Right then, on to Kvatch, as I mentioned before a city under siege by Daedra.

Travel there and while you're riding up the slope leading to the city, you'll see many people running away and will likely notice large flames from afar. Welcome, that's your first view of an Oblivion gate.

Just before reaching the actual city, you'll come across a barricade and three gaurds defending the position. Speak to their captain Savlian Matius to learn the facts of the attack, and the fact that Martin was spotted still inside the city, fleeding to the chapel of Akatosh.

The captain also asks you to help him close the Oblivion gate, that is to lock the gate for him. now you can dart past the gate into the city, and even easily get to the chapel, and find Martin there, but there's little point as he won't agree to come with you untill after you've locked the oblivion gate so that everyone can get out of there together.

So, next up, the Oblivion gate and locking it. You enter the gate not by litterally "walking into it" in fact you can walk right through it and nothing happens. No you enter it by "activating" it in the way you would activate a door or chest.

Before I start on the actual inside of that gate, first some general info on Oblivion gates. Each gate is held in place by a Sigil stone, simply remove the stone and the gate will shut. Sounds easy eh? What's the catch you wonder? Good question, eash Sigil stone is located at the top of a Daedric Citadel filled with several levels of Daedra, and surrounded by Oblivion landscape again filled with Daedra.

So the basic principle for each gate is the same, enter it, find your way into the main citadel (I say main as some Oblivion gates have several citadels), fight your way to the top and take the sigil stone to close the gate.

Now some features of the landscape there; See those longish brownish plantlife? Avoid them! See those red circles on the ground with 4 claw like features on them? Avoid them! See those pillars with the aforementioned red circles on top of them? Avoid those most of all!

Aside from that, you'll meet up with levelled Daedra both inside and outside the citadel, and be carefull of the lava as well of course.

Right then, back to bruma. Once inside the gate you'll see what I just described and a plutora of other things. At first it will look like chaos to you, and lateron pherhaps the same but so long as you remember the tower is where you need to go, you'll be fine.

From the gate, travel due northwest to find a survivor of the Kvatch guards, you can choose to either take him along or have him go back to the captain outside Kvatch, I choose the latter but if you can use the help, the first is a good option.

After that encounter, travel due north to thew main citadel you see dominating the surroundings there.

You'll notice two towers next to it, the one on the left you don't need at all, the one on the right you also need. But first things first, enter the main citadel; Blood feast. Enter the tower, to arrive on the "blood feast" level. Fight your way up to the "rending halls" level and then even higher to the "corridors of dark salvation" level.

On that level, in the first large room you get to, exit the tower through the door in the center of the west wall. You'll find yourself on a walkway leading to the Reapers sprawl tower in which you can find both another remaining prisoner, and the sigil keeper who has a key to the final room you need to go to for the Sigil Stone.

Kill one, speak to the other and make sure not to forget the key. Then return to the main tower, open the door now on your left with the key and continue onto the sigillum Sanguis. Once inside there find your way to the top, touch the Sigil stone and you're done. Fow now at least.

The world will turn upside down for a minute and you end up back outside Kvatch, next to a now ruined oblivion gate.

Speak to the captain Savlian once again and he'll ask you to come along in breaking the siege of Kvatch, accepting it basically means going inside and killing all the daedra that are in that part of town. Once done, speak to the captain again and this quest is finished. The siege is lifted and now Martin will accompany you to Weynon Priory.

Speak to him inside the chapel, and he'll follow you. Now you can either travel on foot, or fast travel back to the priory. Don't worry, chossing the second way will have Martin follow you right along and you end up together just outside the priory.