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Pretty self explanitory tongue.gif WOuld love to see some of your screenshots! So get posting! biggrin.gif
Nice ones, Sub. And nice to see Anty again smile.gif

First pic I took
This is what a minigun should look like, Beth!
On our way to the tire fire smile.gif
SubRosa, nice walk down your FO memory lane! I remember all those characters. I think perhaps I liked Aurora best. Must have been the combo of desert, blond hair and waifishness. tongue.gif

And some rare but wonderful screens from mirocu! Thanks. smile.gif
I love the TES-4 sign! laugh.gif

You are the Last Best Hope of Humanity!

The upside-down super mutant was just hilarious!

And of course being from The Motor City, I loved the Bob Seger lyrics. goodjob.gif

Now it might be nice if the thread's creator posted a few pictures... *hint, hint, hint...*
'Tis about time I posted on here! Took a little while to get NV up and running. Anyway I only have the one screenie for now! Haha.

Lori. I've only just seen it was taken at an awkward angle which makes her face look very square! Haha
She doesn't look that much like a square, daddy-o. wink.gif That is just the way the Fallout characters look. Come to think of it, I think she has the same hairdo as Lonesome Dove!

Speaking of which, Dove is thinking that this is the wrong direction to be going

Haha oh yeah, she does have the same hairstyle! Of all the hairstyles from the mod you recommended (thank you, btw!) haha.

Dove looks fantastic! I've recently installed a pose mod so I should have some awesome screenies soon smile.gif

Glad you liked my shots, Sub smile.gif Imagine, me being the last, best hope laugh.gif

QUOTE(SubRosa @ Mar 7 2014, 03:53 PM) *

And of course being from The Motor City, I loved the Bob Seger lyrics. goodjob.gif

I was thinking more like Metallica, but whatev... biggrin.gif

QUOTE(Rihanae @ Mar 7 2014, 03:56 PM) *

QUOTE(SubRosa @ Mar 7 2014, 03:58 PM) *

Oh, blond girls. How you constantly allure me... laugh.gif
QUOTE(SubRosa @ Mar 20 2014, 12:00 AM) *

That must have been such an awesome thing to see happen!

Some pixies from the D.C train mod smile.gif

Huh, pretty empty today. Only me going to work, it seems..
Reminds me of that monorail section in Doom 3
Wow, Hidetaka is beautiful.


I'm speechless.

QUOTE(mirocu @ Apr 29 2014, 09:17 AM) *

Lol, love the pic and the title.

Here's Billy Bob walking by Potomac.

He found a Talon poster in some camp close to Grayditch.

Going to town

The desk in his house, featuring:

-Grognak the Barbarian, Issue 14, with no missing pages that he got from Amata on his 10th birthday
-Lincoln's repeater
-10mm pistol
-an empty pack of cigarettes
-a pre-war cap that he got from Stanley on his 10th birthday, somehow it still fits his head after 9 years
-a hockey mask, a necessity for a boxer
-BB gun and ammo
-and tortiseshell glasses, taken from Burke's corpse
Nice pic by the river and a cool set of things on the desk there, Lopov smile.gif My desk looks quite different. Later on one blue and one red pass card were also added.

In the beginning of my game I was a tad more sloppy than now so I didnīt keep track of the comic book and other stuff from my youth in the vault. Though I didnīt get rid of anything and it should be somewhere...

Anyway, before I went to Lookout for the first time I cleaned up some carts in Rivet City but when I came back it was all a mess again dry.gif
Hey, that's a lot of teddy bears. laugh.gif Are there any still left in the wasteland?
This is Medusa's room. You can see her priorities on the desk and the bed! laugh.gif
Whoa! Thatīs a nice stack of cash! ohmy.gif

Too bad she canīt use it... biggrin.gif
That pic should be titled Medusa's Teddy Bear Bank, even the outfit is appropriate for a businesswoman.
Ooh! Heīs wearing the RobCo suit! IPB Image
He bought it at the Potomac Attire, he needs an appropriate outfit for working instead of the TS jacket. It's a nice outfit but it's not as extremely rare in FO3 as it is in FNV. I think that only one NPC wears it in the Mojave and it can't be bought anywhere.

Anyway, do you wear it too? smile.gif
No. Like Lothran always wears SavioursīHide (except for when heīs in Bruma) I only ever wear the Reillyīs Ranger armour, never changing to something else smile.gif
Nice ones, Lopov! I especially enjoyed them since I donīt get to see it first hand biggrin.gif
You had me rolling with that first pic! I don't think I ever used that animation before! laugh.gif

Looks like Lincoln not only freed the slaves, but also put down some Enclave bastards!

I love the starburst effect in that second Repeater shot. That is one of the best guns in the game.

Survivors is a great shot. Out of the fire and finally to safety.
Thanks for your comments.

Yeah, Lincoln's repeater is a "beast", it deals with Enclave soldiers in 2-3 hits on Normal, whenever something goes wrong, BB equips Lincoln's repeater and it's all settled.

