cried. Grabbed his weapon, while the elf before him began to retreat. Lurius wasted no time rushing after her. Left the comfort of his underground den, hoping not to face a horde of freed slaves as well as the elf. No, this seemed not to be the case. 

"I am Igodah, and today you have swung your last weapon," the elf cried out. "Remember my name in your death, snort-monger." 

Lurius continued to follow her as she continued to retreat. This will be a cinch, once I finally catch the outlander! thought Lurius, just before his strength began to fade. Silly mages, always dressed in robes, NO MATCH for my blade! he mused, as some sort of magical effect began taking final effect.

"I shall rid your miserable life, outlander!" 

And that was the last thing Lurius Laleuis, former Vivec gondolier-turned-bandit would say before his legs could carry him absolutely no more. He looked down to his boots, flabbergasted and flummoxed. Tried to swing his axe. Yes, he could still manage this. But not with much force. What was happening to him?  

Igodah Gopei stopped her retreat. "How are you feeling, 'n'wah'?" she asked, approaching within swinging distance of Lurius' blade. 

"You elves... you ELVES!" 

"Say what you are trying to say, for not all of us are about flash but no fury."

Lurius thrust at the elf. Connected. Normally, such an attempt would cause a broken rib, a gush of life-essence. But though the elf cried out in mock pain, his weapon had done nothing.

The elf in beige robes then cast another spell, summoning a bonewalker. And as Lurius began to get pummeled, helpless to move his legs, helpless to cause any damage, he wondered if his days in Vivec hadn't been so bad after all. 20 gold a day at most, true, but better than this.

As Lurius slumped to the floor, last thing he saw before darkness closed in was Igodah the elf's sinister smirk.   

The end of one more

Unable to move and then savaged by a bonewalker. evillol.gif

The lady in deadly beige robes is not to be underestimated. emot-ninja1.gif
Better not take those deadly beige robes with a grain of frost salts! They are no flash, but plenty of fury!

When Igodah was done, his odor was the strongest thing about him!
Yeah if I had to choose one character I'd most avoid in person, Igodah would be somewhere near the top. indifferent.gif

So... can anybody guess what I'm about to do? laugh.gif


16 Last Seed (Day 1), late morning`

"Yes, you're in Morrowind," said Sellus Gravius to the group before him, the group of former prisoners. "I don't know why you're here. Or why you were released from prison and shipped here."

Sellus swept his eyes across them all. Most of the group before him was a motley crew. Mean-looking, rapacious, not to be trusted. A sly-looking Redguard man. A mischievous-looking Dunmer lady. A haughty female Altmer, who'd been sent here after mucking something up in Cyrodiil's Mages Guild. Only one of the group, a tall man, probably Breton, was smiling. Something about that one caught Sellus' eyes.

"But your authorization comes directly from Emperor Uriel Septim VII himself. And I don't need to know any more than that."

"And you shalt not, sire. Of this we can attend, with promise."

Sellus glared at the man who dared speak, interupting his welcoming sermon. The Breton, the one who was still smiling. A gallant grin the man had, without pretension or mocking.

"Go on." The Breton, again.

Sellus continued. "When you leave this place, you are free. But before you go, I have instructions on your duties. Instructions from the Emperor. So pay careful attention."

Sir Galarad did so, eager to see the new world he'd been shipped to. The others? They'd have to find their own paths.

It is raining here, so I guess you are going to create a new character!!!

You didn't rob them silly! ohmy.gif You are letting all that good loot go to waste! nono.gif
Another new Reneet00n!

You don't go around stealing stuff with a name like Sir Gallard.

Lopov: Two nU t0on$ in tw0 d8y$!

QUOTE(SubRosa @ Nov 6 2018, 12:24 PM) *

You didn't rob them silly! ohmy.gif You are letting all that good loot go to waste! nono.gif

It's all about the roleplay, hon. All about the roleplay. salute.gif

QUOTE(Renee @ Nov 6 2018, 03:41 PM) *

Lopov: Two nU t0on$ in tw0 d8y$!

QUOTE(SubRosa @ Nov 6 2018, 12:24 PM) *

You didn't rob them silly! ohmy.gif You are letting all that good loot go to waste! nono.gif

It's all about the roleplay, hon. All about the roleplay. salute.gif

roleplay? Is there where you grind for hours to buff up your toon and become Uber h8xxoR! P4E8R M3 N00bS!
Enough with the Easter Bunny. santa.gif Time to do some gaming here on Easter Sunday. In fact I am going to see where I left off in Vvardenfell. Did I spell that right? Oh yes, I did.