I love the starburst effect too although it was captured by luck, I didn't pause the game to take a shot.
Excellent pic of the Yogi attacking! The ones of it flying are just hilarious. laugh.gif
Thanks! I was thinking of taking Animal Friend Perk, I even used Intense Training to boost BB's CHR to 6, so he could take the perk...but then I won't be able to take such pics anymore. tongue.gif
QUOTE(Lopov @ Jul 6 2014, 07:46 PM) *

This so reminds me of this biggrin.gif
This guy needed bottlecap mines, in my case only a 10mm pistol was enough to send a bear flying. tongue.gif
Walking to Paradise
Big boss and his slaves
It's the final countdown showdown*
Farewell, Eulogy
Eulogy's hat on Billy Bob' head

*-on this pic you see a corpse of a man wearing a wasteland wanderer's outfit. This man - Rory - is the only slave that BB couldn't save because he ordered him to wait but later forgot to make him follow. He managed to save kids and others but when he came out of Paradise, he realized that he forgot Rory. When he returned, he arrived just in time to see Rory's head being shot off by Eulogy. It was climatic and unexpected because BB didn't intend to fight Eulogy in the first place so it was like in some movies when the big bad guy shows up at the end and kills one of the good guys. After dealing with him, he also killed his two slaves and then escaped from Paradise.
Nice string of pixies there! Eulogy got what he deserved! biggrin.gif
A eulogy for Eulogy. Billy Bob is pimpin' now in that hat!
Thanks. I like the hat too, especially the feather.

Fawkes in his cell
Going for the G.E.C.K.
Headless Ms Holt*
President's "office"
President's "office" 2
President "in person"
Fawkes returns

*Ms Holt is one of the scientists that helped Billy Bob's father at first but later switched sides and began working for the Enclave. Although karma is lost for killing her, it's in fact her that's responsible for most of Enclave's success in the Wasteland so her death is well-deserved.
The big man & the little man
Vault Legend returns
Liberty Prime
Over the bridge
Nothing can stop Liberty Prime
A.A. vs B.B.
Billy Bob's revenge
Passing out
Two weeks later dad's dreams come true

I use a mod that makes water more blue & transparent and decreases radiation after the main quest is completed.
I love Liberty Prime. He is a good old American Robot, through and through.
I like Two Weeks Later, and also Liberty Prime and Vault Legend are pretty epic.
Really nice sets of pixies, Lopov smile.gif

Thanks for showing me that which I will never witness first hand.. laugh.gif
Thank you all!

Two shots for today, namely Nuka Break and the Red Menace. The 2nd shot didn't come as good as I wanted it to, so I'll make a better one next time.

As you'll notice, he doesn't wear leather armor anymore, it was completely broken after a battle with a reaver so right now it's combat armor, bought at Moira's, and of course Eulogy's hat and tortiseshell glasses. Oh, and a cig. tongue.gif
I actually like the second shot better!
Lopov, I love the billboard in the background of that first shot. And the hat is fabulous; I'm glad he kept it. biggrin.gif
The Red Menace pic does have a much more ominous look to it.
The water caravan passing The Red Menace billboard
They came upon two groups attacking each other just in time to see someone being propelled to the sky
Thanks to the tfc 1 command we checked who is this mysterious someone in the air - turns out that it's a raider on fire
The Enclave soldiers doing pushups - they weren't hostile so Billy Bob left them alone
Past Smith Casey's garage
The three musketeers
Two men moving on
Last man standing
QUOTE(Lopov @ Jul 22 2014, 10:24 AM) *

Thanks to the tfc 1 command we checked who is this mysterious someone in the air - turns out that it's a raider on fire

Oooh, awesome shot! Now I remember why I took up helicopter flying! biggrin.gif biggrin.gif
The Flying Raider is hilarious! The first pic of him looks like a rocket being launched in the distance.

Billy Bob vs Torcher
We met this guy in a relay station west of Big Town and his mask turned out to be unique, it was called Torcher's mask. BB took it and now it's on one of his shelves in his house.
Critical strike on Raider
In this shot he was saving Dogmeat's ass from a giant radsocrpion. Dogmeat isn't BB's companion but as he was walking past the Scrapyard, he received a message "Dogmeat is unconscious" so he couldn't help but help. wink.gif Also, he doesn't wear Eulogy's hat anymore, instead it's a head wrap, named in an odd way - head wrap 2. blink.gif
Great shots, Lopov! I especially enjoyed your sniper taking aim. Gosh, I don't play FO, but you can really see the 'Bethesda' in how it looks. smile.gif
Thanks, Acadian! Maybe it's still not too late for Buffy to arrive to the Capital Wasteland. smile.gif
QUOTE(Lopov @ Jul 27 2014, 04:13 PM) *

Yeah, this is so Bethesda! laugh.gif

QUOTE(Lopov @ Jul 27 2014, 04:23 PM) *

Maybe it's still not too late for Buffy to arrive to the Capital Wasteland. smile.gif

I donīt think neither the Capital Wasteland nor the Mojave are suited for elven consumption.. tongue.gif
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