16 Last Seed (Day 1): Sir Gallarad, a knight I rolled last year, begins his game in Seyda Neen. He apparently just spoke to Socucius Ergalla (the sage-looking guy from the immigration office) about some sort of tax documents he'd found on a nearby body. Nearby to Seyda Neen, that is. Being more of a "good" character (so far), Sir Gallarad has promised to do his best trying to find out about the Murder of the Tax Collector.
Nexus Mod Manager pooped out on me and I don't feel like re-installing Skyrim and Fallout right now, so I opted to play Morrowind with OpenMW. It's running great so far, and my Redguard named Cain has met up with Caius in Balmora.

Cain is a little green, though, so he joined the Fighter's Guild to earn some experience. Next stop is Caldera!
That is awesome Kane! I am playing the base game on Xbox, so it's like we're at opposite ends of the Morrowind spectrum or something.

It is 20 Last Seed, about mid-afternoon. Sir Galarad has just rented a room in Pelagiad. Today is an important day because he just got his final piece of armor on his right shoulder, so he is nearly a complete knight. Mixture of iron and steel. All he needs is a helmet, but maybe he'll opt to not wear one, for now.

He is headed toward Balmora. Going straight there, because of the documents he's supposed to bring to Caius.

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Not too far apart at all! I'm playing mod and DLC free, to get a feel for the base game. I'll probably do the main quest and explore a bunch before I think about modding.
Okay, but you probably have a much smoother gaming experience, am I right Kane? Xbox runs the game with a lot of pauses. Which I kinda like because I tend to think about what I'd like o do next. But I imagine on a decent PC the game would run like butter?

26 Last Seed (Day 11): Sir Galarad has been quite busy in Balmora, doing some opening quests for the Fighters Guild, practicing his smithing skills, and meeting new people. He just bought a silver longsword too, from the dark elf pawnbroker lady. This weapon is heavily damaged, I just noticed. Its Condition is 75 out of 640! Despite this , it was pretty expensive: 160 drakes!!! This may not seem like a lot of money, but Galarad has been spending all the money he makes (so far) on the best he can afford.

Next, he'll be off to a Dwemer ruin called Arkngthand. I know this place. emot-ninja1.gif It's tough to get to. Galarad might not be ready for it yet.
I suppose that is true. Load times are non-existent, tbh.

But, Sir Galarad and Cain seem to be mirroring each other! He too is handling odd jobs for the Fighters Guild, and heads to Arkngthand the next time I play!

30 Last Seed (Day 15) 7 am: Yes, Galarad is supposed to be headed to Ar-- Ark--- Arkan -- err, that Dwemer ruin. But he's getting the feeling that he's not ready to go into a Dwemer ruin, and I agree with him. smile.gif He needs more experience.

So right now he's in Caldera. There's supposed to be some Telvanni agents nearby who the FG wants killed. viking.gif And there's a lady he met who wants him to find some "lost heirlooms" of hers. Galarad is all about this sort of quest! Some cool stuff about him: He's got Speechcraft as a Major, and because of this, a lot of doors automatically get opened (tips, conversations, quests, etc.), which is nice. Another cool thing: he's my first character so far who can actually succeed at persuading people, over and over again. He's better with some races than others, of course.

What class is Cain?

Hmm, Scout I think I picked? It was the best one to accentuate his Redguard abilities.
I've been surprised at the loot showing up for him, too. I'm used to Skyrim's leveled loot and only finding low tier items at low levels.

Cain found a Silver Longsword (really needed that for the undead) and a Dragonscale Tower Shield at level 1.
QUOTE(Kane @ May 2 2019, 11:45 AM) *

I've been surprised at the loot showing up for him, too. I'm used to Skyrim's leveled loot and only finding low tier items at low levels.

Cain found a Silver Longsword (really needed that for the undead) and a Dragonscale Tower Shield at level 1.

Morrowind has location levelling, so you're supposed to go places in order, or you'll get killed. That means there are drops that are appropriate for their location, but reachable at any time if you can cheese a way to get there. Sometimes you can sneak to an item that you'd never be able to fight your way to.

A few items are just lying around in obscure places to reward the thorough adventurer, but taking your time that way also means you level up more per mile that someone who rushes ahead, so you'll be earning your finds a different way.

What I found annoying was items that required skills to get them that were opposed to what they rewarded. E.g. Heavy Armour rewards for mage activities like levitation. Combine that with the weapons that are useless without a certain amount of skill, and the early game can be very frustrating.

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